Blind Dog’s “Guide Cat” Goes Missing


If you’re traveling anywhere near Amesbury, Massachusetts and happen to see a rather large, white cat with a deformed front paw, there’s a dog named Aspen who would appreciate hearing from you.

Yodi, the wayward cat, has been among the missing since Labor Day weekend. The 10-year-old feline is a member of the Packer family, who have been living on Rocky Hill Road in Amesbury for the past 36 years.

As much as his human family misses Yodi, it is Aspen who is most despondent over his absence. The 90-pound boxer-terrier mix has been blind for many years, and relies on Yodi for both guidance and companionship. According to Diane Packer, Aspen has been just lying around since his friend disappeared.

The Packers have posted signs on trees and poles up and down Rocky Hill Road and Main Street, hoping someone will spot this special cat and return it to his home and canine companion. Diane Packer believes the cat got bored over the long holiday weekend waiting for the Packers to return from a trip. Their house is rigged so their animals, including seven other cats, can come and go as they please.

She and husband Les have definitely not given up hope. They are familiar with the idiosyncratic behavior of some cats. They have a small tiger cat that disappeared on Mother’s Day and returned on Thanksgiving for three years running.

Source: Newburyport News

18 Responses to “Blind Dog’s “Guide Cat” Goes Missing”

  1. bengals says:

    that’s heartbreaking! I hope Yodi comes home soon!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Poor Aspen. His face is the face of innocence and need and loneliness. I already love this dog.

  3. shibadiva says:

    The prong collar looks a bit nasty.

  4. bengals says:

    good catch shibadiva — why the hell would they put something like that on a blind dog??? That poor thing!

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    I don’t like that collar either. I don’t understand a 10 year cat & an older blind dog, they have to love & take care of them, but I sure don’t like that collar.

  6. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    When they’re used properly, prong collars do no harm to a dog’s neck. They are much less damaging than a choke chain, and as wicked as the prongs look, they don’t hurt as much as you would think. Some dogs do not respond to other devices such as a Sporn halter, and when the dog is a hard leash-puller there may be no other way to stop the pulling. That type of collar is ONLY to be used when walking attended on a leash and should never be left on all the time or if the dog is tied out.

    I hope Yodi is found soon.

  7. Underdog says:

    Bengals says: why the hell would they put something like that (prong collar) on a blind dog??? That poor thing!

    AMEN! Those things should be outlawed, along with invisible fences! And please don’t anyone lecture me on the merits of a fenceless fence. They are HORRIBLE! We’ve had firsthand experience, and it isn’t pretty.

  8. Tammy says:

    Why would you put such a collar on a blind dog. Thats Horrible!! If the owners are watching Get your dog a more Humane collar!! I hope he finds his cat.

  9. Mazlynn says:

    I don’t know - it’s obvious that he’s on a leash in that picture, and he looks like a pretty muscular dog. With a blind dog, it would be especially important to be able to control his movements when on the leash, and he might try to walk in front of a car or something since he can’t see it. The prong collar may be the only way to get a dog with a build like that to respond quickly if he gets distracted.

    After all, if properly fitted the prongs aren’t being jerked into the neck, it’s just a more discrete pressure point than a standard choke chain. As long as they aren’t leaving it on when he’s off leash, which I don’t think they are since he’s got a second collar for “everyday wear” in the picture, it makes perfect sense.

  10. BC says:

    How many of you who are whining about the prong collar use a choke chain collar??? And leave it on all the time??? Don’t be so negative, you haven’t walked that dog!

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    I will pray that yodi comes home safe and sound to His dog.

  12. kathy says:

    I see the collar as a non-problem. Let me tell you why. Years ago my son had a dog who was a real Houdini—when he couldn’t jump over the chain link fence he chewed a hole in it! The prong collar kept him in the yard for 2 days, on the third day the collar was found, still attached to his 50 foot run-line, right where he left it after he took it off! As usual, he came home shortly after his owner got home from work and I guarantee you there was not a mark on him from that collar!! So let’s not be so judgemental, sometimes a person has to do what he or she has to do.

  13. Coolio 5000 says:


    but i cant seem to know if it poops or not………. because the way i find out is if i step in it. EWWWWW. anyways, im doing a project on seeing eye dogs and idk what to do.i cant seem to find anything good to use in my if u can help me with it i would really appriciate the help to pull up my grades im only at a A. my parents want my to be a A plus student or ill be grounded. =(
    So can u help im stuck and confused.please help me!!!!!!!!! im going mad its no big deal i guess. but if u can wright back to me asap that would be great!

    From , Coolio 5000

  14. dog fence says:

    that sucks big time. I so hate that collar too…

  15. Barb says:

    I just came across this article, does anyone know if Yodi was ever found or if he returned on his own?

  16. Les says:

    OMG! All of you who are saying,’If used properly, the prong collar is not painful. It is a useful tool’ Put one on yourself. See how you like it.

  17. Jwm says:

    Prong collars do not hurt a dog as much as a dog straining hard on a regular collar. Next time you’re at a pet store, put your arm in one and pull it tight. The fact that there are multiple prongs spreads the force evenly to all the prongs, so there is not too much force on any one prong. Also, these collars are very useful for dogs with a thick mane of fur at the neck, because the prongs go through the fur to apply pressure. I do agree they should not be used except when walking the dig, same as a choke chain.

  18. charlotte says:

    the dog looks very cute and its not if you like the if its the owner stop sayin mean thing hes old and cute i just lost a dog and i would not like to pick on this faimlys dog hes missing his friend leave him alone so hes very cute and you sould try the potter leauge in middletown the get cats like him all the time just keep your hopes up k

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