Blind Dog Knows How To Fetch


Murdock, a 1-year-old border collie mix, likes to play fetch, tug on fabric and get hugs from his family. Murdock even uses his herding abilities and leads his human, canine and feline friends into the house. He even chases rabbits in the backyard.

Murdock is just like any other dog except for the fact that he has been blind since birth. He was born without any eyes.

But that has not stopped Murdock at all. His owners say that Murdock knows where the ball is even though he can’t see it. They say he either smells it or hears it roll in the grass.

Murdock came into the Rudkins’ lives a year ago. They were on the lookout for another dog because their other dog had passed away. The Rudkins saw a newspaper ad about a blind dog at the Copper Country Humane Society that needed a home. He needed a home with his own room to run and play in. The Rudkins provided him with this loving home.

From Daily Mining Gazette:

The Rudkins have taught Murdock the word “watch,” so he won’t run into things, and he knows the word “step” means he has to go up or down. When he nears the steps, he puts out his long front legs to feel where the steps start.

“He sometimes looks like he’s prancing, because he’s trying to feel his way forward,” Zo said.

Some of Murdock’s toys make sound, like the pop bottle Zo filled with stones or some of his plastic balls with bells. He also likes toys that have a scent, like his favorite tug toy that he can find in the house no matter how many humans or animals are about.

Zo, the Rudkin’s daughter, has entered Murdock into the National Geographic Kid’s Most Amazing Pet contest. Her essay and video about Murdock has put this amazing dog as one of the top 10 national finalists in the contest. Zo will find out if Murdock wins in August. She says that she doesn’t know why anyone else didn’t want him because he’s such an amazing and good dog.

5 Responses to “Blind Dog Knows How To Fetch”

  1. Katie says:

    It is always truly amazing to read how our pets are able to use all their senses. When our older dog became blind at 12, she still did everything like run like “banshee”, fetch, swim, etc. it always amazes me how the animals don’t let things bother them.


  2. kae family says:

    Kudo, Katie. We should learn so much from our pets.

  3. Becky Alvarez says:

  4. Pamela says:

    Lovely story, and Zo, the reason why no-one else wanted Murdock was that fate had him waiting for you and your loving family. God bless.

  5. Dilys Lord says:

    I have a Border Collie KELT that is nearly blind also (he has catteracts since 9months old) and loves his ball at the beach and know how to fetch/seek and he takes it to other people to play as well. Would love to hear from Murdock how he is going .

    Regards Dilys Lord.

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