Bulletproof Vests For Reno Police Dogs

K-9 dogThe city of Reno, Nevada has been approved for a $10,500 grant to purchase bulletproof vests for their K-9 dogs. Although the Reno Police Department has not had a K-9 dog die in the line of duty, they want to be proactive and address the potential of a service dog’s injury or death. Their staff report says that: “unfortunately, violent crimes have increased over the years, and criminals do not hesitate to harm officers or police service dogs.”

Bulletproof vests for dogs can cost up to $2,000. The custom fit vests provide a wide range of protection, are comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and can be worn for an entire shift without limiting the dogs’ performance in various activities.

One Response to “Bulletproof Vests For Reno Police Dogs”

  1. Captn' Carl says:

    This cost is totally justified. Police dogs go where their handlers tell them to go without hesitation. Would you? These dogs are in harms way, just like their handlers and never balk at doing their jobs

    Police Officers are now wearing body armor (A far cry from when I was a cop), and are somewhat protected. Why would their partner’s not be equally protected?

    Please support this issue. In the final analysis, it is your life they are saving.

    Why not give the protection the well deserve.

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