Menu Foods Recall Expands Dramatically Due to Cross-Contamination

Our recall list is now up-to-date to include this expansion. Menu Foods is only 1 of several menufacturers, so please check our list for the all recalled brands. If we missed something, do let us know.

UPDATE: The expansion expands again. Menu Foods’ own press releases do NOT match up with their recall expansion list. Pet Food Tracker and PetSitUSA have worked the last several hours checking the lists and added several more brands to the recall expansion. Our recall list is now updated. Again.

ORIGINAL POST: This recall expansion covers dozens of new brands and foods — wet foods only — citing cross-contamination (corrected). This announcement comes more than a month and a half after the initial recall. The recall also expanded to include 2 varieties in Europe.

Latest from Menu Foods

Menu Foods says:

Menu Foods has previously recalled wet cat and dog food produced with adulterated wheat gluten supplied by ChemNutra Inc. Menu Foods is now expanding the recall to include cuts and gravy and select other products which do not include ChemNutra wheat gluten but which were manufactured at any of Menu Foods’ plants during the period that ChemNutra wheat gluten was used at that plant, to the extent they have not already been subject to a recall, due to the possibility of cross-contamination. Menu Foods has received a report from a customer and has received study results, both of which indicate cross-contamination.

(Hey Menu Foods, please just send us an email next time. Now we know why you visted 30 times today. Your identity will be kept confidential.)

Brands covered in expansion are listed after the jump. New brands are marked (New). Castor and Pollux’s recall of their Natural Ultramix food is included.

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US Recall Expansion

Cat Food:

  • Americas Choice, Preferred Pet
  • Best Choice
  • Cat’s Choice (New)
  • Companion
  • Compliments
  • Co-Op Gold (New)
  • Demoulas/Market Basket
  • Despar (New)
  • Drs. Fosters and Smith
  • Fame (New)
  • Feline Classic (New)
  • Feline Cuisine (New)
  • Food Lion
  • Giant Companion
  • Giant Eagle (New)
  • Hannaford
  • Hill Country Fare
  • Hy Vee
  • J. E. Mondou (New)
  • La Griffe (New)
  • Laura Lynn
  • Loving Meals
  • Master Choice (New)
  • Medi-Cal
  • Meijer’s Main Choice
  • Natural Ultramix (New)
  • Nu Pet (New)
  • Nutriplan
  • Nutro
  • Paws
  • Performatrin Ultra (New)
  • Pet Pride
  • Presidents Choice
  • Price Chopper
  • Priority Canada
  • Priority US
  • Roche Brothers (New)
  • Roundy’s (New)
  • Schnucks
  • Sophistacat
  • Special Kitty Canada
  • Springfield Prize
  • Stuzzy Gold (New)
  • Triumph (New)
  • Wegmans
  • Western Family Canada (New)
  • White Rose
  • Winn Dixie
  • Your Pet (New)

Dog Food

  • Authority
  • Award
  • Best Choice
  • Compliments (New)
  • Co-Op Gold (New)
  • Hannaford
  • Health Diet Gourmet Cusine (New)
  • Hill Country Fare (New)
  • Hy Vee
  • La Griffe (New)
  • Master Choice (New)
  • Natural Life
  • Nu Pet (New)
  • Ol’ Roy Canada
  • Performatrin Ultra (New)
  • Pet Pride/Good n Meaty
  • Presidents Choice
  • Priority US
  • Schnucks
  • Springfield Prize
  • Stater Brothers
  • Triumph (New)
  • Truly (New)
  • Western Family Canada (New)
  • Western Family US

Canadian Recall Expansion

Cat Food:

  • Americas Choice, Preferred Pet
  • Best Choice
  • Companion
  • Compliments
  • Co-Op Gold (NEW)
  • Demoulas/Market Basket
  • Drs Foster & Smith
  • Fame (NEW)
  • Feline Classic (NEW)
  • Feline Cuisine (NEW)
  • Food Lion
  • Giant Companion
  • Giant Eagle (NEW)
  • Hannaford
  • Hill Country Fare
  • Hy Vee
  • La Griffe (NEW)
  • Laura Lynn
  • Master Choice (NEW)
  • Meijer’s Main Choice
  • Natural Ultramix (NEW)
  • Nu Pet (NEW)
  • Nutriplan
  • Nutro
  • Paws
  • Performatrin Ultra (NEW)
  • Pet Pride
  • Presidents Choice
  • Price Chopper
  • Priority Canada (NEW)
  • Priority US
  • Roche Brothers
  • Roundy’s (NEW)
  • Schnucks
  • Sophistacat
  • Special Kitty Canada
  • Springfield Prize
  • Triumph (NEW)
  • Wegmans
  • Western Family Canada (NEW)
  • White Rose
  • Winn Dixie
  • Your Pet (NEW)

Dog Food:

