Can You Hear Me Now?

PetCellsEveryone seems to have a cell phone now (even 5-year-old children have one) — and now your furry friend can join in on the trend with his own cell phone. The PetsCell is the first voice enabled waterproof GPS cell phone for animals. Yes, you can put your dog on your family plan now, but make sure he doesn’t hog up all the minutes. (OMG. Did you see that dog’s grooming job? IDK. It’s like, so, 2005!) The phone will auto answer preset telephone numbers (so no telemarketers can call), and there is a “call owner” button that someone can push if your dog gets lost. We’re not sure if your dog can call 1-900 numbers. We totally expect to see a YouTube clip of a cat sending a text message.

2 Responses to “Can You Hear Me Now?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i jus wana c a pic of a dogggg is that to much to ask???????????

  2. Anonymous says:

    chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes

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