California Family Able To Keep Pet Sheep Despite Her Odor

SheepPepper, the sheep, can stay with her family despite complaints from their neighbors about her smell, a city council ruled.

The Angelmans have had 250 pound Pepper as a pet in their backyard for the past six years. They adopted and raised her from when she was born to save her from a slaughterhouse. But in the past couple of years, neighbors in the area have complained about a strong odor coming from the Angelmans’ property.

A neighbor, Jason Wentz, described the smell as a mix of alfalfa, sheep, urine, and feces. Wentz said he never wanted to make it a neighborhood issue, but because of this situation they have now became the villains of the community.

Due to the complaints, the Dixon City Council told the family that they had to remove Pepper from their property because of the unpleasant odor. The Angelmans appealed the decision.

Pepper’s family said they have eliminated the smell their sheep gives off by spending thousands of dollars on peppermint-scented cleaner and air fresheners. They also have moved Pepper’s pen.

After a year long battle, council members said the Angelmans have done everything they could to decrease the intensity of the odor and be good neighbors. However, the council recommended to them not to buy another sheep once Pepper passes away.

“I think we need to do whatever we need to make it stay, but please don’t get another sheep,” said Vice Mayor Michael Smith.

The city council approved a conditional use permit. Such a permit is normally granted for a defined period of time. In this case, the conditional use permit applies to the duration of Pepper’s natural life.

The Angelmans are extremely happy that this situation is finally over and that Pepper can stay with them. It has been a long and emotional process for all of them. They said if they had lost their beloved sheep, it would be like losing a member of the family.

Source: Vallejo Times Herald

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