Breeder Claims Purina Dog Food Caused Her Dogs’ Deaths

BeebleProfessional dog breeder Julie has been waging an one woman war against Nestle Purina for the past year.

This Kentucky woman blames the pet food company for the recent and puzzling deaths of her three dogs, two Bichon Frise and a Labrador Retriever.

Julie says that she even has evidence that proves Purina’s pet food products may be the reason for at least one of her dog’s death.

It all started last July when her 12-year-old Labrador Retriever, Stryker, died of liver complications. Julie said that Stryker was a healthy dog and suddenly his liver just shut down.

A month later, Beeble (pictured here), a Bichon Frise puppy, died unexpectedly. She was perfectly healthy, but then she started drinking water excessively, was vomiting and was lethargic.

Julie took her puppy to the veterinarian, and he put her on antibiotics. Beeble had a seizure later that night and had a hard time breathing. She was weak and couldn’t hold up her head. The veterinarian put the Bichon Frise on IV’s and checked her for canine flu because she had some nasal discharge. She died four days after she started IV treatments.

Two months after Beeble’s death, another one of Julie’s dogs died. Kayla, an eight-year-old Bichon Frise, was a healthy dog who participated in pet therapy. She suddenly began drinking water excessively. At first, Julie thought it may have been diabetes, but Kayla tested negative.

Now, Julie is on the mission of trying to find out why her three pets mysteriously died. She says that she may never know why Stryker died because she didn’t do an autopsy because at first, she thought it was old age.

But, she is determined to find out why Beeble and Kayla died. She doesn’t want anyone else to go through the same pain that she has been going through.

Julie didn’t test if there were toxins in the Purina dog food because her dog’s deaths occurred before all of the massive food recalls this year.

“It didn’t dawn on me to save the food so I could have it tested,” Julie said. “And Purina told me to throw the food away.”

Julie did have autopsies performed on Beeble and Kayla at the University of Tennessee’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Knoxville.

Pathologists at the University of Tennessee discovered problems with Beeble’s liver that were “consistent with exposure to a hepatotoxin such as aflatoxin.”

Beeble’s veterinarian, Dr. Douglas Mickey, said that the aflatoxins could have come from Beeble’s dry dog food.

“Aflatoxins are known to be found in moldy grains, like corn that would be in dog food,” he said. “If you’re asking me if there’s a possible connection between the pet food and Beeble’s death, the answer is: you can’t rule that out.”

Aflatoxins were not responsible for Kayla’s death, Dr. Mickey said.

Kayla’s autopsy report showed that she had “multiple organ mineralization,” which Dr. Mickey said was likely caused by an adrenal problem.

“But (the pathologists) couldn’t pinpoint on the autopsy what caused the mineralization of all those organs,” Dr. Mickey said. “It would be consistent with adrenal or kidney problems, but her adrenal glands and kidneys were fine. Kayla’s death has puzzled everyone who has looked at it.”

Amidst the results from Kayla’s autopsy report, Julie is still convinced that Purina dog food led to Kayla’s death.

During the past two weeks, Nestle Purina’s insurance company has requested copies of her dogs’ medical records and autopsy reports.

Julie said when the company called, they told her that her dogs’ deaths had nothing to do with the pet food recalls because her dogs died before when they happened. She also added that Purina downplayed her concerns when she first contacted the company last fall.

She said representatives kept on assuring her that there were never any adverse effects from their food. The company sent her letters of condolences with samples of their pet food. This made Julie even more frustrated because she didn’t want Purina’s food. To her, that was why her pets died in the first place.

Julie said the only reason that Purina just recently contacted her is because they have realized that there is something wrong with their food.

A spokesman for Purina said the company is simply following up with Julie and this demonstrates Purina’s commitment to their customers.

“We’ve been in contact with this consumer since last September and since we’ve worked with her that long, we like to follow up on the process,” said spokesman Keith Schopp. “We would want to gather the appropriate documents and any other records that we could look at and then take the appropriate action. As part of our standard operating procedure,” he added, “we would initiate a claim and investigate a matter further if a consumer requested compensation above product replacement.”

Schopp said he hasn’t seen Beeble’s autopsy reports which showed that she was exposed to aflatoxins. He answered that there are no aflatoxins in their US products. He said that the company’s veterinarians will look at the autopsy report and talk to Julie’s vets.

