Canidae Releases Statement: Canidae’s Pet Food Tests Negative For Acetaminophen

Itchmo called Canidae this afternoon to inquire if they had received the lab results from their testing. They received the test results yesterday. A Canidae spokesperson released this statement to us:

In view of recent reports that have been circulating that products of major pet food manufacturers contain acetaminophen, Canidae wants our customers to know that we have tested our products. The results confirm what we at Canidae already know: we do not put acetaminophen in our products in any way, shape or form. Independent laboratory results found no detectable acetaminophen at 1 part per million.

One unconfirmed report by one laboratory appears to have given rise to the postings and rumors about our products. That same laboratory has also claimed acetaminophen contamination in other manufacturers’ products that the FDA and the laboratory at the University of California have examined and found that the claims could not be validated. We are not aware of any other laboratory that claims to have found acetaminophen in pet food samples. The independent testing of our products includes samples from the same lot that gave rise to the claim about our products as well as samples from a second lot. Again, no detectable level of acetaminophen was found down to the 1 part per million level.

Canidae is committed to the highest level of safety for our products and we live up to that commitment: we do not use Chinese suppliers. All of our products are made in the US. We believe that there are no products on the market today that are safer or more nutritious for your pet than Canidae pet foods.

Note: A company spokesperson showed me the negative lab results under the condition that I keep the lab results confidential and not post, circulate, or retransmit the results.

47 Responses to “Canidae Releases Statement: Canidae’s Pet Food Tests Negative For Acetaminophen”

  1. Kaffe says:

    I am wondring more and more WHY is it that only one particular “independent lab” keeps finding acetaminophen in pet foods. Are testing procedures and protocols ANOTHER thing to worry about?

  2. KimS says:

    I’d love to know what labs tested for Canidae & see the report. I don’t think Canidae would purposely put acetominiphen in their food, I think the fear was that Canidae was using vitamins in their food from China and that’s where the acetominiphen came from.
    All I know is that my 2 cats barfed more than ever on Felidae and my dog lost his appetite and became badly constipated on Canidae.

  3. bonni says:

    or is someone tampering with some bags of food?

  4. bonni says:

    my friend just raised a litter of pups on canidae as well as fed it to the mom. All are healthy and no problems with stools.

  5. Louie W. says:

    We haven’t actually SEEN those lab reports.

    Until we see the lab reports it’s HEARSAY and RUMORS.

  6. 5CatMom says:

    I’m confused,

    The pet food companies want us to NOT BELIEVE what we SEE, and BELIEVE what we DON’T SEE.


  7. mittens says:

    i want to believe, really, i do ,however these companies have to learn that transparency after the recall and with continuing pet food treat/food problems is necessary. i want proof- i want to see the proof. period. if you can’t provide the proof i will not buy your food .

    i understand that the positive results came from an open mixed bag and i get the implications of that fact however your secrecy is only going to alienate people further. it is a stupid pet food company trick everyone expects the big companies to pull. you align yourself with them not your alleged cherished ($$$$$) customers when you do this.

    looky-$$$$$- money. like some? well come clean…

  8. karen says:

    You want transparency? How about from both sides.
    The original report of this was from a “friend”. Date codes didn’t match, numerous samples sent in and mixed together to test??

    Sadly I would suspect we will see more of this. There will be people looking to make a quick buck on the backs of which ever “evil” food they can. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out one of the independant food makers behind some of this.

    And NO I do not work for Canidae.


  9. highnote says:

    I don’t understand any of this. These companies should realize that bad ingredients could possibly be in several batches of pet food but maybe not in the ones they tested.
    I do not see how they can take a little bit of pet food and test it and say that it is not in any of their food.
    Just like several peoples pets ate some of the recalled food and nothing happened to their pets, while others lost their pets. This tells me that all of the batches from a certain time were not tainted and many were.
    My dog ate the tainted food and I took him to the vet twice. He had no symptoms at all from the tainted food from the recall.
    A person really cannot trust them when they say they found no products with acetaminophen because maybe it was not in the product they tested but still out there in different bags of their food. Maybe it is not in all of the food in the bag but only in different pieces of it. I don’t know. It just sounds like it would be very hard to be so certain that it is not in their pet food.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Itchmo Admin: When I scroll down to comments *highnotes* name is in the “Name” field.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As far as I know the majority of consumers that submitted samples of food testing positive for acetaminophen were fine with having those samples tested again by an independent party, as long as the tests were conducted at ExperTox facilities with ExperTox personnel present ? AFAIK ExperTox has to have agreed to that. Right?