  • Authority
  • Award
  • Best Choice
  • Compliments
  • Co-Op Gold (NEW)
  • Hannaford
  • Health Diet Gourmet Cuisine (NEW)
  • Hill Country Fare (NEW)
  • Hy Vee
  • La Griffe (NEW)
  • Master Choice (NEW)
  • Natural Life
  • Nu Pet (NEW)
  • Ol’ Roy Canada
  • Performatrin Ultra (NEW)
  • Pet Pride / Good n Meaty
  • Presidents Choice
  • Priority US
  • Schnucks
  • Springfield Prize
  • Stater Brothers
  • Triumph (NEW)
  • Truly (NEW)
  • Western Family Canada (NEW)
  • Western Family US

279 Responses to “Menu Foods Recall Expands Dramatically Due to Cross-Contamination”

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  1. Ellie says:

    lanie Says:

    I’m paranoid about the Innova but I’m sticking with it for now. have you found another canned cat food not made by Menu? my cats won’t eat foods like Felidae that have chunks of rice in it, so I’m at a loss. I have to find a company for raw food that works (I tried 2 in the past and had problems) or start cooking myself…


    Have you tried Merrick? They say they make their own food, all U.S. ingredients. My cats love some of their flavors and despise others.

    I had been feeding Wellness, but they use both Menu AND American Nutrition, and I’m not comfortable with them anymore.

    I’m a vegetarian, and I can’t stand the thought of preparing my own cat food. And already we know there’s contaminated chicken out in the human food supply, so how can we be sure even home-prepared food is safe?

  2. robin says:


    I will try to dig up a link, need to go tuck my horses in. It was all over Itchmo and Pet Connections a few weeks ago. I think it was toward the end of Feb when Henderson sold half his Menu stocks. I thinks some of the msm also covered it. Google and if you don’t find it, I will, when I get back from barn.

  3. redmal says:

    I just gotta say, Itchmo, you all are the best. And Steve - I’m always amazed with the amount of dirt you dig up. I feed home cooked so haven’t been directly affected, but I just cannot get past the amount of crap those involved with these dealings are able to get away with. Who, in their right mind, would even hire Luba with his past history of lack of quality control, inability to maintain adequate records and seemingly blatant disregard for even minimal, common sense practices. Oh yeah, and WTF? Menu’s plant was closed for what, about a week and didn’t clean their equipment? WTF?

    Hope that all pups & kits affected recover and go on to live long and more healthy lives.

  4. Ellie says:

    I have a link to the story about the Menu CFO selling his stock:

  5. A. Sledge says:

    Very curious indeed. We have an eight-year-old dog who is the light of our lives. She had a full check-up last June and a clean bill of health. She began having issues last July—didn’t want to eat her kibble, tremendous loss of muscle mass in her temporal region (vet thought cancer), weird results on blood tests…just as soon as we ruled out one thing and got it cleared up, something else would begin. Once cancer was ruled out, our vet determined that there really wasn’t anything life-threatening, just symptoms to be managed. We’ve had over $3000 in vet bills since then. We had been feeding Hill’s Science Diet weight loss for about 3 years and changed back to Purina Dog Chow Little Bites which she ate for a little while. Then when she didn’t want that, we used peanut butter, all of those nutri-gravy concoctions, and Nutro in those little foil pouches. In October, the tips of her ears began to get hard and crusty, turning black and little bits falling off. It’s now controlled and slowly healing, but all of this just makes me wonder… We saw 3 different vets, had every test known to veterinary science run, saw a specialist and all were stumped. The only thing that was ever speculated was Post-Parvo Syndrome since she was a shelter pup that we adopted at about six months of age and she became very ill two days later. The vet who saw her then suggested it could be parvo, but we nursed her back to health. He has since destroyed her records since it was more than five years ago. Anyone else see anything weird like this? We took both dogs and the cat in a couple of weeks ago for full blood work-up and urinalysis which came back “clean”, but the vet did notice a borderline high Creatine level in the kitty.

  6. JollyCat says:


    ok, I have to agree that somehow seeing Pedigree advertised on this site is really pretty funny all thing considered

    I bet the big boys are itching to get their names associated with itchmo!!

  7. Tricia says:

    I’ve just switched my dogs from Nutro to Canidae. I know Nutro’s dry food hasn’t been recalled (yet) but I don’t trust them anymore after having their wet food recalled. Does anyone know who manufactures Canidae’s food - wet and dry? I’ve read nothing but good things about Canidae and just hope that their name doesn’t show up on the next recall list.

  8. booklady says:

    I’ve been following the recalls closely.. have been very fortunate not to have been affected by them, though at about the same time as the recalls were first breaking, our 10+ yr old pom was diagnoised with kidney failure. (related to the meds he’d been on for years for congenital heart failure) He passed April 19th. It was hard and terrible, even though we’d known since the day we brought him home 3 years ago that this was likely to happen eventually, and there is no reason that anyone should have to go through this because of tainted dog food.
    Fortunately, our other 2 dogs are doing well, and their foods haven’t been added to any of the recall lists. I’m also hoping that the prescription diet we had left over remains safe. I donated it to a local rescue after Rocky passed..