The spokesman also added that there is no connection between Julie’s concerns and the concerns from other breeders in regards to their Newfoundlands and their reproductive issues.

Julie continues to fight the battle. She said she contacted Purina because she didn’t want any other pets to die and pet owners to suffer the emotional loss. She doesn’t want money. She wants the company to test their food and apologize for her dogs’ deaths.


37 Responses to “Breeder Claims Purina Dog Food Caused Her Dogs’ Deaths”

  1. Roberto P. says:

    Very interesting article in I find that quote from Mr. Schopp very interesting.

    “But there are no aflatoxins in our products in the United States,” he said.
    Does that mean there are aflatoxins in their product in other countries?

    I am convinced this company killed my cat. I have a couple of cans of Elegant Medley free samples and I am saving up to have them tested. This company insulted my wife and I, the vet, and Cornell University. I hope that no one does business with them again.

  2. Pukanuba says:

    Yet more reason to suspect that there was a problem long before the recalls. This is why we’ll never know the true count of animals that were sickened or died. And this is all thanks to the dedication of suits at commercial pf companies to boost profit & their already bloated salaries/bonuses at the expense of their innocent consumers……with a lot of help from those in bed with them, those at the FDA/USDA who are supposed to be protecting US not THEM.

    Another story to make all of us even angrier at these monsters.

    Losing profit…….can’t sleep at night? Good!

  3. E. Hamilton says:

    Purina has a problem that they have KNOWN about for a long time and if they claim that they had NO idea then Purina is LYING. Flat out lying and it seems to be company POLICY to insult and deny while they keep on killing or sickening pets.

    I feel Julie’s pain and a lot of us, like Julie, want an apology. The pet food industry owes us a lot of apologies.

  4. Ruth says:

    Lets see: the Lab died in July 2006, the second dog died in Aug. And the third in October. And all Purina told this lady was throw away the food. Why didn’t Purina say lets get the food tested? Hmmmm……do you suppose they already knew??

    This time-line is consistent with other stories I have read on here and PetConnection of pets getting sick in 2006. As early as last summer and into the fall and winter. Something was wrong with pet food then as it is now and still continues.

    What Purina didn’t expect was that Julie would have done autopsies on her pets. Now Purina want to investigate her reports and yet at the same time
    spokesman Keith Schopp says there is no aflatoxins in their US products. Does that mean that maybe there was some on their exported products?

    And still a mystery autopsy on the last pet of what killed it, the mineralization of all those organs. Maybe some other toxin that we don’t know about?

    What a sad story, I am sorry for your loss of your pets, Julie.

  5. Heather says:

    “Professional breeder” = puppy mill.

    Just so you know.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No. Puppy mills don’t bother with extensive vet care. Puppy mills kill and dispose of their own. Puppy mills are of the mindset that a few deaths don’t matter because there are always more dogs to take the dead ones places.

  7. mittens says:

    the shutting down of the liver is not something associated with the pet food recall-which involved renal failure, it appears, primarily. purina holds a fairly large market share-more liver failure should have been seen if it was the food. it’s inconsistant with the other poisonings. it does not fit. it does fit with toxins from mold grains-which had occured in pet food-but not in the purina brand- before the major recall. but it’s distinctive and seperate from the later recalls.

    such liver shut down can also be caused by poison-like the sweetener xylitol which could easily cause complete liver shut down in a healthy animal.

    in her other case the animal’s kidney’s were fine- also inconsistant with the illnesses associated with the recall-wherein healthy animals were launched into complete renal failure.

    i dont think anyone in a position to say from a basis in scientific fact rather than emotion and outrage can say the deaths of her dogs were caused by the food.

    and again we’re at the same problem- exactly what was the poison and exactly what was it in? without those answers no one will have a compelling case that could withstand a court of law. we need the scientific proof. we need answers. accusations are just not enough.and the truth is the companies such as purina are just as much to blame in all this despite the relatively few recalls they issued. they are responsible to provide answers and to prove their products really are safe. im not saying they arent wrong-all im saying is we need more science if this is never to happen again.

    don’s case is more compelling and credible.( credible meaning not that she’s untruthful but that he has more science and documentation behind his accusations).

