Atlanta Airport Employees Still Searching For Missing Cat


Tiger, a 16 pound cat, has been missing since May. His owner was moving from Atlanta to Israel, and he was taking Tiger with him.

When Tiger’s transport cage was being loaded into the cargo area at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, his cage fell from a loading platform and the door opened. The cat bolted and has not been seen since.

Tiger’s owner was notified when he was on a Delta Airlines plane about to depart for Israel. Employees told him about the mishap with Tiger and asked if he wanted to stay on the plane and continue with his journey or stay at the airport to try and find Tiger. He decided to continue with his flight because airline employees assured him that they would find Tiger.

Delta officials say that they are still searching for the missing feline among the concourses, ramps, conveyor belts and many other hiding places. Employees do say that it is a challenging task to try and find a cat among the airport’s 4,700 acres. Delta says that it is rare for any airline to lose a pet.

The airline offered Tiger’s owner $1,520 in cash and $500 in travel vouchers for losing the Siberian mix. His owner continues his search from Tiger while he is in Israel. He keeps in touch with the local shelters in Atlanta weekly.

11 Responses to “Atlanta Airport Employees Still Searching For Missing Cat”

  1. Jessica, leo's mom says:

    In the area surrounding the San Francisco Airport there are many cats who have escaped their crates due to improper handling and were never captured. It’s widey known that there is a colony of pets there. And it’s obvious when you see the many purebreds scampering around that these are not feral cats. Best Friends did a heartwrenching article a few years ago showing the broken crates and missing animals photos. It’s a bigger problem than most people realize.

  2. wescott20 says:

    It’s really sad that this person chose to continue his flight rather than find his pet. I’m not trying to judge, but I just can’t understand how he could continue his flight without going out of his mind with worry. If flying with a pet, especially on a move to a foreign country, it’s best to find an airline that will allow the pet with the owner in the cabin, if the animal is small enough. Responsible pet owners should have basic unalienable rights…the right to have pets in housing across the country and the right to travel with their pets in the airline cabin, especially on necessary flights such as a move to a foreign country or a distant state. Placing pets in cargo places your animal’s life and safety in the hands of airline employees, and all too often these people are incompetent or poorly paid and couldn’t care less.

  3. wescott20 says:

    Delta, by the way, is pretty good about allowing animals in the cabin. This owner would have had no trouble having his cat in the cabin with him. Then this tragedy would have been avoided.

  4. pam says:

    i can’t believe the owner didn’t get his butt off the plane and look for his cat when given the option. he certainly wasn’t a good pet parent. if that had been me and i was told my animal was lost i would’ve been off that plane given the option or not. what was he thinking???

  5. Amy says:

    Why was the cat going into cargo? Irresponsible owner, IMO.

  6. Roberto P. says:

    Ever been around LaGuardia? I’ve never seen so many purebred strays in all my life.

  7. Monika says:

    “Delta says that it is rare for any airline to lose a pet.” Uhm. Yeah. Ok. Right. What a crock of #2!

    Pets are constantly lost on these flights or hurt or found dead. I don’t understand people with small pets that will not do anything they can (including paying more) to find an airline that will accomodate the pet in the cabin with them. Especially on LONG FLIGHTS.

    This person going to Israel from Atlanta was going to leave the cat in
    the cargo area? That’s a 12 HOUR FLIGHT PEOPLE!!!!! And after the cat was lost they decided to fly on???

    I hope they find Tiger but I hope they keep him in Atlanta with someone who will actually care for his wellbeing as this owner certainly could care less. Checking in once a week at the shelter and accepting chump change for my cat would never ever ever ever be acceptable to me.

  8. Monika says:

    Just to add a little more (these situations really get my goat) but the owner should have left the plane IMMEDIATELY to go out there and try and call the cats name or look around for him as at that critical time the owners voice would be the most coaxing to get the cat back. Possibly this might have worked but to not even try is unnaceptable.

    Delta knew they lost the cat, the owner, after a few hours searching, could easily have taken the next plane or left the day after and had all expenses paid for by Delta then. There might have been circumstances that called for the owner to leave that day to Israel but since that isn’t mentioned in this article I am assuming that the owner could have postponed the flight but chose not to.

  9. Monika says:

    Month by month report of pet losses and death by just a few airlines (not including for May the missing Tiger)

  10. Pets Are Not Cargo | Diary Blog of Elaine Vigneault says:

    […] “When Tiger’s transport cage was being loaded into the cargo area at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, his cage fell from a loading platform and the door opened. The cat bolted and has not been seen since.” (source: Itchmo) […]

  11. lilly says:

    my cat just recently died and me, my mom, and my little brother were in the family room…i heard a meow right beside me and i thought it was my imagination but my brother heard it to. could that be my cat that has died? we have another cat but it wasnt her because she was in another room at the back of the house. my mom didnt hear it. and every night since he died i can feel something heavy by my side when i try to sleep. also my cat was always sleeping in my room, after he died my brothers cat started sleeping in my room..she never did that, she hates me! i want to believe its my cat. he died in my arms and i was the last thing he saw!.

    Could My Cat Still Be Here With Me And Trying To Let Me Know He’s Still Here?

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