Atlanta Falcons’ Babineaux Still Involved In Dog Cruelty Case


Michael Vick is not the only Atlanta Falcons football player that is in legal trouble involving cruelty to dogs.

A felony animal-cruelty case that was brought against Falcons’ defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux several months ago is still going through legal proceedings. In February, Gwinnett County Police arrested and charged Babineaux in connection with the death of Kilo, a pit bull-mix owned by his girlfriend.

Officials say that Babineaux killed the dog. Gwinnett County Police Department spokesman Cpl. Darren Moloney said the results of the necropsy are inconsistent with statements made by Babineaux about what happened to the pit bull mix.

Babineaux’s girlfriend, Blair Anderson, said she and Babineaux had an argument on February 18. She said that Babineaux later told her to check on her dog. Anderson told the authorities that she found Kilo, her dog, in “severe physical distress”. She rushed him to an emergency animal hospital.

The animal hospital officials called authorities after Kilo was pronounced dead. They said that tests showed that Kilo had died because of a blunt force trauma to the head.

District Attorney Danny Porter of Gwinnett County said authorities have recently sent the dog’s body to an expert to ask him to re-examine it in the presence of an expert witness for the defense. They are in the process of refining the expert opinion.

Babineaux was released from jail on $2,300 bond shortly after his arrest. He denied harming Kilo.

He also has said very little about his case. Babineaux briefly said that “it is in my lawyer’s hands”. He just wants to worry about football and will address the media when the time comes.

Babineaux is projected to start the season with the Atlanta Falcons, but he will face the possibility of a suspension if he is convicted of the animal cruelty charge.


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13 Responses to “Atlanta Falcons’ Babineaux Still Involved In Dog Cruelty Case”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Blunt force trauma and the guy knows nothing? Sounds fishy to me. I still think that the NFL and NBA need to do some serious housecleaning. These guys are nothing more than well-paid thugs in uniforms! They obviously don’t have any respect for living beings and get off on cruelty and abuse. These are not the heroes I’d like the kids to be looking up to or emulating!

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    catmon5 I agree 100% with you. They keep getting away with everything and the kids think if they can do it it must be ok. I said all along Vic would bargain. It’s all of our fault too because people don’t stop watching & supporting them.

  3. nora says:

    He killed the dog and meant to do it. He is a murderer too. Someone should blunt force him to the head. I hope he suffers greatly. That poor puppy. This guy deserves the worst treatment possible.

  4. Macushla says:

    How did this get by under the radar? I can’t understand how these people get away with what they do. If this guy is found guilty, he should go to jail and lose his football career. As for Vick, if he pleads out, there had better be a jail sentence involved. The NFL needs to take a serious look at what they’re hiring — and it seems especially the Falcons.

  5. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Babineaux “denied harming Kilo”? Interestingly, a news story from late February 2007 paints a different picture:

    “According to the source, Babineaux claims he was taught to swing the dog by its leash when it acted aggressively so the animal would become disoriented. The source says that Babineaux told police that while doing this, he accidentally swung the dog against a wall.”

    “Gwinnett County police have not revealed details of Babineaux’s story, but have said his statements do not add up.”


  6. nora says:

    He is a lying dog murderer. I am sick of hearing these overpaid atheletes lies.

  7. Lynn says:

    This has got to stop. Any player with ANY connection to animal or human abuse, proved or not, needs to be dropped permanently from the professional world of sports. They ARE overpaid thugs. Getting paid for their killer instinct which only serves to incite their infliction of physical abuse on animals and others. Such wimps.

    And in my book the NFL and AFL and whatever org’s are no better. To them it’s all about the money. Such wimps.

  8. Furbabies says:

    What is it with these men? Why do they think it’s acceptable to harm animals? Because they can’t talk and they are “just animals”? If anything, these men are the true barbarians and should not be allowed to live in decent society without some form of punishment. Athletes are nothing more than glorified bullies, overpaid and apparently exempt from the law. This guy even looks like a thug.

  9. CINDY WALSH says:


  10. Baaboo says:

    Why is this SOB playing football. And like I have said before, a lot of football players fight dogs. No PC here, I tell it like it is, if you can’t deal with it it is your problem. Dog fighting is a black and white trash ’sport’ !!!

  11. Sephrani says:

    It isn’t only football players involved in dog fighting. And what happens to the bait dogs that are used for practice? Here is one survival story (from the shelter I work at):

  12. annonymous says:

    My ex-husband swung my little dog by her collar too. Interestingly, he was a wife beater and mean to our little kids. He had some good points, but his selfish and violent behaviors far out weighed them. The best thing I ever did, was to leave.

  13. The Truth Speaker says:

    Well I think you are innocent until proven guilty and that is our law! If he did something to harm it malicously, then he should be in trouble. If not, then his name is smeared for nothing.

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