  8. 5CatMom says:

    In the March Pet Food Recall, the FDA limited it’s investigation to melamine and cyanuric acid.

    The findings of other toxins such as aminopterin and acetaminophen have been dismissed by the FDA.

    Julie’s story is important beause it adds to the growing body of anecdotal evidence that pet food is contaminated with other toxins. Folks at Doggy Bling have also reported many problems with Purina food.

    While it would be helpful to have lab reports on all suspect food, ancedotal evidence is important.

    Remember, it ain’t exactly science, but it brought down BIG TOBACCO.

    Julie, very sorry for your loss.

  9. Ruth says:

    Aflatoxin can cause the liver to shut down.

    Diamond Pet food in 2005 and 2006 had Aflatoxin in the dry food. What makes anyone think that maybe, just maybe it wasn’t in the Purina too.

    “Pathologists at the University of Tennessee discovered problems with Beeble’s liver that were “consistent with exposure to a hepatotoxin such as aflatoxin.”

    Mittens: you need to read her story again. How much proof does she need that her pet didn’t die from Aflatoxin poisoning.

    In all the testing done by the FDA I never heard that they had tested for these kinds of toxins since most had to do with renal failure. What about the other pet owners who pets may have died from liver failure. Like my pet for instance. We were just left up in the air not knowing what other toxins may have been involved. Until ExperTox discovered the acetaminophen which can also cause liver failure.

    So many questions and no answers.

  10. Don Earl says:

    I’ve been having enough trouble trying to get decent media coverage on some of this stuff that I decided to take a shot at doing it myself, as usual, at my own expense.

    The above is completely separate from my action for damages against Menu and Kroger.

    While I appreciate Julie’s position that it’s not about money, the bottom line is that as far as the pet food companies are concerned, that is THE ONLY THING IT IS ABOUT.

    My first choice would be to have my cat back, happy and healthy, as she was before the pet food companies poisoned her. My second choice would be to see all the bad guys go to prison. The first isn’t possible and the second isn’t going to happen. That leaves money. As long as these companies worship at the idol of money, the only option available is to make it unprofitable for them to murder our companion animals.

    Meaning no disrespect to Julie, but if you aren’t ready, willing and able to go at these scumbags head on, and straight for the throat, you can kiss any chance at change goodbye. It is worse than useless to appeal to the better nature of those who don’t have a better nature to appeal to in the first place.

    So, I have one suit going against Menu and Kroger. That’s for me and Chuckles. It is for money. It is intended to go for the bottom line those I oppose hold dear.

    The one against the FDA to force a credible investigation is for all of us. It’s one honey of a big bite for one guy to try tearing off by himself. Of the three copies I had to serve, one of them was to Bush’s sidekick, US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. It sure would be nice to get a bit of support beyond, “Go get ‘em Don, you da man.”. While I appreciate and understand the spirit behind such sentiments, what is needed is more people willing to jump in swinging, and less cheering from the sidelines.

    The mindset that, “Someone should do something.”, is a formula for failure. You are all “someone” and no matter how great or small your contribution, there is ALWAYS something YOU can do to help make a difference.

    I’m doing everything I can. It’s an absolute mystery to me why that would make me larger than life in some circles. I’m a pretty average person who most days would prefer to peacefully go about my private affairs without bothering, or being bothered by, anyone. Evil men brought this fight to my doorstep, and to yours. Why would any moral person fail to act under such circumstances?

    Short term, it would be really nice to get a few organizations behind the effort. The Humane Society, veterinary outfits, rescue groups, whatever. A bit of letter writing to say, “We support this thing and believe you should too.”, would be a big help.

    Click my name and read the petition for mandamus I’ve posted on my site. If you don’t agree with my view this is something that needs to be done, I respect your opinion and wish you well. If you do, however, agree with my position, I need your voice to shout with.

    Doing the army of one, sole voice of opposition thing on this round will probably mean I’m going to get stomped flat. If that happens you may as well buy a shovel and start digging a hole in the backyard for your own pets. That will be all you have to look forward to if this fails.

