Cat Alerts Family Of Fire, While Dog Naps

GezebellWho says that dogs always have to save the day? Why isn’t there a feline version of Lassie?

Well, Gezebell, a four-year-old cat, saved her family from a fire.

An electrical fire started in the Sila’s house. Gezebell was sleeping and suddenly woke up and began scratching at the door. Sammie Sila thought the cat wanted out, but instead of heading downstairs, Gezebell went to one of the bedroom doors.

Sammie was confused about why Gezebell wanted to go into the room, and after two times of pawing at the door, Sammie opened the door.

When she opened the door, a wall of smoke came out.

The fire department arrived to the scene, and then, the smoke detector finally beeped to alarm the family of danger.

Everyone escaped from the fire safely.

Previously, Sammie’s dad had persuaded her to get rid of Gezebell and said that cats were useless. But now after Gezebell’s heroic act, he said that he is sorry and admits that he was wrong when he said cats are useless.

During the fire, the family dog, a Spring spaniel-chow mix, was napping downstairs.

Source: The Times

2 Responses to “Cat Alerts Family Of Fire, While Dog Naps”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m glad that the family made it out of the fire on time, and that everyone is ok. Way to go, Gezebell!

  2. Jeanie says:

    Way to prove your value, Gezebell!

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