Bulldog Club Of America’s National Show Now In Spokane, Washington

As a bestselling dog writer and humorist, I would very much like to know how it is that the Bulldog Club of America could hold their National Show in My Town and I don’t even know about it until halfway through the event when the local newspaper announces that Liberty Soft Tail Huntress won best female dog in the open class.

I just may have to get myself down there and meet some dogs. Any Itchmo readers in Spokane this week for the festivities? Feel free to write me a hello.


One Response to “Bulldog Club Of America’s National Show Now In Spokane, Washington”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    I understand your frustration about non notification and non information about local Doggie Events that I very much want to see and would be there with money in my pocket and a supportive attitude! Here in Des Moines, IA I have missed several Events that happen only once or twice a year and then have to wait a whole year to see them! Or, as your local paper does, our local Register and Tribune will mention for instance the Dock Dogs Jumping Competition on the third and final day of the event and I rush there to see some of the finals. VERY FRUSTRATING!

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