Big Dogs Sell Anti-Dog Fighting T-Shirts

Big Dogs shirtBig Dogs, a Santa Barbara based apparel company, is taking a stand against animal abuse.

In September, Big Dogs released four T-shirts with an anti-Michael Vick and anti-animal cruelty theme. After a week and a half, the company sold more than 10,000 shirts in stores and online.

A portion of the proceeds from the new shirts will be given to the Big Dogs Foundation, an organization that donates to animal welfare organizations locally and nationally.

“When we feel like we can help and make a difference through the graphics on our T-shirts and through the proceeds, we’re happy to take a shot at it,” said Mike Walker, Big Dogs vice president of marketing.

Walker said that the company is aware that they may face criticism over the T-shirts.

And Jan Glick, an animal services director, is one critic of these shirts. She said that she will not buy or wear one of the Big Dogs anti-Vick shirts. She said it is not humorous to her and is a very serious topic.

Walker said the shirts were not made to ridicule Vick but to “keep people aware that an abuse is taking place under our noses and keep that issue at the forefront.”

“There very well may be a subculture that thinks what he did was OK,” Walker said. “The more that public awareness pushes public policy and public policy pushes law enforcement, the more we can get these people behind bars.”

Source: Pacific Coast Business Times

Photo: Big Dogs

7 Responses to “Big Dogs Sell Anti-Dog Fighting T-Shirts”

  1. nora says:

    Any proceeds for dogs that need help is a good thing and if I could buy one of the T-shirts locally, I will. Critics will always find something to bitch and THEY need to put THEIR money where there mouth is.

  2. NH says:

    I just saw those shirts this weekend in Tilton NH. Had I known that some of the proceeds were going to a worthwhile organization, I would have bought one. Good for you Big Dogs!

  3. Lynn says:

    Here’s the Big Dogs link to order the t-shirt online.

  4. Carol says:

    Here’s what bothers me -

    A portion of the proceeds from the new shirts will be given to the Big Dogs Foundation

    Well, what’s a portion? Ten percent? Ten cents? A dollar?

    I’m tired of seeing companies hop on the Vick train, using the suffering of these dogs to generate profits for themselves.

    Unless I read “100% of the profits go to”, I just see one more profiteering company using a tragedy to make money.

    Kinda like PeTA and the HSUS, come to think of it.

  5. Lynn says:

    I know that Delta Society is one of the org’s it donates to.

    I’ve sent a message to Big Dogs and put the question to them. I’ve invited them to add their reply here.

  6. ruthellen says:

    I like Big Dogs t-shirts, etc. But personally, I would rather see a less comic design on the shirts, such as Big Dogs and Real Men don’t fight dogs. This is such a serious issue, and every opportunity should be taken to speak out against dog fighting, not just poke fun at Vick going down.

  7. Lynn says:

    I think Big Dogs’ reputation is built on having a bit of a comic flare to their products. So if they made something serious it probably wouldn’t sell.

    If it was MY design, I would have made a huge chihuahua barking down at tiny little Vick. Caption would read, “Now who’s laughing?”

    This way the point’s made and there’s a little comedy in their to entice people to buy [and send the message about Vick].

    And Big Dogs - if you like my idea - run with it.

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