Cat Accidentally Sails To Hawaii

This cat had the right idea. He somehow got on a boat and sailed 3,000 miles to Kauai, Hawaii. He knew where to find some good weather and some great surfing.

When Costco employees in Lihue, Kauai unpacked a mixed dry goods container from California, they found a surprise waiting for them.

They found a four-month-old kitten that had spent at least a week sailing almost 3,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture and the Kauai Humane Society humanely trapped the kitten inside the store after the cat spent the night setting off motion sensor alarms.

The male cat has been named Costco, and he will now be quarantined for four months at the animal shelter.

“He’s really cute and doing really well for having been in a container for a week,” a Humane Society spokesperson said. “We don’t know how he got on there, but we hope to find him a home here.”

The Humane Society said Costco is eating and drinking and acting like any other cat. And he’s definitely enjoying the island life so far.

Source: The Garden Island

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