    I won’t appologize if any of the above has shocked you from your slumber, but I will say will all sincerity that I regret that I believe it is necessary. I hope you may forgive me for doing so. I don’t need money and I don’t need a pat on the back. I need people to stand with me and fight. I won’t attempt to appeal to your better nature, you may not have one. I will instead say that you are in harm’s way and have a stake in a better tomorrow by doing something today. The history of those of us who lost cherished pets will be your future if you fail to act.

  11. Ruth says:

    “Schopp said he hasn’t seen Beeble’s autopsy reports which showed that
    she was exposed to aflatoxins. He answered that there are no aflatoxins in their US products. Read this story about other country exposure to toxins.

    But Purina had Aflatoxins in their product in Feb.2005 in Venezuela. 8.7 tons of it. Wonder what they did with all this recalled food?

    According to the story Purina had the food tested but did not give the public or scientists the test results.

    Maybe, they were informed long after this story came out. Hmmm…. what are the chances of that??

    Another question: What has the PF companies done with all the recalled food? Feed it to farm animals? Is this what is called the dilution factor….human food at the end of the chain?

  12. E. Hamilton says:

    Don, I post copies of your flyer AND hand out copies of the writ of Mandamus to everyone I can and it _IS_ making a difference, people are shocked and appalled that the media is not covering this issue.
    The clear proof of a cover up is undermining the pet food industry, the lying media, the lying FDA and the need for a HUGE political change.

    Profits are down for a lot of those companies involved, the profits must go lower. The lawsuits on an individual basis must be filed in more states.

    Each and every one of us can do something today, this very day, to get the news out. Post a flyer, call into a radio talk show, write a letter, file an FCC complaint and an overlooked very important thing, go talk to folks who are NOT on the net. There are a lot of people who STILL do not know what killed and sickened their pets, we must find them.

    Don, I know it feels lonely but you are NOT alone.

  13. E. Hamilton says:

    If your local politician is not being of service to you? You know, the job you PAY them to do? Then elections are coming up and there IS someone else running against that useless politician, that person would be happy to hear from you.

    When someone has to test pet food privately because the FDA is not doing the job and SUE to try and force the FDA to do the job THAT RIGHT THERE IS NEWS! The FDA is a hot topic and any TV station that is NOT covering this news is subject to an FCC complaint. If that TV station has ignored your pleas for coverage of the pet food recall then you can file TWO complaints.

    Many news stories online that mention the FDA or food safety or the recalls have comments sections, so comment. You have something that needs to be said. Needs to be heard.

  14. Thel Josenhans says:

    Purina cat & dog food , you know , dam well , what was in the food , I lost a Eskimo Minture Spitze , I lost three cats , all …….. liver failure, kidney shut down, & now , about to lose a nother cat, The vets , kept saying food allergy , or any think , they could think of . My German Shepard back legs would give out , swelled in the stomach , chewing fur off Her leg , till bloody , the vet wanted to send Her for operation on Her hind leg , @ $3.000 …….. my son , said put Her in a brace, banage , changed Her food to home cooking , took 6 months , she has inproved , walks , runs , no brace, leg , Her chewed leg is healing. I hope Julia , can get them , where it hurts…… there money. NEVER AGAIN >>> PURINA

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  16. Gary says:

    My mother’s dog, Abigail, died from Purina’s tainted food in December 2006. Up until last November, my mom’s dog was fine, but then started getting sick. She used to eat her food with no problems, but began refusing to eat. Originally, she was physically fit with no ailments. Upon experiencing an odd behavior from her dog, my mother brought the dog to the Vet. There were extensive tests done on her. The vet found she had an enlarged heart & developed a cancerous tumor in her stomach. Very odd for a Pedigree dog, with a family line of canines that were completely healthy. When Abigail died, I told my mom to get an autopsy on the dog. This mind you was before the pet food recalls happened. My mom was too distraught to go after Purina. So as for the “No aflatoxins in their food” is definitely a huge line of crap. Fess up plain and simple.

  17. shelia says:

    I have a 4 months old yellow lab. puppy. I was feeding her Iams puppy. I switch her over to Purina Puppy. I have feed her one 40 lb. bag and half of another. The last 2 days she has had the diarrhea and been vomiting up her dog food from the day before. I haven’t feed her since the morning of her first day of the diarrhea started. I feed her nothing but dog food. It make me wonder if it is the dog food.

