Canidae Responds To Acetaminophen Test Results

Expertox, a Texas lab, claimed they found acetaminophen in a mixed sample of two different dry dog foods. Internet reports claim that the two dog foods that were sent to Expertox were Canidae.

We spoke to a Canidae spokesperson this morning. He said they received the Expertox lab results yesterday.

This morning the company sent out samples of the dry dog food kibbles in question, and individual supplements in their food to various independent labs for testing.

The Canidae spokesperson said the original email from the woman who tested the sample said the production dates of the two dog foods were July 6 and July 7. Canidae said they did not have any pet food with a production date of July 7 because it was on a Saturday after the July 4th weekend.

Yesterday, Canidae received a picture bearing the production codes on the tested bags of food to Canidae. The spokesperson said the production dates of the food tested were actually June dates instead of July dates as she originally said.

The Canidae spokesperson also said the tested sample is from Wyoming, and there is only one Canidae distributor in the state of Wyoming. He said the last shipment of Canidae to that Wyoming store was on May 29, so that means the lot codes that the store would carry would be in the mid-late May time frame and not in June or July.

He suspected the food sample was actually purchased in Colorado.

The Canidae spokerperson said no one has reported a pet getting sick from eating any of the company’s pet food.

UPDATE: We contacted Mary, the woman who originally posted about Expertox’s results. She is a friend to the woman who sent in the mixed sample to the lab. She declined giving us the woman’s contact information.

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  1. sandi says:

    If the woman will not divulge name of the complainant, how or why are we to believe this story? Also, could the acetominiphen been planted??

    Till the woman comes forward, I think, it is an advertising gimmick by dog food vendors.


  2. javakitty says:

    I agree with Sandi. The woman is acting very suspicious and the whole story sounds like a finger in my chili!

  3. E. Hamilton says:

    EXACTLY what good is a persons name in figuring out the truth of a lab report?
    I admit that the PFI or some other pet food company or even a stupid troll would LIKE to know but it has nothing to do with the report.

    Even the “spokesperson” for the pet food was NOT named. So does that mean that Canidea is ADMITTING to putting POISON in pet food? I don’t think so.

  4. ellie says:

    E. Hamilton says:
    EXACTLY what good is a persons name in figuring out the truth of a lab report?

    The issue isn’t the lab report per se. It’s what was sent to the lab for analysis, and by whom. A person perhaps with a vested interest in discrediting the company? With a vendetta and a desire to “prove” all pet food companies are evil?

    Rumor and innuendo can do a LOT of damage to a company, and here we have someone who won’t even come forward? What’s the person’s motive? Truth, or just blackening the reputation of a company that has previously been unscathed?

    It’s a matter of simple fairness for the person who submitted the sample to provide details and specifics–like why the heck she mixed two foods in the first place–if she wants to reach the truth. Unless of course that person has some reason to lurk in the shadows.

  5. Charlie says:

    My boxer has eaten canidae all life stages for 2 yrs. She has had 2 bacterial infections in the past month and has faucet runs for the past 3 days.

    My vet said that water is not making it to the large colon (?) She has been on antibiotics and metronazidol (?) was prescribed today.

    My latest bag lot # is RM 7/2/07 exp 7/2/08

    If this IS a candiae induced problem, canidae has just met their worst enemy.

  6. Tess says:

    I have fed Canidae ALS to my lab and 3 rat terriers since the original recall mess. My last bag, purchased last week, does not seem appealing to my lab at all….(Lab=eats anything) This a.m. she has not touched it nor did she last night.. Is not ill or acting otherwise strange. I will be changing, at least temporarily. Terriers haven’t yet had from the new bag.

    “Curiouser, curiouser”

  7. purringfur says:

    CHARLIE: How is your dog doing?

  8. Jane Denning says:

    The person “MARY” who claims to have sent in the samples is to say the least a wee bit radical. She is Mary Shannon from Kansas and her “friend in Wyoming” is CEL HOPE from Sheridan,WY.

    Mary has been removed from at least one rescue message board for much of the same, in fact far too much. She insults members that we are all “killing our dogs” and that some food named Kumph or close to that is THE ONLY SAFE FOOD to feed our dogs. They may haul her away in a strait jacket before long, she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay overboard, an obsession with this subject.

    I think IF I were you I would have the Attorney send her a VERY stong letter, certified and put a stop to it.PRONTO.

    Jane Denning

  9. charlie says:

    I threw out the 35# bag and she is doing better. I did buy a 20# bag of canidae and it smelled fresh.

    So far so good on the runs. If it happens again, I’ll have no other alternative than to stop feeding Canidae.

    I do agree with other posters, if Canidae is ASSURED there is no problem, they need to speak up in WRITING to end this if it is indeed rumors. They’re lack of assurance tells me they don’t want to be held liable for those words down the road.

    The only safe food at this point is home cooking.

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