    If there should be some sort of anomaly with their equipment (or procedure) that produces a positive result - you would think someone would have come up a possible explanation by now, and tested it. Otherwise, well, what can you say?

    If you have the chance to prove them wrong on their own turf, what’s the holdup?

  12. becky says:

    “The independent testing of our products includes samples from the same lot that gave rise to the claim about our products as well as samples from a second lot.”

    highnote, they *did* test the lot the supposedly had the acetaminophen in it.

    For any food, there are going to be dogs out there that don’t like the taste, can’t tolerate a certain ingredient, etc. So just because the food gives your pet soft stools or they won’t eat it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad food. It’s just not a good food for your pet. There is no such thing as the perfect dog food that works for everyone.

  13. Gindy says:

    True Becky, no matter what the companies claim about their food being good for all dogs (pr cats). I have three dogs. Once can easily tolerate eating garbage, her system is so tough. The old dog cannot handle anything with tons of protein in it and the purebred needs special food or he, well let’s just say he doesn’t digest anything.
    I have to feed different foods for each dog.
    For my money there needs to be a release of information on ALL sides. I don’t trust the person who sent in the samples. An open bag can easily be tampered with for financial gain or attention.
    The lack of transparency in the pet food industry is just as disturbing as thinking someone would make their pet sick for profit. All sides need to open up and tell the truth.

  14. Barb says:

    “we at Canidae already know: we do not put acetaminophen in our products in any way, shape or form”
    That’s a rather pompous statement this day and age - how can any company be so “sure” about what is in their products - they cant. Im sure that certainty wouldnt come out if they had found something. Besides, they said the same thing about melamine “We do not put Melamine in our products” - No, maybe the company didnt, but those that they subcontract to do ! No food is safe if it has any ingredients imported from China, including its vitamins. And these companies should have learned that by now. Although canidae claims all of their supplies are from the US, well, seems there are layers and levels of supplies at work here - and they just wouldnt know that the Vitamin C or K or D is not from China.

  15. Sharon says:

    Candide’s response sounds like of Mattel. They claim their products are safe without testing them and then blame a subcontractor’s subcontractor when they aren’t. Have any of these white men in business and government ever admitted a mistake or taken responsibility for their actions? I think they all had the same moral education that George Bush received.

  16. Garyn says:

    It may be that Expertox found less than 1 part per million.

    Canidae says:
    Again, no detectable level of acetaminophen was found down to the 1 part per million level.

    Frankly, there shouldn’t even be .000000000000001 part per million. There should be zero amount of acetaminophen in food.

    I think, although this is just my opinion, that Expertox tests are able to detect below the national detectable limit. I recall reading way back when the ASPCA or Humane Society’s (I forget which one … it is on this blog) response agreeing with the FDA when the issue first came out that there is no acetaminophen in the food. But they didn’t actually say that and it struck me at the time. They said there is no acetaminophen found within the limits of national testing standards. This does not mean that their is zero. It just means that an amount above national standards was not detected.

  17. Jenny Bark says:

    E., I have information for you & I don’t want to put it on the net Here is my e-mail I am going out for a couple of hours then will be back, I’ve been working hard.

    Catmom5 & Highnote will you please get this message to E. I need to get in touch with her so I can either call her or her to call me. I don’t understand all about the computer yet. I signed up for the form a couple of months ago but I think I must of used my full name so I don’t know how to do this pm stuff & don’t have time right now to try and figure it out. I don’t want to give out personal information on the net & one person I’m working with doesn’t have a computer everybody else said they are getting in touch with her themself. There is 2 different class action suits in my area. Thanks for any help you can give me. Jenny

  18. kim says:

    I find their (continued poor) response chilling. I just don’t understand how any of their customers can find this reassuring.

  19. Elaine says:

    Re: the parts per million on the tests.

    Seems like when the Expertox findings first came out, and other tests didn’t detect the melamine, or cyanuric acid, (or whatever they were testing for at the time), that Expertox could detect 10 ppm and the other lab was using 100 ppm, a much larger content.

    They were probably using the 100 ppm to be able to claim they couldn’t find the poison, thereby casting doubt on Expertox’s findings.

  20. Skeptic says:

    Why do you people have such great faith in Expertox. They are the ONLY ones to find acetaminophen in ANY pet food as far as I know.

