ASPCA Says: Avoid All Non-US Protein Supplements. “Crisis Not Over”

This is the headline of their today’s press release: “As Pet Food Recall Expands, ASPCA Warns Crisis Not Over: More Cases May Be Seen.”

Many of you have already called manufacturers, and a recommendation from the ASPCA the same. (Emphasis theirs)

“We are strongly recommending that pet parents immediately investigate, via their pet food manufacturer’s Web site or by calling them directly, where the ingredients—specifically protein supplements—are sourced from.”

Given the current situation and until this crisis is resolved, the ASPCA is recommending pets be fed products containing U. S.-sourced protein supplements only.

We have started a thread to collect this data in our Forums.
We would ask this:
Can you guarantee in writing that your food contains only US-grown vegetable proteins?

They also recommend that your pet sees a vet if any recalled food was consumed — not wait until they show symptoms. And extend fluid treatments if the pet is found sick.

P.S. Want to help? Spread recall truth. Place these buttons on your site.

(Thanks Pet Connection)

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  1. GPH says:

    DS give them a call Mon thru Fri western time 8a to 5p 780 9396888 or fax them 780 9396858

  2. GPH says:

    just talked to a champion rep and was assured food is safe…i gave him this website to place comments reguarding orijen pet food..i am happy with out come of conversation

  3. Barbara says:

    Last night I read on a forum that Merrick and Solid Gold are one in the same. I think it was that Merrick bought Solid Gold. Also there is an ing. that is ETHYLENEDIAMINE DIHYDRIODE which is Ethylene glycol and it’s called propylene glycol. That is anti-freeze, right? I do have a couple of his cans and I did look and found it on the can. It’s in the trash. They do have a rendering plant from what I read.

  4. DS says:

    gph Thanks for orijens number but do you live in Canada ? woulnt I have to pay International call rate from us to Canada ? Why wont they awnser e-mail say they will give e-mail contact but no one answers it -??what good service is that ? I feel they are doging questions .now fish are in the poison catgory ? do we know there fish are caught out in deep clean water ? ot farm raised ones -cheaper too ? I am more leery of them all the time ,why not jsy answer my e-mail only ask if they preserved fish with etho Q=after all us coast guard mandates all fish meal be preserved with it here for fire ,it gets so hot on ships in shipping etc ,I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF ALL OF IT , THANKS FOR INFO ANY HOW THEY LET ME DOWN SORRY ,

  5. GPH says:

    DS..go to orijens site and read the articles they have up… the fish are white fish caught in deep cold canadian preservatives its a family owned business, processing of foods is not sent out to other companies…the call maybe international according to your phone plan but shouldn’t be much..they answered my call on the third ring and put me straight thru to a sales rep who clarified all ingredients as being human grade human grade and btw i live in florida…good luck with your search…

  6. DS says:

    gph where do you live in Fl. so do I LOL I wish I was as sure as you on that food ? I guess I feel IF they dont care enough about USA customers than they have me 7 times now I e-mailed them ,any how How Long have you feed it and what esle are you feeding besides it ,maybe I can get so good feed back from your experience with it ,let me know if you dont mind Questions

  7. TC says:

    I called Orijen today and had no problem getting a hold of a rep. They were very helpful and answered all my questions. I would have no problem feeding my doberman puppy there food.

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