    So far though, the 2 brands we regularly feed are good.. Wellness brand (Old Mother Hubbard) White fish and Sweet potato and Avoderm Vegitarian (Breeder’s Choice), both dry foods… they are pretty good foods, neither contain any wheat, they do have some rice, but mostly they seem to use soy and barley as the main grains.. we had to base our food choice on our other pom, Pepe who has food allergies and can’t digest animal proteins very well, so is only allowed fish and veggies… (and what few brands are available here in Alaska…)

    I’m angry, but anger alone isn’t going to save our pets. Write your congress persons, your mayors, the city council, the president! write to every news source you can think of, post links to details in every email, blog, or web site you can think of. Get the word out and be annoying! :)

  9. Pam says:

    Deb & Amy — I know you’re probably just kidding around, and I certainly understand your anger and frustration, but please be careful. Lots of stores have surveillance cameras, so you could end up paying for items you damage or, even worse, get hit with criminal charges.

    On the topic of the ads on this site (this is not addressed to Deb & Amy), please give Itchmo a break. We’re here using this site and getting all sorts of wonderful information and support and not paying a penny. Just ignore the ads if you don’t like them, but don’t criticize Itchmo for doing what it takes to keep this great site available for all of us.

    Okay, now I’ll shut up. I’m pretty upset myself, because two of my human friends were diagnosed with cancer — one with bladder cancer yesterday and the other with kidney cancer today. I’m so angry I could spit and irrational as it may be, I blame Chinese melamine and cyanuric acid.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Yes, as odd as it may be, the ads (and donations) help to pay the bills for this site’s expenses. We do appreciate feedback on the ads as this is new to us and learning and we don’t have full control over what Google decides to show on the site. I don’t think anyone was criticizing us though.

  10. robin says:


    Thanks for providing the link.


    It was Menu’s CFO who dumped the stock, not the ceo as I had said. Little difference. It would be nice to see if others might have done the same, like who had stock in wife’s maiden name etc. It stinks.

  11. Amy says:

    Um yeah, Pam, was totally kidding… :)

  12. robin says:

    The list of all the foods that menu and am nut. is a very good idea. Then all of us need to provide it to friends and neighbors who are not following this as we are. And ask them to pass it on. Hit them in the pocket book, that they will understand. Included should be how Am nut. put the wrong ingredients in and the long laundry list of menu’s sins.

  13. Tammy says:

    Does anyone know why Purina’s Mighty Dog New “Select Menu” canned foods have not been recalled? They do contain wheat gluten.

  14. Krystal says:

    I just posted this at Pet Connection, but wanted to see what feedback I could get here, too:
    On Friday, I had bought a can of recalled Paws food at my local Wawa. I called Menu Foods, who confirmed for me that it was indeed a recalled can, since all date codes for that UPC were recalled (date code is 10/09, so its not on the recalled list). I called Wawa, made a consumer complaint, waited to hear back. (also left a message at my local FDA - this is last Friday, I have yet to hear back). After Wawa and I playing phone tag for a few days, I got to talk to some people today. I told the first Quality Control Supervisor that all dates on recalled UPCs were pulled, per Menu Food’s site. She checked the site, said she would talk to her manager. The new manager called me back, said he had gone through it with a Menu Foods rep (told me all the reps are doing is checking the website - so, in other words, Menu Foods’ reps really can’t help us other than looking at the same websites we can all see - isn’t that great?!). Anyway, what they came back with is that Menu Foods had later changed the stuff about recalling all date codes (they recalled everything, while they were trying to figure it out, I was told). Assured me my can, per the rep HE talked to and what they found on the website, was not recalled. Now I see this new recall…this date’s not included there, either. Date’s before and after my can are recalled, though.
    Questions: Anyone else noticed this discrepancy? If cross-contamination occurred for cans with expiration dates AFTER mine, wouldn’t that mean all the cans in between are cross-contaminated? Wawa assured me they were trying to stay on top of this - but why was I told my can was recalled, and Wawa told it wasn’t? If I call Menu Foods again, will it be recalled or not? I’m confused, and don’t know what I should do…Should I call Wawa again and point this new info out to them? Menu Foods? What does this mean in general? Don’t worry, it’s dog food and I only have cats, so it’s not like the food’s going to be eaten. I’m just worried because WAWA is a huge convenience chain here, and most of its customers for pet food are looking for emergency food or are elderly, so are probably not well-informed. Furthermore, I think the date codes in the middle issue needs to be addressed. Any thoughts?

  15. Gary Russell says:

    Unless I am mistaken some Iams wet cat food was originally on the recall list. Is this so? Please advise.

  16. krystal says:

    Yep, Iams was one of the first things recalled. Go to

  17. Deb says:

    Of course we are kidding…..I know where the cameras are.

    I am really sick of the store clerks, explaining lot numbers to me……sounds like corp smeal……reminder here…..I was in mfg’ing for my real career…..I do see the humor of a 17 year old retail clerk explaining this one to me…again I consider it this entertainment. I always ask some really stupid questions…….I love the answers they make up. The shame of it is……I have a real good working unstanding of lot and run numbers……but the people who don’t……just may believe this stuff.

