Toxin Sent to Human Food Makers

The Boston Globe is reporting that the tainted wheat gluten containing the toxin melamine has been sent to plants that make human food.

The vast majority went to pet food manufacturers and distributors, according to the FDA. But some of the processing plants that remain under FDA scrutiny make both human and pet food.

Now we know the reason behind the FDA’s steadfast comments about being unable to rule out human contamination. The contaminated wheat gluten was shipped to the US from Nov. 3, 2006 to Jan. 23. What’s the shelf life of this stuff? We find it highly unlikely that this stuff just sat on the shelves for months and was not converted into food.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    As I am eating a sandwich with bread that has wheat gluten in it:(

  2. spocko says:

    You know another thing that I want the media to pay attention to? Who is speaking for the sick and dead pets?

    They are quoting the “experts” from the FDA (who were slow to move) the people from the pet food manufacturers and a few individuals vets.

    Someone needs to speak for all 3,000 plus dead.

    You will notice that the spokespeople are all are trying to cover their asses in one way or another.

    The righteous anger of a pet owner who has lost their beloved pet can be focused on the groups that were slow or covered up.

    We need Gina, Steve, Itchmo or someone from Howl911 to speak for them.

    I nominate Steve or Itchmo.

    And maybe that person can remind the press it’s not 14, 15 or 16 dead. It’s THOUSANDS.

  3. Mike says:


    Pet Food Contaminant Not in Human Food
    April 3, 2007 3:26 PM ET


    All Associated Press NewsWASHINGTON (AP) - None of the contaminated wheat gluten that led to the U.S. recall of pet food went to manufacturers of food for humans, the ingredient’s importer said Tuesday.

    The Chinese wheat gluten imported by ChemNutra Inc. all went to companies that make pet foods, Stephen Miller, chief executive officer of the Las Vegas company, told The Associated Press.

    Miller declined to identify what companies ChemNutra supplied. Nearly 100 brands of cat and dog foods made with the ingredient, since found to be chemically contaminated, have been recalled.

    The recalled pet food apparently has resulted in kidney failure in animals across the country. The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed 15 pet deaths, and anecdotal reports suggest hundreds of cats and dogs may have died.

    FDA testing of the wheat gluten has revealed it was contaminated with melamine, a chemical with a variety of industrial uses, including the manufacture of plastic kitchenware. As late as Monday, FDA officials had said they were uncertain if the contaminated ingredient had been used in any foods destined for human consumption.

    Last week, the FDA blocked wheat gluten imports from the Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. in Wangdien, China, saying it was the source of the contaminated product. The agency had refused to identify who had imported the ingredient, used as a protein source.

    “Obviously, if this ingredient was responsible, it’s just very upsetting,” Miller told AP.

  4. 4lgdfriend says:
    ” I think it is highly possible we have not yet found all the contaminents.

    I was just now trying to decipher, using the FDA tutorial guide, the codes the FDA has in the #99- 26 Alert, which importers use to identify substances by code, there are three:

    product codes
    02F [ ] [ ] 08
    02E [ ] [ ] 06
    71M [ ] [ ] 01

    The numbers and letters stand for five things, Industry, Class, Subclass, Process Indication Code, and Product. So by looking at the first number, we see 02, 02, and 71, which is milled grains, milled grains, and Byproducts for Animal foods, respectively.

    So 2 of the codes are for food grade (human consumption) wheat gluten, E and F, but the third one is for Industry number 71, Byproducts, class M, which is not found in Byproducts Indusry 71. What is “M?” The FDA has also left blank spaces in the code numbers for these three batches of material it is searching for, there is supposed to be a series of 5 letters and numbers, and there is only 3, with 2 blank spaces left in the middle, which would help pinpoint more specifically.

    This is extremely suspicious behavior on the part of the FDA, based on what I have read in Susan Hu’s diary from yesterday on the FDA’s drop in product inspections. I believe they may know more about the wheat gluten’s whereabouts than they are currently admitting to publically. And now let me speculate that indeed this gluten MIGHT be in the human food chain, and the FDA does not want to set off a stampede of paniced consumers.”

  5. ANITA GRACE says:




  6. Lori Barr says:

    please send us any info on the petfood or human food recall.THANKS!

  7. Barbara Gardner says:

    In the beginning, when they were saying they did not think the contaminated gluten had made it to the human food chain…you could bet your boots then…that it had…nor will they tell us for sure till someone dies, and they can no longer deny it. I am feeding my dog foods without Wheat Gluten…Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul…Hopefully it is safe. distributed by: Diamond Pet Foods