  18. another reason I'll never feed Purina again. says:

    January 31, 2001- NOT FIT FOR A DOG

    Chuck Schroeder, CEO of the National Cattlemen’s
    Beef Association issued this press release last last night:

    “Reports today from the FDA indicate there were very
    small amounts of meat-and-bone meal detected in cattle
    feed supplements produced by a Purina feed mill in Texas
    last week. Purina Mills announced that it is voluntarily
    purchasing all 1,222 of the animals held in Texas and the
    animals will not enter the food chain.

    Purina Mills issued their own press release, They
    revealed that over one million pounds of possibly infected
    meat will be processed and sold for “non-human” uses.
    In other words, cats and dogs of America may be
    eating something that will one day cause a wasting
    type of encephalitis in their brains.

    The entire Texas Mad Cow Disease scare was an
    orchestrated event. Mad Cow Disease is difficult to diagnose.
    Scientists and regulators know that there is a long
    incubation period. No way animals will test positive for mad
    cow disease one week after eating tainted meat.

    Ralston Purina will not sell the fattened cattle for human consumption. What happened to last week’s cattle.
    Last months? Is this food on your supermarket’s shelf?

    One wonders how long Ralston Purina has been serving
    up rendered British beef to American cattle. What did you
    eat at last year’s July 4th barbecue? - Robert Cohen


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    […] month, we posted a story about a breeder who has been in an ongoing battle with Nestle Purina. She claims Purina dog food caused the death of at least one of her […]

  20. Nancy says:

    Our Dog “Missey” died on Sept. 2 from the Alpo prime cuts and gravy. I spoke with the C.E.O. of Purina, (only because he thought I was the electrican to remodel his lake home!)
    He tossed me aside so fast you would have thought the phone was on fire. The man did not give a damn about my familys pet dying a horrible death due to their product.
    I guess his LAKE HOME is much more important than the death of a companion (especially to someone like me who is disabled).
    Underlings from his office as well as Sedgwick Mgt. corp. call and dont understand what the loss of my dog meant to my family. They act as if it were not their fault!!! Who do we blame, China? They imported the ingredients from China withouth testing them on lab rats. My heart aches, and no one at Purina (now Nestle/Purina) gives a damn. Well, I give a damn, my family gives a damn, and all I know is is that God will greet these greedy corporates with all our dead animals and send them where they belong! Thanks for listening. I guess our dog will die in vain, and at the hands of greedy corporate money changers.
    It is a very sad world, and a sad America when “Made in America” is rarely stamped on any product. Shame on your Purina, Shame on you!!!

  21. Sue says:

    I am posting to all sites I encounter to help others hoping to find out why their pet is sick while eating Purina Cat Chow as late as December 20th, 2007 - because I would have appreciated finding more information faster. My cat is (knock-on-wood) better, and it would be easy to move onto other things, but pet owners need to know that Purina Cat Chow is the worst food on the market – do not believe the marketing hype about Purina Cat Chow!

    My indoor cat became noticeably lethargic and bloated after five years eating Purina Cat Chow (dry). He got horrifically ill 20 days ago - after eating from a fresh bag of Purina Cat Chow. 4-5 days later he was finally hungry so I purchased another fresh bag of Purina Cat Chow – and he was again violently ill. After three more days he was finally hungry again. Terrified of Purina Cat Chow, I did a lot of research into pet food before taking action. Now, after five days on small amounts of (human) canned chicken and Professional Brand (dry) he is bouncing around like a playful kitten the past two days. Water intake is still very low, and residual concerns exist. I now realize he had been sick for two years thanks to Purina Cat Chow. I poisoned him by feeding Purina Cat Chow and didn’t even realize it.

    I complained to the Purina Cat Chow company with bar code numbers, etc., and was told it is not their Purina Cat Chow and to see my vet. I believe the illness has been cumulative with perhaps a spike in some toxin recently. They offered coupons for more Purina Cat Chow. To say that I feel betrayed by their marketing hype is an understatement. Deepest sympathies to all pet owners who have lost their companions.