    Look back at the last year….the spinach e-coli…..that was all over the news……still being talked about. I do understand people died from….so it is different. But the number of death for this wheat stuff…is mind blowing….and every day it is changing…’s in the human food chain….as consumers we have to question every thing. Personally I doubt the pet food products and the human food product coming in from China are different. The major media is treating this like the ‘red headed step child’ no one admits to. It’s sickening.

    Amy…..I am trully sorry about your cat… is a tough enough thing for you and you cat to go though (been there)….the cause for the condition makes it worse. I’ll think about you when I am at work tomorrow.

    I requested MSDS sheets on the IAMS product line . After all, the products are toxic. I doubt they will answer me…..I’ll keep on trying until they…..I’ll post the response.

    You know what is on our local news……Britney Spears in ‘concert’ . On a real good day I do not care about Ms Spears…..apparently the news station needed to take up air time tonight….I am going to tell them what I think about this one.

  18. Judy Boone says:

    I feed my ferals “9 Lives” wet when I called them and they assured me they are safe. I sure hope so- my two feral females could not be trapped and both just had babies (about three weeks ago) I also feed “nine lives” dry and meat scraps from my meals so far they seem absolutly fine My fifteen year old house diva is still on “FancyFeast” wet and “Purina Senior” dryand all the “Wiskas” treats she can con me out ofMy two dogs eat “Pedigree”wet and several kinds of”Purina ” dry foods I have called all of the above companies several times -each time they have said their food was OK I even received an e mail from “Purina ” stating this. I love my babies and pray they remain well and extend my sympathies to all the pet parents whose babies were sickened or went to “RainBow Bridge”
    Fort Worth

  19. Genny says:

    Amy - thanks so much. I’m afraid to trust any vet, at the moment, and I’ve been going to this vet for over 10 years. He suggested SD c/d and Purina UR ST/OX…first ingrediant was corn gluten meal and I know Purina One has corn gluten, also. I know I need to do some research but my eyes are so burnt-out from 36 hours of no sleep this w/e.

    Wendy - I don’t want a vet’s opinion. Look how many of them pushed their crap on patients who only got sicker. I trust the experiences of all you bloggers more right now. He did say the problem would most likely come back w/o a prescription diet. How did your cat take to the Flint River Ranch? Can you get that online or from vets only?

    Cathi - I left the vet in tears from his somewhat stubborn attitude about the SD and my poor, sick kitty. How did you get kitty to eat the Felidae? I’m so glad he is doing better and hope the trend continues.

    Thanks to all and still welcome others opinions and experiences.

  20. krystal says:

    Please check out my recent post:
    Krystal Says:
    May 3rd, 2007 at 12:19 am

    Given your background in manufacturing, can you tell me about these in-between dates, and the likelihood of contamination?

  21. DukenCC says:

    O ya about the package damaging, they are sometimes donated to shelters. Just read that somewhere??? My head is spinning from all this stuff I don’t know what I am reading or where I am reading it….
    Love to all on Rainbow Bridge and luck to us who aren’t!

  22. Helen says:

    Are they ever going to get around to testing the protein concentrate fed to honey bees? This could easily explain colony collapse disorder, which started during the same time frame as this crisis (November). We can’t GROW any crops without bees to pollinate. Colony collapse hit US, Europe, and Taiwan all at the same time.

  23. Claudia says:

    Hey everyone,

    Don’t know if you’ve read this article on Menu Foods, but it might provide some information for those seeking damages through lawsuits. It is a piece done by Maclean’s Magazine here in Canada (a reputable mag,). I just wish someone like 60 Minutes or Dateline would take this on.

    It’s entitled “Pet Food Scandal”

  24. Judy Boone says:


    Pedigree says all their food is safe I will forward the e mail they sent me. I have called them several times just checking- my two kids are still eating “Pedigree”wet and I try to be a good pet parent so I keep up to date with daily “ITCHMO” checks-I love my babies
    Judy Boone
    FT. Worth

    April 25, 2007

    Dear Valued Purina Consumer:

    Nothing is more important to Nestlé Purina PetCare Company than the health and well-being of the pets whose nutrition has been entrusted to Purina products by their owners. The loss of a pet or a pet’s illness due to pet food contamination is unacceptable to us, and a tragedy for those involved.

    We want to take this opportunity to provide you with some valuable information about the recent limited recall of two Purina products - ALPO® brand Prime Cuts wet dog food and Mighty Dog® brand pouch-packaged dog food - and the possible confusion surrounding wheat gluten as a safe and good ingredient used in pet foods.

    Nestlé Purina associates, most of whom are pet owners, feed Purina products. All of us are working diligently and with a total commitment to address and resolve this situation; to respond to concerns of consumers, customers and veterinarians; and to take the necessary actions to protect the health and well-being of the millions of dogs and cats who eat Purina foods.

    We want you to know that wheat gluten, in and of itself, is not the reason for the recent recall of ALPO Prime Cuts canned and Mighty Dog pouch products. According to the FDA, the recall was due to a contaminant, subsequently identified as melamine, which was found in specific lots of wheat gluten.