    If there really was acetaminophen in pet foods then some other private labs would be finding it.

    I don’t regularly feed Canidae or any of their other brands, but that company has been relatively proactive in all of this. They were the first company to say that they were going to be testing all their foods for melamine and cyanuric acid, even when the foods were not affected.

    Unless there is deliberate tampering of multiple brands at the factory level, I’ve heard no reason that acetaminophen would show up in pet food at all. It’s not used as a medication in large animals. Unlike melamine and cyanuric acid, it has never been found as an adulterant in grain products. It makes no sense to find it in pet foods even in trace amounts.

    When melamine and cyanuric acid were found in foods, there was a financial reason for the adulteration. It was plain evil greed on the part of the chinese gluten sellers that caused that problem, and profit-based denial on the part of the pet food manufacturers that made the situation worse.

    In the case of acetaminophen, I ask myself “who benefits” and the only party that makes money by saying there is acetaminophen in dog food is EXPERTOX. They find it, gullible people bring them more samples to test, they make even more money. Anyone who pays Expertox to test their food at this point is throwing away money. Surely there must be other private labs in the U.S. that will do this testing!

  21. ellie says:

    I believe Canidae about the negative test results, but I am extremely puzzled that they would show the lab results to Itchmo, but want them kept confidential. Why wouldn’t they be brandishing the proof everywhere to clear their good name?

  22. Anonymous says:

    You’re missing the point. If a lab is doing something inappropriate don’t you think someone would have called them on it with more than “they’re wrong”?

    With stakes this high it’s a bizarre twist that the PFI is being vague and coy
    if there’s no possibility the positive findings are valid no matter where the food samples came from. If I thought the results were wrong I’d deluge the lab with samples of my product because I’d know there was nothing to hide.

    There are so many ways to discredit them it isn’t funny. It only works if they’re able to prove it, though.

  23. carolo says:

    Canidae All Life Stages kibble is part of our dog’s diet, so I’ve been following this story as closely as possible. I’ve talked to Canidae and emailed them as well. Our dog Jake is one of the lucky ones that has not had ill effects from any of the various brands he has eaten or “taste tested” via sample bags, but I’ve felt as if I’m on constant high alert status since the beginning of the recalls.

    Bottom line for this post is why doesn’t Canidae put a link on their homepage to a scan of their lab reports? It seems to me this would be the best advertising they could offer. Also, I’ll add my name to the list of those offended by their statement “we don’t put acetaminophen in our food.” Of course they wouldn’t! Not knowingly. They are a reputable company making good products. I know at least their kibbles and Snap Biscuits are good. If some particular bags have not been OK, I have no way of proving or disproving that. It’s just that I know personally too many people feeding Canidae and some to multiple dogs. I see these dogs, some on a daily basis in my neighborhood. They look terrific and have not had any illness. That isn’t to say that this food is the right formula for every dog.

    I will continue to feed Canidae kibble and Snap Biscuits, but…

    Canidae, please just publish your lab reports. (Please continue to test ingredients before adding them. We know you would not purposely add anything known harmful to dogs. We also know it is possible to end up with something from a supplier that contains harmful substances. We learned that the hard way.)

  24. Michelle says:

    Canidae can be more sure of what goes into their food than some other companies who do not manufacture their own foods or even buy their own ingredients…Canidae manufactures their own food in their own factories & all ingredients are USDA approved human grade ingredients grown & raised in the USA.
    I have found the integrity of Canidae to be impeccable…No, I do not work for Canidae.
    I am a pet owner who has put the time & work into understanding animal nutrition.

  25. Robert Davis says:

    Is there proprietary information on the lab results?

  26. Terri says:

    As far as I’ve been able to find out Canidae does not make their own food. The information on where the food is made is “proprietary”. Apparently the lab results are also “proprietary”. I really can’t understand all the secrecy. Heck, even emails from the company are only signed “Team Canidae” so employees must also be “proprietary” info.
    I’ve used Canidae off and on for years and all my dogs have always done well on it. But I don’t blindly trust pet food companies anymore and that seems to be what Canidae expects us to do.

  27. Kaffe says:

    The one possible reason that I can think of that Canidae is not (yet) posting their lab results is that they are perhaps in the process of suing somebody. ???? don’t know. That or they realize that this latest acetaminophen scare is limited to a certain group(s) of people and they don’t want it advertised or publicised any further.

