Blue Buffalo Recalls All Canned Dog and Cat Food, As Well As Treats

Blue Buffalo just announced another expansion of the recall covering:

  • All Blue brand can dog foods
  • All Spa Select brand can cat foods
  • All Blue Health Bar treats.

The release indicates that rice protein was added without their knowledge to these products. Blue Buffalo attributes this to “tampering” by their contract manufacturer American Nutrition, who was connected to several other recalls on Thursday.

Full release after the jump:

Blue Buffalo Recalls Can and Biscuit Products

Due To Tampering By American Nutrition Inc.


Consumer Inquiries:


Media Inquiries:

David Petrie


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Wilton, Connecticut, April 26, 2007.

We at the Blue Buffalo Company have just learned that American Nutrition Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of all our cans and biscuits, has been adding rice protein concentrate to our can formulas without our knowledge and without our approval. This is product tampering, and it apparently has been going on for some time. The can formulas that we developed, and trusted them to produce, never contained any rice protein concentrate. It appears that only an FDA investigation of ANI’s rice protein concentrate supplies forced them to reveal this product tampering to us.

While this activity by ANI is in itself unlawful, the situation is further clouded by the fact that ANI has been receiving rice protein concentrate from Wilber-Ellis, some of which the FDA has determined to be contaminated with melamine.

So while no BLUE or Spa Select canned product has tested positive for the presence of melamine, and there has been no reported illness due to any of our canned products, we simply cannot be sure of what ANI has been including in our formulas. For this reason, we have decided to remove all of our canned and biscuit products from retail distribution. While this may seem to many to be a major over-reaction, as other ANI customers will probably only recall the products that tested positive for melamine, we see this as a matter of integrity.

We founded Blue Buffalo on the principle of providing dogs and cats with the highest quality and most nutritious food, and we will not sell any product that doesn’t meet this standard. And under these circumstances, we cannot say that any products manufactured by ANI measure up.

The obvious question is “how could Blue Buffalo not know that ANI was putting rice protein concentrate into our canned food?” The answer is we trusted them. In business and in life, we all trust our partners to deal with us honestly. When we buy produce from our local grocery store, we are trusting growers, shippers and a series of handlers to have delivered a product that is safe and nutritious for our family. If any one of these parties betrays our trust, contaminated products can make their way to our dinner table.

And while we test for known toxins and contaminants, we don’t test for protein sources, like rice protein concentrate, especially when we did not formulate our products to contain them.

In the end, this all comes down to an issue of integrity, and ANI has not been honest with us and with the pet parents who buy our products. We will not put any product made by ANI on the shelf, and are temporarily withdrawing an important part of our business in order to be true to our pet parents.

We have already started the process of identifying a can and biscuit manufacturer with whom we can build a partnership based on trust. Once we have accomplished this, BLUE and Spa Select cans and BLUE Health Bars will be reintroduced with the high quality and superior nutrition that our brand stands for and that dogs and cats deserve.

We have informed our retail partners and the FDA about this action and will be cooperating with them to complete this recall quickly. The specific product involved includes all “BLUE” brand can dog foods, all “Spa Select” brand can cat foods and all “BLUE Health Bar” treats.

Consumers who have unused or partially used packages of any of these products should return them to their place of purchase for a complete refund.

All “BLUE” dry natural food for dogs and “Spa Select” dry natural foods for cats are not affected by this recall and are safe for consumption. Should consumers have a specific question, they can call the Company at 1-800-919-2833, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT, to receive more information.


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  1. Christi says:

    I disagree but I don’t feel like beating this issue to death.

    Let’s just say I don’t buy into the idea that every pet food company and related management is evil.

  2. Brooks says:

    I took my two cats off Purina, Fancy Feast, Friskies and (recently) Eukauba because I thought Blue Spa would be safe as well as more nutritional. One of my “rescues” is a wet food junkie, so naturally I have been choosing what I consider a good brand as I wean her to dry. I was horrified to discover that Blue Spa isn’t safe either. I did find a small locally owned pet store that recommends EVO products even over Wellness, which Ishe indicated changed hands. They also have frozen raw food. Essentially she recommended food with NO grains. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed. It may be time to make my own cat food. Any more info is appreciated. I am extremely worried.

