Bull Charges Veterinarian

One Angus bull was not a fan of his medical treatment.

This 1800 pound bull was being treated for worms by his veterinarian. After the vet was done, the bull charged the vet, knocked him to the floor of the barn, and then used his head to pummel the vet.

The vet had just finished the procedure and released the bull to a holding pen when he was distracted by a phone call. When he turned to take the call, the bull doubled back and slammed into him from behind.

After the bull threw the vet out the door, he pushed the helpless man 16 feet down the sidewalk.

The bull then ran across a nearby highway and headed toward a pasture area. Police helped round up the renegade bull and loaded him onto a trailer.

The vet suffered cuts and bruises but didn’t require any medical treatment. He said that if the bull had horns, he wouldn’t be here.

Never turn your back on a bull.

Source: Yahoo News

2 Responses to “Bull Charges Veterinarian”

  1. Lynne says:

    As Sean Connery’s character Malone says in The Untouchables, “Here endeth the lesson”.

  2. kaefamily says:

    Good bull! No more bull fighting!

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