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Take Your Dog to Work DayThis year, Bring Your Dog to Work Day is on Friday, June 22. Can you imagine how great your work day would be if you could bring Spot to work everyday? Unfortunately, most companies do not allow employees to bring their pets with them to work. Thanks to and, we were able to find some Seattle-area companies that welcome our furry friends with open arms. So if bringing your pet to work is the most important priority for you in a job, then pass your resume along to one of these companies. Shh… Don’t tell your boss that it’s our fault.

A list of dog friendly companies after the jump.

List of Dog Friendly Companies in Seattle Area (in no particular order):


1) The online mega-uber store (you got to love their great deals!)
CEO Jeffrey Bezos supposedly threatened to reject a new office space if the lease didn’t allow dogs.

2) Frontier GeoSciences: Research and analytical lab specializing in characterization of trace metals in the environment
They have a very friendly work environment- pets, children, music, casual are all encouraged (you can save so much money on care by having your kids and dogs at work with you!).

3) Owen Media: High tech marketing firm
Some of the fellow office mates include a Basset hound and a Great Dane.

4) Parker LePla: Marketing firm
You may be hit with a squeaky toy here.

5) Online legal community

6) Sasquatch Books: Publisher of books for and from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and California

7) Tom Bihn: Designs and manufactures laptop cases, bags, and briefcases
Susan, an itchmo reader, sent us info about this dog friendly company because her daughter works there and says that Tom Bihn brings his dog, Riley, to work everyday.

8) All The Best Pet Care: Pet retail store

9) Zaaz: Communications consulting firm
Dog bowls and beds are scattered around the office.


1) The Delta Society: Non-profit that unites people with disabilities and patients in health care facilities with professionally trained animals to help improve their health


1) The Grange: Animal supply store

2) Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic: Vet Clinic
There is even a greeter and nurse dog named Cassie who plays with the pups, cleans their ears and makes the older dogs feel more comfortable.


1) McMurry and Swift: Real estate firm
One dog even carries the mail and the Wall Street Journal.


1) REI: Outdoor adventure retail store
There is even a doggie daycare (called Camp Stuart) at REI headquarters. Everyday, there are about 30 dogs that play together while their parents work.

If you know of other dog friendly companies or work for one, please let us know. Here’s to pets joining the rat race!

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