California’s Spay And Neuter Bill Has Been Shelved

The controversy over Assembly Bill 1634 has been put on hold, for now. The statewide mandatory spay and neuter bill has been shelved after receiving a not so welcome reception from the Senate Committee.

Assemblyman Lloyd Levine decided to not pursue the vote on his bill after it was clear that the Senate would not accept his last ditch effort to amend the bill. He tried to amend the bill last minute by saying that he would be willing to remove the statewide mandate from the amendment. Members of the Senate Committee agreed that his amendments on the fly were not acceptable.

Levine said that he would revive the bill next year.

“I think we can get to a solution,” Levine said. “But the first thing opponents must do is to acknowledge that there’s a problem and work with me to solve it.”

Source: Sacramento Bee

5 Responses to “California’s Spay And Neuter Bill Has Been Shelved”

  1. stephie says:

    instead of wasting all that money with a stupid bill like this, why the hell don’t they just pay people to have their pets spayed & neutered!!!! financial incentive works every time!!

  2. mittens says:

    why don’t they just demand the neutering and spaying of a vast majority of humans….problem solved.

  3. Kevin says:

    I listened to the hearing this morning and the supporters had nothing but boo hoo stories to tell while the opposition blasted them with the truth and the facts. This whole thing with AB 1634 has been nothing but a waste of time and taxpayers money. In addition, the Senate did not sound very pleased with Levine.

    I hope this jerk will now go away.

    You can hear the audio of today’s hearing at

  4. Moonbeam says:

    That was funny mittens. Lets neuter the people who are stupid enough to breed defective animals.

  5. vida says:

    Wonderful news, so glad this didn’t get shoved through.

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