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Barbaro“Barbaro: A Nation’s Horse”, a documentary, will be airing on NBC tonight at 8 p.m. ET. Here is the description of the documentary: “Barbaro: A Nation’s Horse” looks back at the thoroughbred’s impressive six and a half length win at the Derby, his dramatic injury and his amazing will to live that captured the imagination of the public. The film also examines Barbaro’s legacy and impact on the future of horse racing.”

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  1. YaYa says:

    God Bless his heart. What a Horse! And like I’ve said, you don’t/won’t see a 3 legged horse. Can’t do it. He Did try tho.

    I’ve watch the Derby and Triple Crown for as long as I can remember. This year tho, I have different feelings about this.

    I heard a report just last nght that, many Tracks in the US have re-done their tracks with a New “man-made” track surface. To cushion etc the horse’s legs.
    And it IS WORKING and helping Very much.

    BUT Churchill Downs/The Derby, decide to Not use it.

    What was said: “Races are about winning and losing, Not life and death”.

    Also this, 2 horses in the USA per day, break a leg Or have an Accident in regards to Racing.

    It’s TOO high a price for me. I never much enjoyed it but the Triple, even less now.

    IF they change the Tracks and the surface; maybe then.

  2. pat says:

    After what i saw when Barbaro ran the Preakness, I’ll never watch thoroughbred horse racing again.

  3. Jen says:

    I just watched the documentary and it took me back to the day of Barbaro’s Preakness. I was just as upset as I was on the actual day. The documentary was EXTREMELY well done and I especially loved the ending!
    By the way, today’s Derby was AWESOME!! 19th to 1st!!!

  4. SmileOnADog says:

    I myself don’t condone using an animal for any sport or for human entertainment. Sentient beings mixed with money make for a troubled outcome. That said, Barbaro was still a magnificent horse. And his owners, and the vets treating him went above and beyond the call of duty to help Barbaro.

    Thanks Itchmo! I just clicked *record* on my Tivo and wouldn’t have known the Barbaro tribute was on if I hadn’t read it here. Barbaro’s brave but sad situation really hit home for me, as one of my own horses was having laminitis/founder issues at the same time as Barbaro.

    Coincidentally, I sit here at the computer today in a lime green Barbaro tee-shirt — it has his name in black across the front with a halo over the “B”, in honor of a beautiful soul. Love it.

    Also, just want to say there’s a fund set up in honor of Barbaro, and one also for more research into laminitis/founder issues in horses. As horse people know, the pain of laminitis can be intense and even warrant euthanization. With all the theories out there over what causes the physical changes that lead to the debilitating inflammation and dying off/separation of laminae from the hoof wall, and, in severe cases, the sinking of the p3 (sinker), a 100% pin-downable cause and treatment, or better yet, a CURE, would save many unlucky horses from the pain and the possibilitiy of euthanization.


  5. YaYa says:

    I Did breakdown and watch. {Old habits huh} It was a Great race.
    The Docu. was wonderful, made me cry again.

    I love the fact his brother is coming up well. {as they can Not do AI {artificial insemenation} with TB “Jockey Club rules”. He’s going to be a Natural :-D

    I guess for me it’s just Horses.

    I still think he crack his leg when he bolted the start gate, and then the running did it in totally.
    He Loved to Run {as many TB do} And think his psyche was so high he did not notice any problems to make hm limp etc. initially.

    But that is just me.

    My horse too had a Leg injury last year that took For-Ever to heal. {not laminetis thank goodness}
    She was being her silly self and kick a fence post instead of another horse that bit her rump :-D

    It swelled from hip to hoof, and we worked for weeks and weeks to get it back to normal. Bute, cold washes, gentle lungeing, DMSO, etc..
    And she’s was proof that even injured she would Want to {tho we tempered her from it} Run and play in the pastures. She spent plenty of time in the arena or round pen to keep her from agravating it herself! {The DITZ! LOL }

    But she is my BIG “puppy” and I Love her Dearly. On a day with ‘weather’ sometimes even now, it might swell a bit. She doesn’t even notice that!

    {My SharPei was like that too. Resistent to Pain. She was just a Happy happy Dog. Of course SharPei ARE bred to not “notice” pain. It’s IN the Breed.}

    Is there anything better than Horse-talk?! :-D

  6. SmileOnADog says:

    This post of mine posted twice, and now is gone, so I’m reposting it. Sorry for any redundancy.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Our mistake. Tried to delete one of two, but deleted both. Thanks for reposting.

    A Friends of Barbaro letter I received after posting get well soon wishes for Barbaro online:

    Dear Friend of Barbaro,

    Barbaro passed away nearly six weeks ago, but he will long be remembered around the world as the horse with an indomitable spirit, who brought hope and joy to the lives of so many. No amount of eulogizing will ever adequately celebrate his achievements, but we can make sure that his short life will continue to have great meaning, that Barbaro will leave behind a gift for other horses for many years to come.

    Laminitis, the disease that ultimately claimed Barbaro’s life, is a painful and serious condition that afflicts many horses; Barbaro is just one example of the terrible toll that laminitis takes. Unfortunately, there is still no cure, but we are committed to focusing our energies toward finding one. Perhaps the greatest tribute we can make to Barbaro — the most fitting way of honoring and memorializing him — will be to defeat the disease that abbreviated the life of a truly great horse.

    Much work remains in this fight, a battle that needs the help of people like you who understand the need to study disorders uniquely afflicting our equine athletes and companions. We invite you to join our team of clinical specialists and scientists here at Penn Veterinary Medicine in beating not only laminitis but other serious equine diseases as well. The Barbaro Fund at New Bolton Center helps provide the George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals with needed equipment and improvements, and the Laminitis Fund supports the crucial research being done here on laminitis.

    Won’t you help us pay homage to this Kentucky Derby winner by making a contribution to either the Barbaro Fund or the Laminitis Research Fund? All donors to Penn Vet receive the School’s newsmagazine, Bellwether, the next issue of which is due out this spring. Together we can help Barbaro continue to make headlines as a champion both on the field and off.

    Thank you.


    Dr. Dean W. Richardson
    Charles W. Raker Professor of Equine Surgery
    George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals

  7. SmileOnADog says:

    No worries, Itchmo Admin! Thanks for deleting the duplicates!


  8. YaYa says:

    Thank You Em,
    What a Beautiful Legacy for Barbaro. Something that Will go On. I’ve known plenty that would be Over joyed for a Cure for Laminitis. A Cure would be one of The Ultimates in the Horseworld!

    I did not know about it, haven’t seen anything about it {yet}, in any of my Horse publicatins. I hope they Do spread the word for the Fund. {I might send off a note to the Editors myself, about havng an article for it, in them!}

    There were So many well wishes when I’d visit the Penn site etc., to check on Barbaro, I never sent one personally. I thought it was Fantastic that they kept us updated via the Internet :-)

    Thanx Em!

  9. YaYa says:

    PS. I think I’m going to write to the Jockey Club and Churchhill Downs and tell them, they are doing a Serious Injustice to the ThoroughBred, by not allowing the New Man-Made Track Surface to be put in!

    {there are several usual Breeds that race too, QuarterHorses are one big one}

    Many Well known tracks around the country, are/have put it in and it does not change ‘results’ as far a Speed etc. BUT helps the Horses Immencely! ie. Arlington in Chicago is just one.

    The report might still be on World News Tonight, from Friday May 4th.

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