Beaver Family Saved From Death Sentence

BeaverA beaver family in Bakersfield, California has been saved from their death sentence after a huge public response to their story.

The family had made their home near a popular bike path and had chewed nine cottonwood trees down to stumps near the park. State wildlife officials from the Department of Fish and Game had been issued a permit to kill the beavers for destroying the $500 trees.

Bill Cooper, co-founder of the Kern River Parkway Foundation, said, “(Wildlife officials) view them as a pest and I don’t know for sure if they’re a native animal along the river.”

After the news of the beavers’ impending death broke out on, many readers sent letters asking to save the beavers. They suggested to move the bike path, put the beavers in a zoo or even to relocate the people who wanted the beavers killed.

One reader wrote, “I saw an article on that had a link to a Bakersfield, CA news station about a beaver that has been sentenced to death by wildlife officials for gnawing on trees in a local park. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why has this creature been sentenced to death for doing the only thing that it knows how to do?”

Wildlife officials are now working with Bakersfield city officials to figure out how to relocate the beavers. Previously, officials said they couldn’t relocate the beavers before because a beaver’s nature is to stop the flow of water, which could ruin an irrigation canal or destroy more trees at another location.

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6 Responses to “Beaver Family Saved From Death Sentence”

  1. Robert Davis says:

    I guess the Beaver Planning Committee needs to work closer with Local Planning Boards to ensure they can live in peace! At least they are not going to be killed.

  2. Nancy G. says:

    Send them to Scotland. The BBC says they plan on reintroducing beavers to Scotland, where apparently they are extinct, by 2009. Sadly this sort of idiocy goes on all the time here in the US- beavers move in and they are killed because they are downing trees and “we cannot relocate them.” To great public indignation they killed 2 a few years ago that were felling trees around the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. Had a sharpshooter do the deed under cover of darkness.

  3. Robert Davis says:

    Nancy G - great idea! I didn’t realize Scotland didn’t have any.

  4. Lynn says:

    I must admit I did like the idea “to relocate the people who wanted the beavers killed.”

    I didn’t know about Scotland either. That is a great option. It’s troubling to me that the wildlife officials think the beavers are a nuisance animal and brush them off without even searching for viable solutions.

    Your tax dollars paying for their salaries!

  5. Pam says:

    Isn’t that the way we solve everything? If we can’t control it or change it, then we kill it!!! And we have the nerve to call ourselves a civilized nation.

  6. Tourmo Beale says:

    Nancy G. reports that the Tidal Basin Beavers were removed by a sniper with a high-powered rifle: “Had a sharpshooter do the deed under cover of darkness.” While there are no shortage of crack shots in the Washington, DC area, in the various branches of government protection services like the Secret Service and the US Capitol Police, as well as elite military marksmen like Marine Corps Scout Snipers, her scenario is not only unlikely, it is untrue. The Beavers were humanely trapped, alive, by a company called Adcock’s Trapping Service, and the traps were removed from the area in broad daylight before scores of witnesses.

    While I suppose it is possible that the trapped Beavers were merely elaborate look-a-likes, planted by the US Government, in order to cover-up the Phoenix Program-style Beaver assassinations covertly carried out under the cover of darkness in an extremely popular and often-visited area of Washington, DC.

    Perhaps the Beavers knew too much.

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