  3. Karen says:

    I was looking at Evo/Innova, but their wet food is made by Menu, so I decided against it. My cats eat mostly dry, but share a can in the morning. Since Blue Buffalo cans were recalled, I have been giving them human chicken, tuna or salmon. I know that is not good long-term as an exclusive diet, but it will do for now as a supplement to dry. I am still giving them Blue Buffalo dry food.

  4. Christi says:

    Karen, I am also still using the BB dry as a treat. I was disappointed that Bb pulled all of their cans cuz I was just switching over. However, I feel they did the right thing.

    One thing I did notice, if it is any comfort, is that ANI listed the flavors of BB that they were recalling, and if one is to believe that they actually know which ones were possibly contaminated, then it would appear that a lot of BB canned was never actually contaminated. But either way, I think BB did the right thing.

  5. Karen says:

    Christi–what else are you feeding? You may have mentioned it in previous posts, but I am tired and overwhelmed with information. I have been losing sleep reading, monitoring food and water intake, and watching for energy level and behavior changes (when I’m not a work).

    I would appreciate any advice!

  6. Johann says:

    has anyone been able to get on blue buff web site?

  7. Karen says:

    I was just on Blue Buffalo’s website. The front page is now their latest statement on the recall of cans, but everything else looks like it is still there.

  8. graig says:

    “Where are Blue Buffalo’s ‘vets’ that are always standing there when their foods are made at other facilities?

    Why did they not test their finished products a month ago?

    Why have they had recalled products but present themselves as
    unaffected on their website, minimizing the recall?

    just wondering”

    hmm, just wondering how you would even test for extra rice protein. i don’t think you can, at least not easily. ESPECIALLY, if the product already has rice in it.

    Also, i am glad they pulled it because they were not sure of what was in it. at least they are honest. i bet blue buffalo, (and many other manufacturers) are checking all their food extra thoroughly just to make sure everything they want in the food is getting there, and everything they don’t is not.

    I’m still feeding my dog and cat blue buffalo.

  9. stephen says:

    They were adding ingredients without your knowledge-come on,what a way to pass the buck buffalo boys and girls even if nothing has apparently tested positive for “tainted wheat gluten or rice protien,or has it or would you tell us -now be truthful because we trusted your word when you said ,IT’S ALL NATURAL AND WHOLESOME,WE NEVER SKIMP ON OUR PRODUCTS,WHY WE WOULD EAT THIS OURSELVES BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR PET! What we are really sick of here in the United States is the way we purchase products from around the world that have no standards of safety like we used to have ,we have the most fertile fields to grow any and all the foods we could ever possibly need yet we buy crap from China,a country that has an outstanding record of looking out for it’s own people welfare,we import our fruits from Mexico and wherever else and why ,for the almighty bottom line money,money,money!If you pepole knew what was good for your company you would go above and beyond the practice of being neurotically obsessive to the overseeing of the safety of your products ,if we knew that for sure you could charge a dollar a can for all we care,we love our pets unlike China who sold everyone that lovely melamine and went around last month and just clubbed thousands of peoples pets in the head because they deemed them unneeded luxuries for the masses(true story)P.S.not to be mean ,but how many kittens died before you tested the kitten dry formula?It not thier fault for being born and hungry but it is the “PET FOOD INDUSTRIES “fault for failing our confidence and the little ones that cannot protect themselves from corporate greed and depend on us were the victims !I and millions more are utterly disgusted!!!

  10. Diana in Oregon says:

    TO: April 27 writers re: PAUL NEWMAN Pet Food and WHAT’S SAFE to buy.

    I bought Newman’s dry dog food. It had no phone number on the bag, That’s hint #1. So the dog food store gave me Newman’s phone number.
    A rude girl answered & told me they give out no info re: ingredients, do to “Proprietory reasons”. I asked for someone else to speak with. A nice woman told me the same thing. I told her this expensive bag of dog food is going right back to the dogfood store. I had seen Newman’s on an email list that buys SOME things from MENU Foods. Not interested in taking chances.

    I spoke in person with an employee at my dog food store who just returned from the Innova plant. He saw them put Washington Apples and Idaho potatoes into the mix. The employees eat the left over meat.
    Innova says ALL their ingredients are from AMERICA and they package the food HERE. So far I’m buying INNOVA and hoping it is safe.

    REDBARN of California may make all their ingredients here. Greenies should be safe too.

