Car Dealership Gives Stray Cat Home


One stray cat just knew where to find a home and possibly a good deal on a new car.

Knoepfler Chevrolet of Sioux City, Iowa never thought that their car dealership would be the home of a stray cat. Bill Knoepfler first started feeing the stray cat in December, but Jean Bowman, a General Motors service representative, wanted to do more for the cat.

Bowman picked up the cat and wanted to give her shelter. But Knoepfler told her to take her to the veterinarian to make sure she was healthy and did not have fleas.

A veterinarian examined the cat and reported that she had no fleas and that she was actually going to have kittens in 10 to 14 days.

Knoepfler and some of his employees from the parts department then made a bed for the cat who had been named K-Chev. That night, the cat went into an old fender box and gave birth to four kittens.

The next morning, the employees at Knoepfler Chevrolet were ecstatic. Bowman handed out bubble gum cigars that said, “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” that night at the company Christmas party.

Since their birth, K-Chev and her cats have been welcomed by the staff with open arms. During lunch, employees will hold and pet the kittens. Sometimes even customers go in the back to the parts area to see the kittens play and jump over each other.

“We’ve had employees who have brought carriers, beds, toys and treats for the kittens,” Bill Knoepfler said. “They’re pretty precious.”

As early as next week, the four kittens will be going to loving homes, and Knoepfler and his family have even adopted one of the kittens.

K-Chev will stay at the dealership and her home will be the second floor of the parts department. She’ll greet employees with her meows and get some pets as they start their day and while they are on their breaks.

Knoepfler said, “We’ll let K-Chev wander around here and catch mice. She’s a parts cat.”

Source: Sioux City Journal

(Thanks Amanda)

16 Responses to “Car Dealership Gives Stray Cat Home”

  1. Kelly says:

    What a great story. Good to know that there are some people with hearts out there.

  2. Denise says:

    I think somone that loves animals like that would be a good person to buy a car from. what a beautiful kitty. she looks Burmese maybe to me. she is really pretty and I am betting the kittens were so pretty also. would love to have her or a kitten. I lost my rocky kitty in 2004 to an illness.

  3. Pam says:

    Heartwarming story! If you click on the source story, there is a video of the kittens on the page. Very cute–worth looking at.

  4. catmom5 says:

    TRUE HEROES! She is one lucky, or smart, cat. Hope they will have her spayed so there are no more babies. Good job, everyone!

  5. mittens says:

    and look how much joy this cat and her kittens have brought to people- an unwanted pregnant stray . one of the main reasons people ‘ dispose’ of their cats is because they- doh- get pregnant. since she was friendly to humans and flea free she probably belonged to someone rather then being feral. it’s funny how sometimes cats seem to have just that sense of going to those most likely to help them. too bad it didnt happen all the time. i had a stray calico walk up to me on the street when there were other people about and she jumped onto my back and climbed to my shoulder. it was the start of a 20 year friendship.

    .look at how much cats and pets add to people’s lives- bringing them together and appealing to their higher selves. ive always thought it’s taking care of an animal that makes people more open and more humane toward everyone. what’s that saying- cats become the soul of a home and apparently of a car dealership too.

  6. Merlin Marshall says:

    That’s great they took the cat in and are keeping her. Hopefully they will or have gotten her spayed too.

  7. Animal Lover says:

    WONDERFUL story. Just keep that kitty out of the shop, though. Antifreeze is lethal!

  8. Bridgett says:

    From all of that human attention, those babies are going to be love bunnies when they enter their forever homes. The man who is hold the kitten in the video has been turned into a pat of butter left out in the sun by that little kitty!

  9. Velvet's Dad says:

    Great story . . . and Mittens, yours too.

  10. Tammy says:

    Please spay her or you will have more kittens. Good job for taking her in!

  11. Don Earl says:

    Yes, a happy ending to a story that usually doesn’t have a happy ending.

    The usual situation is momma cat has the babies in a back alley and they grow up feral.

    There is a lot of debate on the pros and cons of no kill shelters. On the pro side of the debate, I think there’s an argument that gets left out. People would be less inclined to abandon their pets if they could be assured they wouldn’t be euthanized if they took them to a shelter.

    A better system is needed. I’m not quite sure what that system should be, but it should be a whole lot different than what’s being done in most places.

  12. Sharon says:

    If you read the original story it says she will be spayed. People in Iowa are both smart and kind. It’s why I’m proud that I grew up in such a great state!

  13. Donna says:

    Kindness, what a beautiful story. Human compassion, so seldom seen. But breath taking when it does. Thanks to all that aided the cat and kittens. Can we make a difference in suffering ? It takes one tiny small step, to make a vast impact for the lives of such innocent creatures. Blessing to all that take the small step to improve animals lives.

  14. The Lioness says:

    I’m so glad she’s going to be spayed!

    My mom has a cat now. Pretty much the same story. Mom worked for an HVAC company, and the company owners had a cat who had kittens. They pretty much didn’t care.

    Mom found the kittens homes, got Mama Kitty spayed, and Mama Kitty is now the ruler of my mom’s home!

    Mittens, I loved your story!

    ~The Lioness

  15. Dianne says:

    Don Earl,
    Read “Redemption” by Nathan Winograd. Just Google him. He details the steps need to make No Kill work.

  16. The Scratching Post Vandal says:

    What a great story. I have to say, I’d be more inclined to buy from a company that would do this, it shows a certain level of integrity. Good on them!

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