Breed Of Double-Nosed Dogs Found

XinguThis dog must have an amazing ability to sniff out anything and everything.

A rare breed of dog that has two noses, the Double-Nosed Andean tiger hound, was found in a Bolivian jungle by Colonel John Blashford-Snell.

This explorer from the UK first discovered this unique breed of dog in 2005 when he was carrying out an expedition in Ojaki. His first encounter with a double-nosed Andean tiger hound was Bella. He was armed with photographic evidence to convince veterinarians in the UK of the dog’s existence.

Now, two years later, during a second exploration of the area, Blashford-Snell has come across, Xingu, Bella’s double-nosed son. A team of vets accompanied him to study this breed of rare dogs.

Tests done on Xingu (pictured here) proved that his second nose was not a deformation, but he is actually a specific breed of double-nosed dog.

Xingu had just produced a litter of puppies with a female dog that has one nose. Two of their puppies have double noses, and the other two puppies have one nose.

Blashford-Snell said that it may be likely that this double-nosed Andean tiger hound came from a breed with double noses that is known as Pachon Navarro in Spain. This breed was used as hunting dogs at the time of the Conquistadors.

He added that some of these dogs were probably taken to South America and they continued to breed. He said that this double-nosed dog can be used to sniff out mines or narcotics because of their incredible sense of smell.

Blashford-Snell said that Xingu is “not a terribly handsome dog” but he is very intelligent and has a keen sense of smell. Xingu loves salty biscuits, and he enjoys playing with his best friend, a wild pig called Gregory. The two of them rule the roost in their village.

Sightings of these double-nosed dogs have been made before, but when the explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett told people in the UK in 1913 what he had seen nobody believed him and laughed at him.

Source: BBC News

7 Responses to “Breed Of Double-Nosed Dogs Found”

  1. mittens says:

    double the nose, double the crotch sniffing? no thanks….

  2. Fred says:

    Looks like a cleft palate to me. One nostril on each side.

  3. Nancy G. says:

    The article says it is not a deformation. Sure is weird looking, though. Another longer article says other dogs don’t seem to like him much; his best friend is a village pig.

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    He is different but still cute. I love them all.

  5. nora says:

    I think he is cute too! The other dogs don’t like him much? Poor little Xingu. I hope somone loves him enough to make up for that.

  6. Auntbarbiedoll says:

    I think he is cute with two noses,,,,,my cat would love him sniffing her behind,,,,he would be great when ya wanted him chase off other dogs that come into the yard,,,,hehe. Remember all creatures are made for a reason and we should LOVE them all no matter how they look,,,,,(and we should with humans also).

  7. Tammy says:

    There is a breed with the same split nose called the Catalburun,or Turkish Pointer.It also has an excellent sense of smell.

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