Bulldog Puppy Stolen From Boarding Facility


Ava, a four-month-old miniature English bulldog, has been dognapped, and her owners want her back.

Stephanie Martin and Ashley Messier dropped off Ava for boarding at the American Animal Care Center. When they came to pick her up, they were told that they had already picked up their dog. The couple said no, they hadn’t. 45 minutes later, the veterinary hospital told them that their Ava was gone.

Two days after this San Francisco couple dropped off their dog at the facility, a man posed as Messier went to pick up Ava. The man asked for Ava, charged a bag of food on Messier’s prepaid account, and walked out the door with the dog. The man did not produce any identification or offer any kind of payment. A surveillance tape captured an image of the man, and the Fremont Police are investigating. At this point, there are no leads in the case.

Meanwhile, the couple are distraught and have even put their wedding on hold. Ava was supposed to be the ring bearer in their wedding. Messier has spent every day looking for her, and he says that he has almost spent $800 in gas and fliers searching for their beloved dog. The couple is offering a $1,000 reward for finding Ava.

From San Jose Mercury News:

Jeffrey Smith, president of the California Veterinary Medical Association, said such thefts are very rare.

In fact, “I’ve never heard of anything like that happening,” he said. More likely, someone will pose as an employee from another vet hospital and ask to borrow powerful drugs, he said.

The American Animal Care Center has offered to give the couple the “value of the dog”, but the couple says that their dog is irreplaceable.

Messier said that he decided on the facility because according to its Web site, “nobody takes better care of your pet than us!”

3 Responses to “Bulldog Puppy Stolen From Boarding Facility”

  1. JH says:

    It doesn’t matter how “rare” it is, the facility was downright irresponsible in not checking i.d. This is a lawsuit begging to happen. I really can’t even imagine the anguish these owners must be going through. Terrible.

  2. Katie says:

    JH, I totally agree.


  3. Peter Connaught says:

    I hope this has a happy ending, but I do agree, it seems irresponsible to release a pet to anyone other than the owners, without thoroughly checking the circumstances.

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