Campaign Launched To Convince Major Sports Leagues To Crackdown On Dog Fighting Among Athletes


Best Friends Animal Society has launched a campaign called “It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel.” With the campaign, Best Friends hopes to convince major league sports figures to crack down on dog fighting among professional athletes.

The organization calls on the sports leagues to address dog fighting by taking the following action steps:

  • Announce no tolerance policies that condemn dog fighting as a cruel, illegal activity that will not be tolerated
  • Aggressively investigate allegations of participation in dog fighting by athletes
  • Educate athletes about the illegality and cruelty of dog fighting
  • Establish public service campaigns that inform the public about dog fighting and how harmful it can be to communities

From Best Friends Animal Society:

Julie Castle, director of community programs and services for Best Friends Animal Society said, “Because professional athletes and entertainment personalities are held in such high esteem by young people, we hope that the NFL and other sports leagues will encourage their athletes to speak out against dog fighting,” Castle said. “By doing so, they will let the youth of America know that the sports heroes they love want animals to live in peace without being immersed in a ruthless activity that pits one animal against another.”

Best Friends also has a petition on their site that is in support of this campaign. Currently, there are over 20,000 signatures on their petition. The signatures will be forwarded to all of the major sports leagues.

8 Responses to “Campaign Launched To Convince Major Sports Leagues To Crackdown On Dog Fighting Among Athletes”

  1. Mrs. P. says:

    It would be nice to see sports celebrities without the thug mentality. The leagues need to kick them out on their butts for animal cruelty. I don’t care how many touchdowns, homeruns, goals they score. Common people go to jail for this stuff.

  2. dog collar addict says:

    i think that the problem starts lower than that. how many people knew that football guy (i can’t remember his name) was fighting dogs?

  3. John says:

    Oh yes, and what happened to the Michael Vick investigation?

  4. Pit Bull Lover says:

    John - The investigation has gone quiet because it’s been taken away from Commonwealth attorney Gerald Poindexter* and Surry County Sheriff Harold Brown by the FBI and Virginia State Police, who are proceeding with their own investigation. IMO, this indicates that a broader, more serious, case is being built against whomever is responsible for the poor dogs who lived and died behind that high black fence on Moonlight Drive.

    *It was Poindexter who freely provided the media with the investigation’s details early on. He also refused to execute a second related search warrant for the property, which allegedly included the exhumation of dogs recently killed and buried on the grounds. On the day that warrant expired, the VA State Police and federal investigators swooped in *unannounced*, effectively seizing control of the investigation from Surry County officials, and began gathering additional evidence, including some that required digging with shovels to locate.

  5. Lynne says:

    I would also urge everyone to let Amazon know you won’t be using their services until they stop selling dogfighting videos.

  6. Katie says:

    Glad to see an organization is going to bring this to light - maybe it will get some media attention followed by public education.


  7. JJ 2 says:

    Isn’t dogfighting now a federal crime?

  8. s. a. unger says:

    Is there some reason that the major animal rights orgs. have not boycotted, solicited press regarding or petitioned against RETAILERS WHO SELL PRODUCTS TO THE DOG FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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