  8. Jo says:

    The Chicken Soup Foods are what I am feeding. The Alpo Prime Slices was the end of my SharPei who had surgery for an intestional problem that had enver happened in any of my dogs since I started breeding in 1999. This little girl was for therapy and the little boy I kept was for a service dog as I ahve severe panic attacks. They are my meds, my dogs and my 6 year old Yorkie has to be carried and stores frown on her being carried tho she has a vest and is totally legal. I had switched to Purina Puppy Chow in the blue bag for a a change, the New Improved Formula and her one intestine went into the other. She had surgery and was improving, but I thought by giving her the Alpo, she would do good and get her wieght back up. I am leary of the dry food by Purina as she had the symptoms of the poisoning, surgery, did well, ate Alpo Prime Slices which Purina has not recalled, but is stamped the same, exact same numbers as that they did recall. My little Male Pei did not liike the new food and wouldn’t eat it and my adult male, well he ate adult food. I had 4 dogs, all that had different food needs only due to age and the one who ate the Dry Puppy Chow in the Blue bag, isn’t alive any longer. I have ahd many pups from the same Parents and never had any health issues> Figure this one out??? I am VERY concerned as why would a company buy large quantities of an ingredient and pick specific foods to put it in?? I feel the issue has just begun. I should have never made the switch, but our area is so very limited on finding many foods and when I was unable to get the Chicken Soup, I used Purina. At the time she got sick, I looked at the food and wondered, then thought I was over re-acting, then the Alpo Prime which I had used in the past, felt grainy and smellled unusual, but put that feeling aside as well. But, 11 days of a 7 month old pup being so very sick and Pei are a strong breed and I was so exhausted as I also work for a Vet Clinic answering phones while they are out doing large animal work and taking the calls of “My dog is doing this and feeling unwell” for quite some time now, these calls were raising my awareness of what is wrong with this picture? I even was checking around the Clinic to make sure nothing was being handled wrong and proper sterilization in such in place, etc and even if the vaccines and meds were up to date. Dogs and Cats that I knew for a fact were being very well cared for and even above and beyond just basics, ones that had regular teeth cleanings and check-ups and lived very comfortable and loving ifestyles. Not just street dogs who nobody cared about, but very well loved members of families that knew no type of hardship, were getting sick and being admitted for strange unknown illness and the same stories of just not up to par….Now theya re only saying moist, but maybe the dry just takes longer and many of our Clients feed moist to their smaller or are compromised by age, health reasons of some sort, or as even just a special meal. So, I am just not sure this thing is even close to be investigated closely enough, nor will it ever be. The table scrap dogs and cats seem to be the main ones who are doing just fine. So, when people call and ask me what to feed, I am only saying since I don’t know exactly for certain, avoid wheat gluten as it seems to hold the ingredient we know is a danger at this time and not give an exact product. I really don’t know what else to say or do for the number of callers who are as scared or devastated as I am. We are 150 miles from a City so our choices are very slim and we do live in an area that the animals are either very well taken care of or totally on their own for survival. Our animal laws consist of having 3 dogs/cats per household and no leash law. If they ahve current rabies vaccine and a City Tag, they can run the streets. Unless they pose a hazard and get in trouble with the Law, then the local Police Officer picks them up and takes them to a pound 25 miles away and fines the owners. Our situation is quite a problem as many don’t even realise their is a recall. We are cattle country and unless it concerns cattle or our Oil, we don’t hear anything. I actually ahd to email and I am sure a few others did as well, 3 of our local 150 mile away news stations to ask them to please get the word out!! That was upsetting as not everyone has the internet, or access to info. I can also say, working in the Clinic, I never heard from any official about letting pet owners know their was ever a problem. This total thing disturbs me in so many ways, I am very frustrated as well as the grief of losing my baby Pei who I was with from the minute she was born, I mean the minute she showed her little head and with her mama, cleaned her and watched her take her first breath! That does not mean I am any more grief stricken that all of you, I am right there not knowing what to make of this, except when I am not in a panic, I am praying the proble has been truly located, put to a stop and that the remaining 3 dogs, my furkids and then my human children who are in college where I cannot read their labels any longer are safe. I am so very sorry for all of your losses and will try and use the job I ahve to get word out and do whatever I am able to do to help with this. Not much power I hold, but will try and see what I actually can do. I am just so at loss at what I really can do. But, talk I can do and will talk til I am blue in the face and never let this thing just go away. I am not just hurt, I am very very mad that they Country who made this so called ingredient cares very little about their people, much less about their animals and yet someone trusted them to make our pets safe???? Sorry for the spelling errors, just having a hard day and didn’t really feel like correcting myself. Pei Mom who has close as you can get in 2007 to foundation stock of a breed that their country China, tried to wipe out during the famine and they were sent to the USA. Mine still have the special numbers and letters of the foundation stock! Doesn’t mean I hurt anymore than the rest of you, but the history tells the story of how this country is about anything that can take a breath in their country and needs fed. Yes, lets just buy more poison for our food supply from them! Not meant to offend anyone, just my 2 cents…Peimom
    P.S. I am not a big breeder, very small who bred for therapy and only 1 male and 2 females for breeders. Just for the record

  9. Julee Anna Patten-Pozulp says:

    Does the government think we are stupid?? They expect us to believe their explanations and propaganda? They have known the truth from the start, and have taken their time to try and cover their asses!!! The truth
    is out there - and we deserve to know the details!! What a surprise
    that most people tend to be suspicious of the government !!!!

