California Law To Protect Pets From Domestic Violence

Warning: This news video may disturb some readers.

More and more states are enacting laws to protect pets from domestic violence, including Connecticut, Illinois, and now California. Pets will be included in restraining orders in domestic abuse cases.

5 Responses to “California Law To Protect Pets From Domestic Violence”

  1. Jenny Bark says:

    This is great. People in California I bet you feel good about this one. Hope the other states wake up.

  2. Sharon says:

    Women’s shelters need to take in women and children with their pets. Women stay in domestic violence situations because there is no one to take care of their pets. They know that they will be the ones to take the brunt of the violence if left alone with the abuser.

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    Any human who kills a pet in this way should be shot to death on sight by the police just like they shoot “Mad dogs”. Thank you law makers in California for an intelligent and long overdue decision.

  4. KAEfamily says:

    I don’t doubt that these abusers must have maimed many pets when they were children themselves.

  5. Denise Tate says:


    We have a next door neighbor who is baiting and trapping animals, such as cats and small dogs. I have over heard things for the
    past 3 years that pertained to the fact that they did not like cats. However, if a animal is an expensive breed they trap it
    and give it to their mother or in-law. One night in March, I was awaken by a cryng and yepping dog being beaten by a young kid.
    They did not bother to get up to see what all the noise was, it happened at 1:38 am, in the early morning hours. It sounds
    funny to me I started to think about the other things I have heard going on next door. One of the things that I have heard
    and I have heard it alot is the woman’s tone of voice, it sounds to me as only being abusive. Her voice carries even with our
    doors and windows closed.

    We have an excellent animal control here in Irvine. Our animal center is very good for not putting animals down, they make an
    effert to find homes for the animals that are not wanted. If there is a cat problem within our communities the animal control
    will come out and make an effert to resolve it. Our neighbors seem to not want to work with our community services and I am
    again suspicious to their motives in not wanting to call the police.

    What are the laws when it comes to trapping our domestic animals. I have found out that one of the cats that was on a posted flyer
    had been neutored, had it’s shots, had been micro chipped, and had a collar with contact information of the owner. It was also a Bengal, that is the cat I heard the neighbors talking about catching it for their grandmother.

    When this happens I do believe that this is against the law, it is stealing.


    Denise Tate

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