    Meat and veggies are probably a good thing to feed dogs. Meatloaf with eggs and oatmeal and veggies is good! They love it.

    Randy Alcorn’s “HEAVEN” book has an entire chapter quoting Bible scriptures on how God’s creatures will be renewed and live with us in Heaven. Pray for all the animals in the world to be safe while they are here! Thank you and take care everyone!!! Diana and my little dogs

  11. Jo Anne says:

    Anyone else notice that a lot of posts here at Itchmo have been erased/censored? How can we trust this website with comments on food, if it’s going to censor people?

  12. Jane (Barkark) says:

    Just when I said I would never switch from Blue Buffalo I am now in the process of switching to Wellness. We bought another large bag of BB Lamb and Rice dry dog food last week and within a few hours the dogs had vomited. I delved into the bag and the deeper I got the mustier and ‘older’ it smelled. We taped up the bag and went back to PetSmart and told them this food had made them sick and not to put it back on the shelf, I was assured by the clerk that they never did that type of thing. I asked her why she would say that as my husband and I had counted over 10 different bags taped and back on the shelves, mainly ProPlan and she had no answer for that question.

    We ended up buying a small bag of BB, it smelled fine and we later bought a bag of Wellness Senior and have been slowly making the conversion. We’ve used Wellness before with excellent results.

    I too wonder why BB’s staff and vets, who are apparently at the plants testing constantly, were unable to detect problems. BB is correct it is about trust and integrity but more importantly about the pets, no amount of testing is going to bring back the pets that have died and all the testing in the world is of small comfort to the families that no longer hear the sound of their pets’ feet on the floor or the warmth of their bodies snuggled close to them. I’ve lost my trust in BB and as far as I’m concerned BB has lost their integrity!

    This morning in the San Diego Union Tribune there’s an interesting article about “Tainted gluten for pet food was disguised” for the full article you can click on this link:

    ClickOn Detroit Rescue 4 News went undercover to film the following at Menu Foods - simply appalling:

    And for those of you who have never read Ann Martin’s book Food Pets Die For go out today and buy a copy today, talk about horrifying. Her research began in January 1990, way before the recalls of recent years - she was one gutsy lady to take on the Pet Food Industry single handedly, she ends her book with the words “Buyer Beware”. I sometimes wonder if we have learned anything.

    I also wonder about Philippe J. Amouyal, a director for Weight Watchers International, Managing Director for the Invus Group and Director of Blue Buffalo since December 2006. I can’t imagine what his interest is in BB.

    So far BB has not responded to my e-mails or phone calls, I don’t think they have the answers to my questions!!

    Incidentally, Greenies have been known to cause blockages in some pets, they have poor digestibility!

  13. Yo Mama says:

    Perhaps this site is really run by Blue Buffalo?? My comments were erased!! I think this site is a sham and I won’t bother with a bogus site like this anymore…its just more propaganda from the big Blue machine…

  14. Yo Mama says:

    do a google on blue buffalo and invus…buff is owned by weight watchers! not a true family run biz…just another lie! what a joke…i hope the class action lawyers rip the pants off of weight watchers for what they did to us…they should have kept someone at their mfg facilities watching what the hell they were putting into the food instead of golfing!!

  15. Yo Mama says:

    lets see how long my comment stays on the site before Buff edits or erases it….corportate scumbags.

  16. Earl McMichael says:

    I’m so sorry that your company with it’s high standards has to be caught up in this. I us your products with great pride, dry catfood for our cat and dry and can for our miniature Schnauzer. I will continue to stick with your company through this mess as I am sure you will get it resolved. I believe a lawsuit is in order and I don’t say that very often, but you need to.
    Loyal customer,
    Earl McMichael

  17. Mandy Barberio says:

    My cat has impaired kidney function from eating Blue Buffalo Spa Select canned foods. She had not eaten any other foods or treats on the recall list, and my vet confirmed my suspicions with a blood and urine test. She’s been given fluid therapy twice already, and will go again tomorrow. As far as I know, I will be the first person submitting a claim to American Nutrition Inc. for the Blue Buffalo cans. I too was relieved when I read there was no melamine found in their cans and no complaints. Obviously there was melamine in at least one of my cans, so that info cannot be trusted… My cat was barely showing symptoms. Please take your pets to be tested if they ate the recalled food.

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