  10. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Has anyone ever thought of terrorists at the root of all of this? China is obviously communist and the US lets anyone in that shows up at our port of entry. I wonder if the wheat gluten was intended for human food, but by nothing short of a miracle, it went into pet food instead??? This is totally devastating to so many loving pet owners. I have just returned from the vet where my 3 kitties were consuming more water and urinating more. They were fed only Iams dry food. The blood tests had values that were high, yet still in normal range for 2 of my 3 kitties. I am thankful for an alert today from a friend on the Iams dry food. I dropped everything at my office and ran straight to my vets office. I lost a pet 3 years ago and it was devastating for months. My friend just lost her dog 3 weeks ago and fed it Ol Roy treats. I am so very sad for all the pet owners out there who have lost their loved ones. Corporate America needs to get to the bottom of this—NOW!!

  11. Elaine Vigneault says:

    I received a call from my grocery telling me some foods I purchased had been recalled because of contaminated wheat gluten. But there is no news about this on the manufacturer’s website, the FDA’s website, the grocery’s website. I emailed the manufacturer and no response. We’d all like to know what’s really going on.

  12. Jody says:

    Well, after the recall info came out, I thought, “Holy shit”, because I’d gotten extremely ill in mid March, very suddenly, thought I was going to die. Extreme pain in my abdomin. Went on for about three weeks. My doctor thought I had giardia or then divirticulitis, but I had neither turns out. Well, I lived. I still suspect I ate something that made me ill. After the pet recall came out and the contaminant was identified as wheat gluten, I immediately thought ‘bet it got into the human food chain and that’s what made me so sick.” I still think that.

  13. Ron says:

    Boston Globe reporting human food contaminated? Well, no wonder. I was just waiting for the real truth to come out. Out pets are sick and dying…panic…but just imagine if human food contamination…poisoning came finally into the news.

    I wonder what the symptoms in humans would be? Kidneys? Stomach? I have been sick on and off since Jan. 07. I am never sick like this.

    And I do love Boston Market’s frozen turkey dinner with (((GRAVY))))…and the meatloaf gravy too. I like gravy.


    Both of my cats have been affected…kidney disease. On subcutaneous fluids every day. And one began bleeding from the urinary tract…big time. And I know it was from contaminated food…and I did not feed them much of the recalled brands. I fed them more recalled foods BEFORE Jan. 07. The recall began in March 07, and we all know NOW that the food was found to be contaminated as far back as Nov. 06! And who knows how further back than Nov., 06???

  14. Michael Polidori says:

    Regarding the pet deaths; Possible genetic manipulation of the chinese wheat in the first poisoning or our pets… If true, the implication would have rice causing the poisoning the same way…

    This information would have to be forced out of the FDA which will do anything to protect genetically modified foods, even if they are hurting us… (run search using the terms eosinophilia myalgia syndrome tryptophan) …
    One web site out of 10,000 hits …

    Web page for article on a possible genetic engineering link to pet deaths

    Aminopterin is sometimes used as a “marker gene” to allow scientists a quick way to determine if a gene package has been accepted by an altered organism (plant or animal). Sometimes it is a gene for anti-biotic resistance. However, since European scientists have shown that this antibiotic resistance can be transferred to bacteria in the gut of bees who feed on gene altered crops’ flowers, that may have changed.

    Aminopterin is a poison commonly used against rats and should never be used as a marker gene in any plant or animal used as food. Can a poison be produced inside a plant or animal by changing it’s genes? Yes, of course. That is how the toxic pesticide BT is now in some of our food crops (mainly in the US and Canada). This poison expresses itself in every part of the plant from the leaves to the roots to the fruit. We have also altered plants to be immune to certain herbicides, to produce pharmaceutical grade contraceptives and to grow factory enzymes …
    ALL of these genetic manipulations cause known AND unknown changes in the plants.

    The FDA and the USDA have decided not to regulate these organisms, merely appearing to regulate them with a series of forms that does not prevent gene altered food crops from appearing on our grocery shelves, UNLABELED (even though soe of these plants have been tricked into producing an EPA registered pesticide in every part of the plant) and never tested by the FDA/USDA or objective third parties.

    The FDA and the USDA consider these altered organisms (GMO, genetically modified organisms) “substantially equivalent” to natural plants and animals (in spite of the FDA scientific advisors recommending further study for possible harmful long term effects). These modified life forms contain genes from bacteria, virus, fish, other plants and animals, and humans. Yes, you have eaten some, but you don’t know when or where or in what processed foods these un-natural organisms are in. You should be afraid, unless you can afford to eat nothing but organic foods.

    If aminopterin began to be produced by gene altered wheat or rice there would be no way to catch it before it hit the market and started having some dramatic widespread harmful effects, such as the pet deaths, and someone was able to make the connection and someone else willing to report it, someone willing to spend money to prove it and then the FDA willing to act on it. If you are just made mildly sick by intended and/or unintended changes in our food then you would be treated for the symptoms without anyone looking into your potatoes and corn for possible causative substances.

    We had a genetic contamination of Taco Bell taco shells a few years ago… How did we find out about it? Not the industry that profited off of it, not the government agencies responsible for our food safety. Greenpeace. And the industry and the government fought the findings at first. A huge recall of corn products ensued while the company responsible tried to backdoor the approval for human consumption of this corn through the FDA and the USDA

    More information can be found at

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