FDA Zeroing In On Gluten Source in Kansas

wheatThanks for the tip GK. We know you’ve been through so much.

The St.Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that the FDA is focusing on one supplier of gluten in Kansas. Unfortunately, that like saying “a software company in Silicon Valley” comes to mind, since according to this research paper we linked to earlier (PDF link) from Oklahoma State University. All four domestic wheat gluten producers who account for the vast majority of all US wheat gluten production operate out of Kansas.

The good news is that the FDA inquiry is very specific and is looking at one particular supplier, which could yield faster clues about the source of the problem. The FDA seems focused on evaluating potential harm on humans at this point.

We’re also interested in if the same supplier provided wheat gluten to any other pet food manufacturer.

Also, itchmo was interviewed by the Seattle P-I regarding our concern over the number of potential pet deaths. We sound alarmist compared to the media that continues to report Menu Foods’ original report of 10 deaths. However, based on the FDA, the number of comments on this site and others, we think that currently hundreds of pets deaths have been linked. We’ll know more when the FDA report comes out. We may never know the real truth since many pet parents have buried their little ones long before they heard about the recall.

3 Responses to “FDA Zeroing In On Gluten Source in Kansas”

  1. onewittykitty says:

    i went on to Iams website at about 3:00 this morning and guess what! there’s no mention of any recall at all so of course no mention of their products being recalled.

    this is unexceptable. the ingredient standards which must be legally met within our pets foods by the AAFCO is worse than what our pets could scavage out of garbage cans.

    i agree with the poster that said that wheat gluten (nor corn, corn meal, or any other carbohydrates) should not be found in pet foods, period. these are just inexpensive fillers which would not be any part of a cat or dogs diet in nature.

    furthermore, since people are deciding to never buy any of these contaminated brands again (animal welfare has never been their priority, profits are…..look at P & G, the company who owns Iams/Eukanuba……one of the 3 largest animal testing companies IN THE WORLD, so seriously, how dedicated are they to the health and love we want for our animals?) perhaps you should know another little tidbit of information about pet foods and BY-PRODUCTS.

    25 years or so ago, by-products used to mean the stomach, intestines, etc.,….the parts of an animal we dont eat…..nothing wrong with that, when a cat or dog takes a kill in nature, the first thing they eat is the gut…..that is what gives them a well balanced diet. they get the grains, berries, grasses, etc. which their prey eats HOWEVER, they also get the enzymes which that prey makes to digest these things….NOT ANYMORE……

    in todays pet foods, pet food manufacturers have an industry name for by-products……its called 3 or 4 D meat. what that means is, because there is so much more disease in our cattle, poultry, etc. as a result of factory farming, these industries have a convenient customer for this unfit for human consumption meat….its pet food by-products.

    basically, when the pet food industry refers to 4 D meat, they are referring to Diseased animals that they cant feed to us, Dying animals from disease that they cant feed to us, Dead animals from disease that they cant feed to us and Decomposing carcasses.

    in other words, they’ll take a side of beef, cut away all the cancer and tumors and sell it to the pet food industries as by-products. from slaughter, it goes to a rendering plant where it is boiled in the effort to kill and live organisms…..ive been wondering for years just how much nutritional value a great big cow’’s tumor has and how it can benefit my cat.

    if you have any doubts about what im saying, call some of these companies…..not even necessarily the ones on the recall…try fancy feast, 9 lives, friskies, any brand which has by-products on their ingredient list. talk to the quality control dept. or even customer service and ask them, “are you using 3 or 4 D meat in your by-products?”. trust me, they’ll know exactly what youre talking about and if they say no, ask them to kindly send that in writing……YOU’LL NEVER GET IT, i assure you. none of these companies will put that in writing because they’d be liable.

    i emailed fancy feast last week with that specific question and their only response by email was “we tried to telephone you at the number you provided but were unable to reach you. could you please let us know when the best time to reach you by telephone is?” NOTHING IN WRITING!!!!!!!

    i am a feline rescuer and i feed all of my rescues Pet Guard Premium (flavors without the fish) and a specially made raw frozen food diet which comes nutritionally complete right from the package, you just have to defrost it. you must do your research carefully though before you decide to feed a raw food diet as many are not nutritionally complete, designed for intermittant or supplemental feeding only. Newman’s Own makes excellent pet foods which are natural and contain no by products. if you go on his website, i believe his company has really let the cat out of the bag so to speak because he actually details the information ive given you here and exposes the pet food industries diseased little secrets, though the information has been known (by a few) for much longer than that……read it, you wont have to worry about what types of food you prefer to feed your pets.

  2. Gina Spadafori says:

    We’ll be analyzing our self-reporting database today — taking out submissions that don’t match the time frame, kind of food (wet v. dry) or brand — and should have some decent numbers to add to the story.

  3. forest says:

    does anyone know if Wellness brand tests on animals?

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