Cash-Sniffing Dog

LillyA chocolate Labrador, Lilly, is better than a metal detector or any kind of treasure finder. She sniffs out money. On a walk last week, Lilly stopped and sniffed out a young man’s wallet. Two years before, Lilly found a box full of $300 at a park. Lilly’s owner then has the task of finding who the money belongs to. I think we lost a few hundred dollars over there somewhere… next to a fat wallet. Keep on sniffing, Lilly.

6 Responses to “Cash-Sniffing Dog”

  1. Dr. Joe says:

    Can I hire your dog to find hidden cash in my home that I cannot find?

  2. Jamel says:

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  3. Gabriel Canton says:

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  4. Shirley says:

    I desperately need your dog to find a misplaced sum of cash in my home. Please help.

  5. donnetta knighten says:

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  6. Kerman Rogers says:

    Looking to hire a Money-Sniffing dog. Please contact me with details as soon as possible at We are located in Southern CA (Los Angeles). Thanks.

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