    Wheat gluten is a rich natural protein extracted from wheat or wheat flour. Purina has been using wheat gluten in its products for nearly twenty years without incident. In fact, the same quality wheat gluten that is used in pet food products is also used in human foods. Because we believe you might be concerned or get asked about the role of this ingredient as a result of the recall, please click here for a summary of the current facts surrounding this issue.

    On April 16, the FDA announced that a quantity of rice protein concentrate also was subject to melamine contamination. Purina does not use rice protein concentrate in any of its U.S. or Canadian products. We do know it as a commonly used pet food ingredient and normally another good source of protein when not inappropriately manipulated through contamination.

    We also want you to know that our already rigorous evaluation and food safety program for our raw materials has been reviewed and enhanced to now detect melamine. Despite the fact that melamine is a completely foreign substance to food and should not be found in wheat gluten, we are now testing every lot of wheat gluten received for the presence of this contaminant. Further, we are implementing additional technology to further screen our pet food ingredients.

    We encourage you to review “The Facts about Contamination and the Pet Food Recall,” and share it with those you feel may be interested in the information, in order to provide clearer information surrounding the recall, wheat gluten and its important role in the production of our pet foods.

    We pledge that Purina is doing everything possible to continue ensuring each ingredient that goes into our products is safe for pets. Please know that nothing is more important to us than protecting the health and wellbeing of the millions of dogs and cats who eat Purina pet foods. We continue to cooperate fully with the FDA during its ongoing investigation and rest assured, we will continue to take the appropriate actions necessary. This is a responsibility all Purina associates take very seriously.

    We are confident that consumers can continue to place their trust in Purina products.

    For more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.


    The Employees of Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

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    We take your privacy seriously. Read our privacy policy.
    Purina®, Office of Consumer Affairs 6T, 901 Chouteau, St. Louis, MO 63102.
    1-800-7PURINA (778-7462), Weekdays 9 am - 4 pm CT
    All trademarks and other intellectual property on this site are owned by
    Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.

    See what’s free at

  25. Cindy says:


    Make sure you are buying your chicken from an organic whole foods store where you can contact the source of their chickens and find out what the chickens are being fed!!!!!!
    Kadejan chicken is SAFE!!!!! If you can find a whole foods store that sells Kadejan Chickens. I spoke at length with them today–their chickens are fed grain grown in Minnesota, and gfed no animal by products of any kind.
    Also–Solid gold dry cat food seems to be safe–my cats are thriving on it.

  26. Rose says:

    My 12 year old dog eats Natural Balance Duck and Potatoe - no grains,
    I mix a bit of the can into the dry and as treats she gets the little carrots, which she is absolutely nuts about. Have to tell you, since she eats that, she has to go 3 to 4 times to the bathroom and her gas is real bad, but she is healthy. My son feeds his pups twice a day a home cooked meal:
    rice, potatoes, chicken, or beef or turkey and lots of veggies and they nibble all day on dry duck and potatoe, but they love the home cooking.
    We won’t take any chances after we lost 2 dogs of kidney failure between February and March of this year.
    Thank you Itchmo for your fast e-mails for every re-call.

  27. ~Martha~ says:

    You’re so welcome. Those rolls certainly get the dogs attention!
    It I find out anything else, I’ll let you know.

  28. ~Martha~ says:

    [time to call it a night!]

  29. ouizee47 says:

    I had just got my Shih Tzu puppy when she was barely 8 weeks old. I’ve had her for 2 weeks?? now I think, and when I first got her, I was afraid to give her any puppy chow, or wet food even. Sooo, I did a total no no and abruptly switched her over to food (human food) that I cooked for her myself..chicken (white meat no skin or bones etc), potatoes, carrots and some dry oats, and a little bit of the powdered milk (NOT mixed with water). Alas, she did just what I knew she would…got the runs really bad. Sooo, stopped at a feed store down the road from us and found Diamond brand puppy chow..tiny bites for tiny breeds. They have recalled their canned wet foods but NOT the far. They supposedly make it themselves rather than outsourcing it. I do hope that’s true…this little pup loves it…was able to chew it dry…whereas the stuff her breeder sent home with us she could not eat even after soaking in hot water awhile!

    Yes, it is scary..I’m afraid to buy rice for my hubby and I to eat…then again…ANY veggie or fruit you take chances with e coli etc. Pork may now have melamine in it, beef is chancey as it “could” be the cause of mad cow disease, and then chicken..well..shall we just say bird flu? :( There is nothing left in that case..oh and can’t drink the water or breathe the air due to pollutants! Sad world we live in these days.