    OK… so who will find acetaminophen next week? And what petfood brand?

  28. Skeptic says:

    Kaffe said:
    “The one possible reason that I can think of that Canidae is not (yet) posting their lab results is…”

    But I just looked on the Natura website (they make Canidae) and they DID post their test results, including a test by ExperTox (for whatever that’s worth) that shows no acetaminophen at detectable levels. The link is:

    Does anyone know if the state testing labs or the university labs will test samples from the general public for a fee? I’m getting suspicious of Expertox, and from the UC Davis report, it looks like they charged $200 per sample. But I don’t know if they will do testing for regular people, or only for companies.

    Incidentally, I did find a textbook online that discusses Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (which I assume is what all the labs use for testing for contaminants and toxins.) They mention some of the ways that tests can get fouled up. See pages 617-618 for the details.

  29. Skeptic says:

    Oops, forgot to post link to textbook on GC/MC. It’s:

  30. Freda says:

    Acetaminophen testing in dogs:

    (Nice way for a dog to end its life?)
    This is just the tip of the iceberg, so it could easily be found in trace amount in rendered products. (Not that Canidae uses them.)

    I think Expertox tests to .1ppm. That is more sensitive than Davis. Go to the FDA web site and search for Expertox. They are accepted as credible experts in cases.

    Anybody find any research that indicates that .1ppm to .9ppm is safe for pets in the daily diet?
    “In dogs, signs of acute toxicity are usually not observed unless the dosage of acetaminophen exceeds 100 mg/kg. Clinical signs of methemoglobinemia have been reported in 3 out of 4 dogs at 200 mg/kg. Toxicity can be seen at lower dosages with repeated exposures.”

    Question is how low is safe?

  31. Louie W. says:

    “I just looked on the Natura website (they make Canidae)”

    The above statement IS INCORRECT.

    Natura and Canidae are two different companies.

    Also, last time I checked, Canidae doesn’t make their own food. They use contract companies. However, when I called them about this, they refused to reveal the information because “that’s proprietary”.

  32. Don Earl says:

    There are a number of problems with the Canidae statement. First of all, neither the FDA nor UCD have tested any samples tested by ExperTox. Canidae evidently does not time stamp their production runs, so the so called ‘lot’ isn’t a lot, but the day lots were produced.

    To satisfy myself that ExperTox results are accurate, I made up two samples of pet food, using a brand not known to have had any problems. I picked up a bottle of acetaminophen from the grocery store, and a plastic jar of cyanuric acid from a pool company. I mixed acetaminophen into the food at 500 ppm, separated a sample of that for testing, then added cyanuric acid at 1 part per hundred to the remainder and pulled out a sample of that.

    The results were interesting. The acetaminophen only sample tested positive at approximately 10 ppm. The acetaminophen plus cyanuric acid sample tested positive for acetaminophen at approximately 15 ppm, and the cyanuric acid was not detected.

    In discussing those results with ExperTox, ExperTox lab personnel explained that acetaminophen tends to bind to the food and is difficult to separate out to obtain accurate quantity levels.

    Both acetaminophen and cyanuric acid are only slightly water soluable. What this means is that when mixed with food, there will be chemical hotspots; a small amount taken from one place in the bag or can will contain the substances and a spot right next to it may not.

    Taking a piece of kibble out of a bag and sticking it in the machine is worse then useless - except you may get lucky once in awhile.

    Testing at 1 ppm is worse than useless - except you may get lucky once in awhile.

    Two things ExperTox does is test at far more sensitive levels, and remix the samples they receive so the part being tested is more likely to be representative of the whole.

    At that, they are a production lab, with the focus being on testing as many samples as possible. The kind of custom protocols necessary to make negative results and quantities 100% reliable are beyond the scope of their offerings, and beyond the cost most customers can afford to pay.

    According to earlier Canadae statements, they sent samples to several labs. Why are they now relying on a single report? The troll factor on these boards is constantly challenging the chain of custody question, but are happy to rely on company statements that lots tested were identical, when an obvious conflict of interest exists in choosing the samples to be tested. Since the company took the position there was no acetaminophen in the food before any of it had been tested, does anyone really believe they conducted tests with a view toward proving their earlier statements wrong?

  33. Phoebe says:

    It never fails to amaze me that simply asking questions and refusing to take everyone’s claims as “fact” can be considered “trolling.” We want the truth and aren’t predisposed to insulting and dismissing those who don’t agree with our worldviews.

