Bunny And Chicken Video: Chickens Breaking Up A Fight

6 Responses to “Bunny And Chicken Video: Chickens Breaking Up A Fight”

  1. Lynne says:

    That is funny! I can just hear the chickens at the end:

    “All right then….”

  2. Nancy G. says:

    Amazing! Chickens are a lot smarter than people think. I used to have a pet one, as did my mother and mother in law. Guess the bunnies now know where on “the pecking order” they stand!

  3. kaefamily says:

    We NEED those chickens in our yard to break up fights between our two mutts!

  4. RoonieRoo says:

    That was just weird. Cool but really weird.

  5. kathy says:

    Guess they showed those bunnies!! I have seen dogs that would break up kitty disputes, but none of my chickens ever did anything like that…..Even though my chickens weren’t exactly pets, they were egg layers and garden tenders, I loved them every one. And spoiled them rotten. They coexisted quite peacefully with the goat, ducks, geese, bunnies, dogs, pig, mule, cats, and whoever else happened to be in the barnyard. I sure miss those days.

  6. Joanne says:

    Love it!!! Bunnies appeared to be in shock! Amazingly smart, peace-loving chickens. :)

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