Blue Buffalo Contains Ingredient Banned in Human Supplements

UPDATED 4/7: The original author of the Blue Buffalo menadione concern wrote us today to let us know of other information supporting their position: A response from Blue Buffalo on when they would remove menadione.

ORIGINAL: This is the story that got one of our good friends, Howl911, threatened by a lawer. Read about that here.Blue Buffalo’s dog food and treats contains menadione, a substance banned by the US in 1963. The Dog Food Project, which first reported on this says:

I keep hearing from people who called Blue Buffalo customer service to ask about menadione, telling me that the representative claimed they were “required by law” to include it, which is simply not true. Menadione also still appears on ingredient lists throughout Blue Buffalo’s website and on product packaging.

Wikipedia cites problems with the use of menadione in high doses and in supplements. The question we’d like to ask Blue Buffalo is, why use a substance like this at all in pet food? How do we know this is safe for our small pets?

5 Responses to “Blue Buffalo Contains Ingredient Banned in Human Supplements”

  1. Lee says:

    also found in old formula dry Wellness!

  2. Shanon says:

    I suspect it’s in quite a few pet foods. The thing that makes it so gross about being in Blue Buffalo is that on their own web site, in the dog food section, they write “if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our dogs”. Then why are they adding a substance, menadione, that’s banned from being used in human supplements??

    And Blue Buffalo calls their food holistic. Give me a break.

  3. catspajamas says:

    I am so glad all this is now under the magnifying glass! This is long overdue. I’m just sorry it took a terrible event like this recall to get petowners looking into it. But that’s how it happens. We’ve been led to believe that the big money interests are looking out for fluffy and fido and also–that they know what’s best–and are honest! This is not so. We’ve believed their fancy packaging and AAFCO blurbs. We’ve also believed the big pharma interests that supply animal vaccines that many of their products are protecting our pets - certainly we would not expect them to cause illness! There’s a lot we have not known about. All of these industry ties to the pet health businesses must be examined. So i think it’s good consumers are angry. I hope they stay angry and proactive so that the deaths and sufferring of all these animals will not have been in vain. It’s the least we can do, isn’t it? I blame suppliers but I also blame myself if I don’t continue to educate myself and ask questions and be proactively suspicious where big interests affect my animals health. There’s a lot we can do ourselves and it’s high time we all became aware of it and demanded change.

  4. 2Sheps says:

    Scary what companies will do if there are no explicit rules/guidelines ….and no enforcement of those rules. Its not just our pets food…..its really sad that it takes an event like this for people to wake up and read what they are putting into their bodies and their families bodies. Whats even more sad? After a few weeks, once the media is on to something else, people will continue to feed their dogs this junk that is now being recalled.

  5. Linda Grimm says:

    If menu foods really thinks it will be business as usual in a few weeks, I beg to differ with them. I have read over and over , emails from families who have lost their pet family members. They are not just animals, they are our family.

    I will not use any foods produced by Menu foods and know many who are not buying the statement that now the food is safe.

    I would think any maker of dog and cat food would come clean and give answers to those who inquire about food ingredients. We are not as ignorant as these people think, and we NEED to know what we feed our pets is safe.

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