  30. SaraL says:

    Folks, my eyes are gritty from crying and from reading all these posts for the past week into the wee hours. Today I lost my second dog out of five that were poisoned by the Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice . Alot of people have posted links and recipes on this site which I have been checking out to find a solution to my feeding dilemma and some look very promising. At present I am feeding homemade for my three remaining dogs and get large quantities of canned tuna, salmon, chicken and beef at Sam’s or Costco for my cats. Maybe Itchmo can group these links so everybody can research them for themselves. Also Dr. Pitcairn’s book is on my “to purchase tomorrow” list. The only way to make these companies responsible is to totally boycott ALL their products including M&M’s. Hurt them in their pocketbook. Making your own pet food is not hard just a litle time consuming so I make a couple of batches over a two or three day period, bag it and freeze it. What I am looking for is a good complete supplemental vitamin to add to their food. BTW, my vet bill to date stands at around $16,000.00 and it includes 2 necropsy’s perfomed and sending tissue samples of the livers and kidneys to be biopsied at a lab

  31. peopleandpets says:

    I feed Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish (dog has allergies but all 7 eat it) and a small amount of rolls every day. Have been for quite some time. Everyone is fine. I am sticking with them cuz…where ya gonna go? Dont tell they arent making darn sure everything is ok. I also live near the roll plant and have seen them made myself (at Natural Balance). We were taken on a tour.

  32. peopleandpets says:

    SaraL, sorry, I was writing when you posted.. So sorry for your loss. Did you send the vet information to Natural Balance?

  33. Wendy Reyn says:

    I feed California Natural lamb and Rice adult and top with Wysong meat and water only canned, or By Nature Organics Chicken and water canned.

    If anyone hears of anything, PLEASE let me know, I remember when going to a dog show was my biggest fear …. now it’s what they eat DAMN!

    It still floors me, the $%@! these people get away with.

  34. Genny says:

    SaraL - I am so terribly sorry for your loses. I wish I could do something to console you and the 1000’s of others but there really isn’t. I’ll tell of the advise or wisdome that my Dad gave me, a long time ago, after a devastating time in my life…..”no matter how bad things are now, something good will come from it.” It took a long time for me to understand what he meant but many years later I “got it”. We can only hope that all of our babies will not have died in vain. That restrictions, laws, lables, imports, fda and the government will hear our collective voices and things will change. My best to you.

  35. High Note says:

    I thought Menu Foods was just a canning place. They do not make the food or rice protein or wheat gluten. All of those things get shipped in to them. No one has bothered to put two and two together yet. The FDA went to the Emporia Plant again in Kansas and now Menu foods is recalling more pet food. Don’t you all think that it had something to do with what they found at the Emporia Plant? I am from Kansas and there is a meat place up there in Emporia. They also have a chicken package place up there. Cross Contamination could mean many things. It could mean the meat was contaminated before it even got there. We all might ask ourself where else the meat may go? Other plants? Maybe! Menu foods mixes all the ingredients and cans it. But where do they get all the ingredients? This is my worst fear!
    Everyone is saying that the dry is safe, but is it? Why is it in the chicken feed, hog feed, and animal milk and horse treats? I am so very angry now that I have read that they are not going to recall the chickens that are in our food chain. How dare they let us continue eating them! They do not know for sure what it will do to any of us. It has never been tested on humans or animals before. My dog was eating the tainted alpo. I took him to the vet and they said he was okay. I was very surprised. He has not been himself at all. I told them he would not eat. I wondered at first if it was because he had a change in food. I have given him several different kinds just trying to get him to eat. He would not eat the evo at all. dry or fresh. I tried others. nothing. I took him back to the vet because i felt there was something wrong. He will eat his treat in the morning but not eat in the evening. I changed and tried feeding him in the morning. that did not help. I mixed up chicken, rice, carrots. Nope i tried hamburger and rice, nope. He would eat like every three days and not that much then. the second time i took him to the vet. He was okay again. she said that there could be something else wrong with him and maybe cancer or something. I said well since he did not have a problem till this recall I do not think so. I tried mixing with macaronie, all sorts of things. He just would not eat it. I finally just gave him some a chicken breast and chicken livers. He ate it all. I thought well he just will not eat with the carbs.. and at this point I don’t care.. I just want to get something in his body.. He had only lost five pounds when i took him the second time to the vet. But I am sure he has lost more by now. WEll I thought I will just feed him the chicken and chicken liver again tonight. He would not eat it. He acts like he is so hot. He is panting but not that heavy. But it is only sixty degrees out there. I do not understand why he will not eat. He is walking okay. he is wagging his tail and getting up to be petted. Just acts hot. I do not know what to do now. I have been giving him vitamins from the vets and a calicum tablet. I also got some yogurt that was plain for his dijection, the vet said that would help.. nothing has. The vet also gave him a vitamin b shot and said maybe it would boost his appetite but it did not help either. Has anyone out there just had their dog act funny like this, like they are only hot and have a loss of appetite? I cannot afford any more vet bills at this point. He is a beautiful pure bred collie and looks like lassie. He is so very loving and sweet and I am having a nervous breakdown wanting him to eat. and do not know what to do to get him too. I really need the help. He has never ate dry at all and will not touch it. He does not like holistic food at all. I tried some organic and he would not touch it either. I do not have any thing left.. Do not know what to try to get him to eat. I have thrown away so much stuff with no success at all. Just that chicken and chicken livers that one night. and a little turkey that he would only eat if I had fed it to him and begged him to eat it. got any ideas? I sure could use them.