  22. Jo says:

    I too lost a dog BEFORE the announcement was made. But, Purina says the Purina Prime Slices is different than the Prime Cuts…but the same numbers are on the Prime Slices can. I still have 2 cans with the numbers and yes I have been contacted by the Claims Company, but of course from reading…it seems I got the same form letter with only the pet name changed.
    I have been letting it just sit and stare at it. I work for Vet and he was skeptical and since my breed is a SharPei, even more so as the World seem to think they have more problems than they do. This pup was born into my hands, I still have her brother and her Father and her Mother is with a friend so the only difference is, she ate the food. The others wouldn’t touch it and since Purina waited so ,long to announce their problem, she was fed this in her recovery. So I feel like I hand fed her poison.
    The Clinic I work for is only open 2.5 days for Vet Care and I work 3 days taking appointments and checking in Patients or whatever needs to be done.
    Now I don’t quite know how to ask the Vet to commit to a Statement that the food is what killed my baby. It was quite slick how Purina let all the attention turn to Menu and all the stories are about Menu and they had a part in this as well. It just from being at work that by the time Purina talked, the pets weere all dead and buried.
    I keep records on my own dogs. I know exactly when they get anything…yes I am a bit OCD when it comes to my animals, but they mean so much to me and I like to know what may be the culprit if something unusual comes up. I couldn’t understand when this happened when she came from a good bloodline with nothing in their genetics to warrant a very unexpected illness and then death.
    I would be very very broke if nnot for working for the Vet. He does Cattle Processing at a Livestock Auction so I have the Clinic alone for the 3 days I work weekly.
    Why has Purina not made headlines like Menu? This is so political it sickens me.

  23. newmamawof1 says:

    I recently had a problem with my dogs throwing up and being very weak. I am also a dog breeder, not a puppy mill. I only have 8 dogs that I breed. I only feed my adults Purina Dog Chow, or I did until they all started getting sick. I will not feed mine that again. I have three brand new bags that I am throwing away. There are alot of sights on here where Purina is making dogs sick and in alot of cases, killing them.

  24. Lynn says:

    I am a foster Mom for a kitten rescue group. I was feeding my cats Nutro dry food and they were throwing up all over the place. So I went to and was surprised how many complaints there were about Nutro products killing their animals. I threw all the Nutro away and just fed them Eukanuba. They stopped throwing up. After awhile I thought I would throw in a little variety and bought them purina dry food. Their reaction to the Purina was the same a Nutro. I ended throwing all that away as well. I went back to consumer affairs and there are plenty of complaints still going on about Purina Products. I wish I could make a food that my kids would eat. I have two cats now that are very sick. I also had a cat die when I was feeding them Nutro. The vets did not know what was wrong with her and I can not honestly say it was the Nutro, but I will not touch that product again.

  25. Jackie says:

    Haven, my 7 year old healthy mutt died this morning after 3 days of watery, bloody diarrhea. The Vet thought she had an intestinal infection, gave her two shots of anti-biotics and oral antibiotics for home follow-up. I fed her Purina Dog Chow for about 4 weeks prior to her death. She had become bloated, had gas and drank more than usual just prior to her rapid demise. The Vet was shocked that she died from this “intestinal infection”. I know that Haven died from me feeding her Purina Dog Chow. I am starting my search tomorrow to find a place to test the food. Haven has left behind a two and a four year old that will miss here dearly, not to mention me. I am outraged and absolutely sickened that this has happened. I killed my dog with a product that states that it is “healthy” and promotes a “long life” for my dog.

  26. Maggie says:

    Well folks…I am the newest complainer. Last weekend my little poodle got very ill. She started throwing up at 7 pm Friday night and kept on all night long. By six am she could hardly walk. I rushed her to the vet and of course she was dehydrated and had elevated levals in liver enzymes. I almost lost her. Thank heavens for the great vets that were taking care of her and her strong spirit. She came home on Monday afternoon. Very tired but was doing much better. The vet sent home some special food and said for her to eat this for a couple of days and then she could go on to her normal food. They did lots of testing and could not find out what was the cause of it..and figured it was something she ate. Well last night I started her on her regurlar food…but only an 1/8 of a cup..wanted to ease her into it slowly. Well guess what..within 30 minutes she was throwing up again and it went on all night. I believe it is the food. She has been on this brand for 6 months and no problems…I just got a new bag just before she got sick…interesting…I phoned the store and that was a joke..said we will refund the money and have the food tested…lol Will do it but doubt I will get a response
    I am going to take it a step further and I am going to start a letter to hopefully be passed around the world…I will not stand by and let them get away with this.
    I will never buy another purina product again.
    Hang in there everyone and don’t give up the fight