    The chain of custody in the original ExperTox test on the mixed samples was more than a little flawed. ExperTox even points that out in their written lab test results. They make it VERY clear that they are only taking the word of the client as to where the samples originated.

    This is sounding more and more like the Tylenol tampering case back in 1982. Someone opened bottles in stores and poisoned the contents with cyanide. Seven people died as a result. In the current environment it seems that some people would be jumping all over Tylenol for making ‘poisoned’ pills and accusing them of not being honest when the co. showed that other bottles from the same lots weren’t showing any signs of cyanide - because the poison had been added IN THE STORES.

    Submit a sample to ExperTox that doesn’t have a questionable background and get them to re-do the test. That shouldn’t be difficult, if the story is true. Surely the original client didn’t submit the very last pieces of kibble she had in the ’suspect’ bags. Surely not.

  34. Phoebe says:

    Better, yet, submit unquestionable samples from the original client to both Expertox and another independent lab of her choosing.

  35. Louie W. says:

    Better, yet, just make your own food.

    Then you won’t have to deal with pet food companies.

  36. 5CatMom says:

    Better, yet, realize that Quality Control and Quality Acceptance programs must include proper sampling procedures.

    Here’s a good reference on the subject:

    If Canidae won’t release copies of the lab reports, maybe they can elighten us as to what QAP’s they’re using to ensure that the samples they tested do, in fact, represent the finished product of the batch in question.

    Maybe their QA Manager can log on and explain their QC/QA program, and their sampling acceptance procedures.

  37. Rocky says:

    Better, yet, understand that if pet food companies were serious about making pet food, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    Pet food would be safe to use, and pet owners wouldn’t have to have food tested.

  38. Anonymous says:

    A suggestion- does anyone have the time and resource to open a blog for research only? There are some valid points and relevant information that should be considered as far as who, what, when, that have been lost in the shuffle.

    Some topics to cover:

    rendering and slaughter practices/chemicals and possible toxins

    Known and possible toxins associated with overall food production, ie: vitamins, vegetables, grains

    Known supplement suppliers and products: Imported

    Supplement suppliers:USA

    List of toxicology labs and testing procedures: US and Elsewhere

    You get the idea.

  39. Skeptic says:

    Yep, I was wrong - Natura indeed does not make Canidae.


    I don’t know why I thought they did…

  40. DW says:

    I’m sorry they did not release the lab reports. Two of my three dogs do not want to eat Canidae anymore. (My cats made the same decision years ago with Felidae.) I’ve got one unopened 40 lb bag and the leftovers from the last one I opened. I’m not sure what to do with the unopened bag …but I’m going to buy Eagle Pack Large Breed for a while. They are eating that. Maybe it’s just a palatability thing but I’m sad to be moving away from 8 years of Canidae use.

  41. Phoebe says:

    “Better, yet, realize that Quality Control and Quality Acceptance programs must include proper sampling procedures.”

    Exactly my point about the samples provided to ExperTox by the original client, thank you. One can’t criticize Canidae or any other company for SUSPECTED ‘improper’ sampling procedures when the report they are being damned with resulted from the testing of DOCUMENTED improper sampling - as indicated in writing by ExperTox, itself.

  42. John says:

    I think the whole Canidae claim is bogus. I don’t believe any of it. I find it to be a great product and will continue to use it.

  43. JC says:

    I understand those who want to see the lab results. I am one of those people who has become very sensitive to what is in my dog’s food. I’ve started making my own jerky and dog cookies as a result of the recalls. However, I think that even if the lab results were published, some people would have complaints or suspicions that they didn’t release the entire report, or they only published a result that made them look good, etc. At some point you just have to decide what you are going to believe and what you are going to do about it. I’m not a scientist or chemist, so I doubt I’d understand the lab report anyway. My dogs do well on Canidae so I will keep feeding it to them, but I am trying to keep myself informed on what is happening in the dog food world. I add in other brands that I feel safe about from time to time, home-cook some of their food, and generally do the best I can. This can be argued to death. If you trust Itchmo to tell you the truth, and Itchmo says they saw the lab results, that ought to satisfy you. If you don’t trust them, then you don’t.

  44. Mike says:

    Just to change the subject slightly.