  36. Linda P. says:

    Sara L. -
    So sorry for your loss. I hope your remaining dogs do well. I know it is difficult deciding on a good food for your cats, but I would not suggest that you continue feeding the tuna, salmon, etc. that is “people” food for the long term. Cats have very specific nutritional needs, especially taurine, and do not do well on that canned people food for very long. Would not want you to have additional problems arising out of good intentions.

  37. Genny says:

    High Note - Has he ever eaten any kind of people food that he liked? Maybe you could make him some gravy and mix some kind of meat with it. Maybe he’s missing the gravy saucey stuff from the Alpo. Heck, what do I know. I have cats and they wouldn’t think of ever eating any people food, cooked or raw.

  38. Sylvia says:

    Pam says,
    “because two of my human friends were diagnosed with cancer — one with bladder cancer yesterday and the other with kidney cancer today. I’m so angry I could spit and irrational as it may be, I blame Chinese melamine and cyanuric acid.”

    My husband’s co-worker went into kidney failure last week. Had his last kidney removed. He had pre-existing disease but wouldn’t he then be most sensitive to these toxins? I did try contacting the FDA to see how that system they have in place to get notified about spikes in kidney disease would work. (The CDC is supposed to be reporting this to them.) Got nowhere there. Called the CDC, they know nothing about it and transfered me to the NIH. The lady there knew about it, but thought the CDC was in charge. I told her they had sent me to her. So she gave me a number for the National Kidney Foundation. I called and got a message machine. Took a break at this point and forgot about that whole issue until now. I also thought of calling local dialysis centers to see if they know to report new human cases.
    Do you get the feeling we are on a big, ship of fools? As in the Titanic?

  39. Sandy says:

    This is crazy ..I have written WELLNESS…AKA Old Mother Hubbard a few times….they reply with…call us or leave your phone number…all I asked was do you ..or have you…used AN as a source for your rice protein…they will NOT commit….BACK IT GOES

    I called Natural Balance because lets face it…they have had a few recalls…and cross contamination came to my mind..I had questioned their venison treats in this site and in email well before they recalled it…I called caused I get the run around in email and get some lame ass punk…who sez about the Fish dog food and Duck…THISIS A QUOTE ” It’s pretty safe” Uhhhh pretty safe isnt good enough and he would not..didn’t know on AN

    I suspect both of these companies…Its odd their websites last I looked did not mention AN

    ITCHMO ADMIN …THANKS I am glad YOU knew I was not putting you down when I mentioned the ads..I know you are busy and can’t be reading all of them…..and thought it might/could be a concern if you didn’t see them and their claims

  40. Krystal says:

    Excerpt from my post on Pet Connection:
    I’m confused about the changes. So I called Menu Foods (again…into the lion’s den).. My UPC code was affected before, I’m sure of it. After all, I called last Friday. (Was told it was definately a recalled can - today, the store that I bought it from called Menu Foods, confirmed my date was NOT a recalled can). Tonight, I gave them the UPC code only (no date) and now suddenly, that UPC code is clear. I went to the website. Per the site, my date is clear, but the UPC is not. Call back, get the same guy. He starts asking my ?s about my dog (I don’t have one). Maybe I screwed up, but I just want an answer.So I tell him, it doesn’t matter how old my dog is, is this can recalled or not? He goes, well, we need your dog’s age. I say, I don’t have a dog. Is it recalled or not? He shut up pretty fast and said he would pass my info on to Menu Foods. HOW CAN THE MENU FOODS CUSTOMER SERVICE TELL ME A RECALLED UPC ON THEIR WEBSITE IS NOT RECALLED! He wasn’t showing it recalled - but I had the page right in front of me!! OH my God, what are they telling people! I wonder if anyone else were to call with a recalled UPC (not even mentioning date code) would get the same line!

  41. Myrtle Pfister says:

    This whole thing is just a mess..and I do not think it will be over any time soon, sad to say. I did feed the Nutro pouches to my cats as well as the Nutro canned 3 oz ones..they miss it…I had recalled batches, but thankfully my cats did not die…they did show signs of kidney problems but the lab work came back ok , except for 2 of my 4 cats came back with Hypothyroid ….which is rare in cats….usually it is hyperthyroid. They have been losing weight…and drinking more water…I had an ultrasound on one and she has a mildly enlarged spleen…who knows it will be watched. I stopped using any Nutro can products now…I do have some dry Complete Care and some of the hairball dry and some of the roast chicken food….I am researching dry foods now…I am afraid the Nutro dry will get recalled next..I took back any Natural Balance I had ,any flavor..I had come to the point…as some of you have…no more foods from Menu foods for me or American Nutrition. I had used the Spa Select hairball dry and the small cans of Spa Select.I returned all of that. I had some Sophisicat stuff in the cans that had not been recalled…but I took them not want any of Menu foods stuff..
    I bought the Felidae dry both the platinum and the one for cats and kittens..these girls do not like it..However, I tried some canned Felidae they loved…I have also begun with the Merrick foods…I ordered a sample packet of food from HealthyPetNet and they all love it…sort of pricey for the regular bags…but they love it and it is safe…not on recalled list…they have an impressive website.. .I will order it…and I also have a small trial bag of Artimis for them to try I got at a health food store…
    Anyway, these are some things I have tried…just to pass it along..

