Bear Rescued From Falling Off Bridge


A 250-pound bear was rescued by a dozen volunteers when it got stuck on Rainbow Bridge in Truckee, California.

According to Truckee BEAR League’s Dave Baker, the bear jumped the railing of the bridge, a 100-foot concrete arch near Donner Summit.

“The bear was crossing the bridge as cars were coming from the east and west,” Baker said. “(The cars) pinched the bear up and over the guard rail.”

The bear jumped over the bridge to avoid the passing cars, but then found itself trapped in the concrete girders from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Rescuers decided that they couldn’t do anything to help the bear on Saturday night, so they returned on Sunday morning to find the bear asleep on the ledge.

Baker was one of the first to report to the scene. He saw the bear’s claw marks on the concrete railing where the bear jumped and then held on to prevent itself from falling about 80 feet.



He and another man were able to find a nylon net, and they strung the cargo mesh beneath the bridge.

An animal control officer shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart, but it took some time for the sedative to take effect because the bear was fighting it and kept trying to lift its head up.

Another man put on a safety harness and then lowered himself over the bridge, so he could push the bear off into the net. The bear was in danger of falling toward the net’s outside edge.

The man then nudged the bear with a pole and a boot, and the bear fell into the net and was lowered to the ground. When the bear reached down to the ground, it was still hazy from the tranquilizer and staggered out.

The bear was then led into the shade by volunteers to lay down and get some rest after its amazing adventure.

Source: Nevada Appeal

Photos: Wild Again

(Thanks Nikki and Trella)

10 Responses to “Bear Rescued From Falling Off Bridge”

  1. MaryP says:

    Dave & Friends: Thank you for making it possible for this bear to make it back to the woods! It must have been a harrowing rescue, bless you for not giving up!

  2. Jackie says:

    I second that, MaryP. Wondeful people - lucky bear!!

  3. Lynne says:

    What a wonderful story. Thanks so much to these people.

  4. Cathy says:

    This is a great story with an even better ending! Thanks, rescuers!!

  5. Underdog says:

    Bless the rescuers. There aren’t enough people like this in the world. If wildlife officers would have gotten involved, the bear would be DEAD!

  6. KimS says:

    Wow, how brave and nice of everybody.
    Lucky bear. I hope the bear realizes it was humans and doesn’t eat anybody.

  7. Lynn says:

    These rescuers are REAL men in my book.

  8. Klondike says:

    Amazing rescue! Beautiful photos, too. So glad to hear that there are people willing and able to do such a feat.

  9. Helen says:

    Underdog, why would you assume that all wildlife officers would have killed this bear?

  10. billie says:

    thank goodness hes ok

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