Brave Dog Protects Owner From Gang

GizzyGerry Cunningham was attacked by four men when he was playing with his 18-month-old dog, Gizzy, in a London park. He was knocked unconscious with a blow to the head with a baseball bat, but when he awoke, he found his Staffordshire bull terrier licking his face having forced the men to flee.

Mr Cunningham said: “I was in the park throwing a stick around for Gizzy when four youths came in with machetes and bats. They had a Japanese Akita with them and a bull mastiff heaps bigger than my dog.

“One of them pushed me to the floor. I got up but he took a baseball bat and knocked me out.

“When I came to, my dog was sitting there licking my face trying to get me conscious. The dog had managed to fight them off and saved my life.”

More on the Gizzy’s rescue after the jump.

From Islington Gazette:

Cunningham was rushed to the hospital and was cleared except for a damaged shoulder. Gizzy walked away from the incident with a broken tooth and after being checked by a vet, he is in perfect health. Cunningham rescued Gizzy after the dog had three previous owners.

Mr Cunningham added: “Normally he’s not an aggressive dog but I owe him my life. He got spaghetti bolognese that night as a reward with potatoes and tomatoes and he finished the lot. I don’t even see him as a pet now, he’s much more than that. I will spend £50 on food for him - on heart, tongue, liver and everything.

Good job Gizzy!

6 Responses to “Brave Dog Protects Owner From Gang”

  1. Captn' Carl says:

    Man’s best friend? You bet he is! This is one “stand up” dog. He has more intestinal fortitude than most people I know. He did not look away or fail to take action like most humans usually do.

    It is incumbent upon all of us to take measures now via the petition at to insure the welfare of this dog and the rest of our pets to prevent another travesty such as the recent pet food recall debacle.

    They will defend us with their lives. Signing this petition is a very small way of protecting them as they protect us and returning a small part of the unconditional love they give us daily.

    Stand up and be counted!

  2. AJ in AZ says:

    This is a great story, and exactly what a good dog is SUPPOSED to do. ANd how wonderful that a rescue dog still trusted himself and his owner enough to follow his instinct to protect.
    Hopefully we will not be reading a followup story about the gang members suing for damages to themselves and forcing the dog to be put down. THAT would be awful. but not that surprising in this modern world.

  3. kaefamily says:

    This wonderful dog could definitely teach all humans about unequivocal trust, love and loyalty.

  4. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    That’s a Staffie Bull for ya! :-D

  5. Shaun in Tucson says:

    And if this had occured in Denver, as soon as the story broke, Animal Control officers would have gone to his house to take the dog and euthanize it…unless he was able to move immediately or find a home for the dog outside of the city.

  6. Elaine says:

    Way to go Grizzy! And the world says you are the dangerous one here. Sounds like you and your daddy make a good team. I know my American Pit Bull Terriers would do the same. America take notice of who attached who here and who defended who.

    They are not dangerous or bad dogs especially if they have to defend their owners like that. Grizzy only did what any human would have done. Protected his family.

    Good boy Grizzy! I know your daddy is proud of you and would defend you the same way. Good dog!

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