    Thanks Itchmo for keeping us informed…you are my rock in this crisis with all the pet foods….Your work is so appreciated…Myrtle Pfister

  42. Julia, Pet Chef says:

    I don’t know how universe allows CEO of Menu to sell his stock pending waiting till its too late to svae lives to annnounce recall. This man should be forcefed melamine and nothing else. no water for him. what a sicko. animals are better than humans. their nature is more respectable and gentle. it does not seem natural for the Menu CEO to forget he should look out for th integrity of his product. he does not care about other pople nor animals. they very wealth that makes him fat, yachts, planes, vacations, wealth, wealth wealth. i hope he is miserable and i am sure he is. a real tyrant and a real scumbag. probably a bbig baby and no backbone whatsoever. i wish i wish he goes to jail and gets fed that crap, with me;lamine in it. what a horrible way to casue damage to others. I prepare pet meals and tapas, using a ll natural finest freshest flavorful meats in Upper East Side, NYC. I cook for many cats and prepare soem raw meals too. cats are best suited to a healthy raw diet. no chemicals. All natural. Free range chicken, quail, hen, rabbit, turkey, liver, gizzards, thus natures best meal for kitty. gives him calcium, protien, amino acids, fresh live stuff - what kitty needs. thanks be to Our Glorious Father God for these precious fur babies. may they rest in peace. never allow big business to reign again. don’t buy. get some chicken, get a grinder, go. or coo it if you must and separate it from the bones if you cook it, at least kitty won’t be eating commercual poison, that you pay for. what a mind cluster, making each amercn feed their kitty posion. i am madd.

  43. Genny says:

    Myrtle - just throwing this in the mix. I’m hypothyroid and we should not use any soy products as it blocks thyroid hormones used in the body. who knows what junk is in cat food and if soy does the same in cats.

  44. Julia, Pet Chef says:

    I prepare pet meals and tapas, using a ll natural finest freshest flavorful meats in Upper East Side, NYC. I cook for many cats and prepare soem raw meals too. cats are best suited to a healthy raw diet. no chemicals. All natural. Free range chicken, quail, hen, rabbit, turkey, liver, gizzards, thus natures best meal for kitty. gives him calcium, protien, amino acids, fresh live stuff - what kitty needs. thanks be to Our Glorious Father God for these precious fur babies. may they rest in peace. never allow big business to reign again. don’t buy. get some chicken, get a grinder, go. or cook it if you must and separate it from the bones if you cook it, at least kitty won’t be eating commercial food, from companies that have not been forthcoming about ingredients.

  45. WOLFIN says:






    WOLFIN )O(

  46. Genny says:

    Sandy - I emailed Old Mother Hubbard asking who manufactures their dry cat food. Pretty much got the same response:

    Thank you for taking the time to call us regarding the recent pet food
    recall. To better answers your questions we ask that you call us at
    800-225-0904 and reference the number at the bottom of this email.

    We look forward to speaking with you.

    Thanks again for contacting us.

    Nicole Bibeau
    Consumer Affairs

    I emailed back that I only asked ONE question and I couldn’t call. Still no response.

    Melamine enemas for all of them.

  47. Sylvia says:

    Your question on the possible relationship to colony collapse is really interesting. I forwarded it to the president of the West Sound Beekeepers’ Association here in WA state. He is very nice and answered a question I had once before, so I’ll post somewhere here if I hear anything back.
    AND I gave him a link to Itchmo. What a super site this is! I have a very hard time reading of the suffering and am so sorry for what so many are going through. I have lost 2 dogs to cancer, (lymphosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma in the past 10 years. And the little terrier I have now had mast cell cancer 2.5 years ago. His health is up and down anyway, but I THINK his foods are O.K. Mostly he eats a frozen raw buffalo food and some California Natural Health Bars. (Rice and lamb.) For what it is worth, the raw food seems helpful with his health.
    Praying for you and trying be an activist for food safety!

  48. Tiff says:


    Where did you find the food samples on that site? All I saw was an advertisement for Healthy Pet Veterinary Hospitals?

  49. Tiff says:

    Never mind. I figured it out. It’s


  50. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know which Menu Foods plant makes Life’s Abundance? Their “field reps” are driving many of us crazy. These salespeople are posting ad nauseum on mailing lists repeatedly saying Life’s Abundance is the best, and implying that your pet will be safe and healthy if it eats Life’s Abundance, but you might pay big vet bills if you don’t buy the stuff. When asked how they could promote a product manufactured by Menu Foods, they are remarkably silent and just go back to repeating that Life’s Abundance hasn’t been recalled.

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