At Home Agility For Your Dog

Agility CourseDo you just love watching dogs go through agility courses and wish your dog could do the same? Well, now he can with the Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course. It includes: weave poles, a high jump, open tunnel, pause box, start/finish line and even award ribbons (does your dog actually have to finish the course to get a ribbon?). Maybe we’ll see your dog at the next agility championship.

3 Responses to “At Home Agility For Your Dog”

  1. Elaine Vigneault says:

    I live in Manhattan right now and obviously don’t have room for an agility course. I don’t even have a yard! But I’ve learned that I can exercise my dog a bit by getting him to jump up and over benches, curbs, and short walls. And sometimes we weave a little between sign posts and other poles. I don’t train him for agility, but I bet a lot of agility stuff can be done without specific agility course materials. You just have to be a little creative :)

  2. karen says:

    sweet! its DIY agility!

  3. Charley Lhasa says:

    Even better price!

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