  27. mike says:

    i was feeding my cat purina complete cat food cause it was one not on recall lists he died in sept suddenly,it took a few days to find it,but it looked to have food in its mouth.its hard to train a cat but that one was my i had to put my dog down with renel failure after feeding it the left over cat food cause i ran out of dog food. wow two animals in two months feels like the words crying

  28. Kelli Richard says:

    My four month old pet jack russell puppy died suddenly November 26, 2008. She was eating purina puppy chow. We called purina at the beginning of Nov 2008 to let them know that we had found mold in multiple bags of food. Their response was to offer us the price of one large bag of food. I took my puppy in for an autopsy and the cause of death was determined to be from mold. She had multiple organ failure and had hemoragged throughout her body. The sight of my poor baby gutted like a fish is something that I will never forget. Yes I watched, because I wanted to know exactly what kind of pain and suffering my treasured pup endured before her brave death. I have notified purina of my vet’s findings and have had no response. If anyone is planning a lawsuit I would like to be included on the list, as I have more bullmastiff pups who are showing signs that they may be sick as well.

  29. Kelli Richard says:

    When I mentioned the moldy food at Walmart, the people working there said “Not Again”

  30. Kelli Richard says:

    My four month old jack russell pup died Nov 26. 2008. I notified purina of moldy food at the begin

  31. Kelli Richard says:

    Don’t let this happen again!!!!!!

  32. S says: this shows how long the dog food companies have known that there was every possibility that their dog foods were contaminated and did nothing and told no one! How sad that our FDA and Homeland Security is so lacking in interest in protecting us that they allow imported goods (and you will notice that the owner of the american company that was buying the imports from china is also from there, just married to an american here in las vegas) to come into this country untested and with no accountability!

    This is what America gets for selling out production and farming to over seas countries and thinking that they don’t hate America enough to tainted whatever they think they can get away with and send it back to us!

    Our farmers should have never been paid off to quit farming certain grains here in America because it was cheaper to buy it from overseas and the land could be used for “other” industries. What a shame America has brought upon herself for being so greedy and wanting more bang for their bucks and selling out to cheap labor overseas……hence the old saying…..YA GET WHAT YA PAY FOR!!!!

  33. Theory Madison says:

    My healthy dog ate Purina dog food; never ate it before; she died.” Rays Ipsa loquitor” = the thing speaks for itself.

  34. Stacy Ledford says:

    My dog sam is dying the vet has diagnosed her with liver failure and kidney failure. Her kidneys have completely shut down she doesn’t urinate but only a few drops of amber colored urine. She is being put down today. She was on Purina weight control food and suddenly her weight dramatically dropped and she developed symptoms.

  35. Kim Lawson says:

    My 8 mouth old Westie was a very healty dog. She started eating puppy chow by purina and got very ill. I took her to the vet. and they said something to do with the kidneys. Well they stated her on fluids and then put her in ICU for a few days. I brought her home and she died that night. The vets. were very puzzled that a puppy that age could have kidney probloms. IT HAD TO BE THE FOOD SHE WAS EATING!!!!!!!!LETS GET SOMETING DONE ABOT THIS KNOW!!!!!

  36. Amy Clark says:

    My Bichon Frise died 24 hours ago. I believe she was in acute kidney failure, she died very quickly. I am so devestated. I am going to try to find a place to have the Purina Dog Chow tested. If I have to dig her up to get an autopsy, I will. I am in complete shock

  37. C.J. DITARANTO says:

    My two rottie’s died on 10/11/2009 the same day hours apart.They were each fed different types of purina dog food.The male was fed purina moist and meaty and the female was fed purina one and now i have two dead dogs? is this some sort of coincidence or is this a corperate cover up again? Let’s not forget this is a billon dollar buisness and so what if a couple dogs die? both dogs had the same symptoms their urine had a very strong odor and they both were very weak but consumed a lot of water prior to passing.My rottie’s were in seperate locations and never had contact with each other? My bet is pointing at the dog food or is their a dog flu going around that we don’t know?

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