    Made in China this, made in China that….it’s all garbage!!!!
    Anything that comes from that place only comes from there for one reason “ITS CHEAP LABOUR, CHEAP MATERIALS AND NO ONE IS WATCHING”. I would not buy anything much less dog food from that place. What we need to do (for our pets) as pet owners who love their dogs & cats is to boycott ALL companies which deal with China, period. I am reminded of one company in the US which stated their pet food came from the US but somehow forgot that there canned food was from you guessed it “China. Shame on them for polluting our loved ones with garbage from there!!!

    Enough said, if it says China anywhere on anything relating to pet food – DO NOT BUY!

  45. Debbie says:

    I did call Canidae and they told me on the phone that they have all of their own facilities, make their own food (though I think that it’s more recent that they built their own facilities to make the food), that they have never in their history been affected by a recall, etc. She reassured me that they test each ingredient that comes in several times for every contaminant possible, as well as testing the finished product.

    I too have been pretty diligent about researching this subject. Our pets are on Canidae and Felidae and are doing very well.

  46. GiGi Zybko says:

    I have been feeding Canidae ALS to all my yorkies for over a year. I am a show breeder and have respect for the dog food companies trying to make the best dog foods they can with the knowledge they have to date. I also believe Canidae would NOT knowingly do anything to harm our dogs. My dogs have done wonderful on this food. I have over the past 20 years tried different foods even the high qualtiy foods, and have found Canidae ALS to suite my needs. I do know they have changed the formula recently hitting the stores now and made it better.
    I do know they have changed where it is made as well. I will always from now on keep a watchful eye on what I feed and what is in it. Hoping it is not all about the mighty dollar and some do care. I choose to be an optimist. There is a website that has an ingreedient wizard on it that tells you what every ingredient is in a dog food and what is it about.

  47. Tina says:

    What I want to know is WHO submitted the so called sample that Expertox said contained the acetaminophen. Was it perhaps DONNA who also claimed that Natura’s Innova contained acetaminophen??? If is was then I would start to wonder what her motives were against these companies and why. Honestly people it ruins the reputation of some companies that really do try and make a difference. They strive to make healthy pet foods and some claim such as this can ruin them for a long period of time or worse. So my interest is in WHO claims the food was contaminated.

    It amazes me to follow some of the postings here on this board. While I find good and useful information I am often worried at the comments that indicate to me so many are followers and not capable of even trying to form their own opinion and just go with the flow. If there is something I am interested in or concerned about, I look into it further before just taking the word of someone else. To just believe everything you read on this site and many others is not responsible in my opinion. I realize that I am jaming my opinion right now but I would hope if I made a statement that my pet got sick from eating Company A’s food, not everyone would just toss it out and stop feeding it. I would hope to have my story TRUTHFULLY backed up and solid.

    Having said that, here are some facts about Natura (yes I used to work for them and was there just after the recall hit so I do have some real knowledge here. And I am no longer an employee but I do still trust their foods)

    Sorry but Natura does NOT make Canidae foods. Natura only makes their own brand foods (EVO, Innova, California Natural, Karma and Healthwise) in their own plant that is very well monitored and maintained and located in Fremont, NB. Natura is ISO certified, Baker certified and also ORGANIC certified- here is link:

    And guess what?? They have NEVER had a recall AND all their foods have a 100% China Free Guarantee. Here is the link:

    Infact, there is a lot of good information in their “News” section of their web site so have a look for yourself:

    And one last thing…when I was working for them, I had several calls come in about the “Donna Sample” of bad/acetaminophen contaminated food. Each time the caller wanted information and was not very friendly or pleasant. At the slight bit of hesitation on my part or my co-workers, we were blasted with foul language and acqusations. Any attempt on my/our part to discuss this like mature adults was just fought against by the person/people who called in. And the first call I took went from bad to horrible when I merely asked “who is Donna”? I had not encountered any “Itchmo Callers” up to that point and hoped I would not again after it ended. So I have been on both sides of this and really do try to weigh information that is presented. When I was at Natura, they had the actual test results posted on their site. There was not any blacked out areas to hide anything and yet people still took the word of Donna and Expertox.

    So I hope this post does not offend anyone or cause any negative replies to me. I stated above that I am no longer a Natura employee but sure would go back if they called. I feed their foods to my pets, I buy it just like everyone else and have changed many family and friends over to it and they are so happy with the results that the product speaks for itself.

    Thank you for having the information that you do provide to so many pet owners. I just wish that peoople would be strong and able to make some of their own decisions or form their own opinions and not run with the “scared pack”.

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