ASPCA And NFL Team Up To Fight Animal Cruelty

The ASPCA and the National Football League will debut a new anti-cruelty public service announcement featuring Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor. The PSA, produced by NFL Films, is scheduled to begin airing December 22 on NFL Network and ESPN.

In June 2007, the ASPCA and the league announced a collaboration on the development of educational materials to enhance awareness on the proper treatment of animals among players and employees. In addition to educating its players and teams on the importance of caring properly for animals, the league has extended its efforts in this area by partnering with the ASPCA to help raise awareness of animal cruelty across the nation. Featuring Jason Taylor and Bear, his Akita of 11 years, the PSA encourages viewers to help the ASPCA put an end to animal cruelty, and can be viewed at

“We applaud the NFL’s commitment to raising awareness of animal cruelty and championing the humane treatment of animals,” said ASPCA President & CEO, Ed Sayres. “In joining our efforts to eradicate animal cruelty, the NFL is sending a strong message to players, fans and the general public — that the mistreatment of animals will not be tolerated and is, in a word, simply unacceptable.”

“Jason is one of many players in the league who shares his home with a pet,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We are pleased to be partnering with one of the most respected animal welfare organizations in the world in support of a cause embraced by so many NFL players — and one that is important to millions of Americans.”

12 Responses to “ASPCA And NFL Team Up To Fight Animal Cruelty”

  1. Stefani says:

    YIPPEEE!!! This is EXACTLY what I was talking about when the Vick thing broke — that the NFL should do this.

    THIS is the correct response to the awful Vick thing, not the excuses we have been hearing from so many.

    I am glad they got a clue.


  2. Lynn says:

    Fantastic. Just fantastic.


  3. Carolyn & Maggie says:

    A great way for some good to come out of the Vick debacle. Way to GO!

  4. EmilyS says:

    ooooo .. what could be hotter than a cute guy cuddling his old dog!?

  5. straybaby says:


    i’m thinking shirtless might be pretty hot also, lol!~ J/K!

    they did pick a good pair though. i’ll have to watch the ESPN game to see how much airplay it gets. they’ve had some good placement on their other AD.

  6. catmom5 says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this can change the lives for fighting dogs and the children who WON’T fight dogs? Great partnership here! I’m glad the message is starting to get out there and is starting to be taken seriously.

  7. Sharon says:

    This is great! It is a joy to see something good come out of a horrific situation. It says alot about the ASPCA and the NFL.

  8. stefani says:

    Really. I think I am in love. Let’s send FAN MAIL. stef

  9. Jack says:

    Let’s take our brains out of tdeep storage where those have been parked. It needs said and read that NOT ONE of the supposedly animal humane organizations (so many unthinkingly throw themselves prostrate before and worship at the alters of) in reality resembles being “yo’ mama’s” organizations of old. Say WHAT? THINK about this deeper than with a 5 second attention byte after wearing out celebrating Vick’s conviction and sentencing: Vick’s past acts in dog fighting as acts of animal cruelty limited to a few dogs are guaranteed to pale in comparison to the much more massive volume of untellable future harm VICK almost certainly will do animals AFTER he exits the slammer. HUH? How so? Remember Vick promising the judge in his case to work for PETA for years following release? What the world LEAST needs is some celebrity wild to regain image and get back into sports working for HSUS, PETA or all the other sicko groups 100% dedicated to permanently ending humans having animals for livestock, work, or companionship in the future. The animal cruelty organizations aren’t about animals– or not any longer. Instead, they are using animals and in the process destroying the future of animals. Here in the US we’re already past the point where zero amount of our commercial food supply is any longer safe to eat. FDA admits the agency does not and will not do its job of protecting the safety of the US food supply whether originating here or imported. Year in and year out from FDA’s not doing its job, theUS has hearly twice as many people killed within our borders YEARLY than were killed in the one time terrorist even of 9/11. And what attention to we pay to it? We bawl burying our pets fatal Chinese imports have killed, but we do nothing to put stop to future threat. The UK is again moving to “animal test” products/foods for safety which is being bitterly fought against. Corporate producers put dirty & cheap to buy politicians in power who in turn endow animal radical wed with massive amounts of illegitimately received power across the country and in individual states. No worry in the US the FDA will re-mount massive animal testing for product safety. Why not? We’re to propagandized against it to demand it being done and in pure po, my thought is we’re too stupid. The last thing in the world transnational corporations will tolerate taking place is animal testing of product and food safety in the US Sad, because it’s exactly what we most need. Realize every dime you send to the large animal welfare or rights groups is going to prevent future generations from having animals and for the benefit of corporations that gain higher profit from selling fatal products. The money to be made by non animal associated corporations off the hijacked animal welfare organizations all having been turned into animal rights garbage is–infinitely beyond your ability to imagine. Law firms are pressuring colleges (Duke and others) to start grinding out new animal law legal begal specialists. The end goal isn’t for animal or human well being. We could buy diamonds cheaper than using such “legal practice specialists”. Dick and Jane who no longer have children but who own a Fido and divorce are headed for deliberately engineered horrendous costs where custody, visitation, health care, maintenance, future provision will be court fought out as earlier was the case with children. We’re headed at “animal support payments” collected by financially broke states being the wet dreams of every pharm company that can devise daily higher cost “made mandatory no longer option to use treatements” as well as being financial sugar plumbs for vets. Corporate producers with their fatal products which have been marketed without safety checks since the 80’s will continue ROTFL over our stupidity–all the way to the bank. Insurance companies are slobbering to get into more pricey animal health that will be left court mandated. And us? We’d better give serious thought to the corporations out to use animals to prey on us financially and the role facilitating and empowering animal rightists play in its creation. “Let us begin to count the ways (and number of corporations) being set in place to screw us” of every last animal and cent we have.

  10. Mike says:

    Ummm, dude. That rant was getting al ittle off topic there. I would say since the FDA can’t regulate things based on a lack of budget and personell, shouldn’t we increase those instead of abandoning animal welfare? Plus, maybe we should look at policing our argiculture a bit instead of animal testing things.

    Animal testing isn’t even a real feasible option. It would prevent something massively toxic from reaching the market, but something only slightly toxic, or just nutritionally deficient wouldn’t even be begun to be detected in the animals for months or years.

    But in the end, can’t we just be happy that someone is trying to do something good? Can’t we appluad soemone for sticking up for what they believe in? Unless you think dog fighting some how protects our food supply.

  11. Sylvia says:

    The NFLcan show that it is really serious about this by never allowing Michael Vick to play pro football again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am trying to get a hold of someone who can help me. My neighbor who lives behind us shot my full blooded siberian husky. he was born on Jan. 1st. 2006.he was 1 year old and 2months. He shot my dog with a 22 rifle for no reason, we have a lab that was back there to.They were chained up in our back yard.They had a bunch of b-b-ques and parties back there in their yard the whole time our dogs were out there.Our city won’t do anything about it. We live in Albany, Texas. Our phone number is 325-762-2082.PLEASE HELP US!
    Thanks, Crystal And Steve Bell, And son Orin Bell.

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