Cat Almost Accidentally Set In Concrete


Stone is one lucky kitty.

He almost became a permanent part of a Georgia high school when he got trapped beneath concrete that was being poured to secure a set of stairs.

Michael Vinson, one of the construction workers, found the small kitten. He had heard a kitten meowing three days ago.

“I thought I heard it three days ago, but I wasn’t sure,” Vinson said. “It was real faint and then it stopped. I thought, ‘Surely there is not a cat in these stairs. It couldn’t be. There’s no way.’”

On Friday, Vinson heard meowing again. Stone had crawled underneath the stairs before the concrete was about to be poured.

Vinson said the cement had been poured around Stone, and some of it had fallen down where the kitten was. He also had some on him, so Stone was wedged within all of the concrete.

The construction worker drilled a hole to find Stone. Every time Vinson chiseled a bit, the kitten would come forward.

After he was rescued, Stone was brought to a veterinarian’s office and was treated for dehydration and was shaved. The veterinarian said Stone was lucky to be alive because he didn’t have food or water for about five days.

Vinson has adopted the kitten and named him Stone. He said the veterinarian suggested the name because he looked like a stone when he was brought into the office.

Perhaps the story of Stone will be known throughout the halls of the high school.


(Thanks Lynn)

10 Responses to “Cat Almost Accidentally Set In Concrete”

  1. Sharon says:

    If this kitten had been in Texas it would have been deliberately killed.

  2. catmom5 says:

    God bless this compassionate man for not only rescuing the kitten, but giving him a forever home. It’s nice to read about the “good guys” after hearing so much about the “not so good guys”!

  3. 2CatMom says:

    A big thank you MEOW to Michael Vinson. What a great ending to a really scary story.

  4. KarlaSanDiego says:

    BRAVO Michael! It’s so nice to read about people having some compassion for sweet helpless little animals.

  5. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    Sharon. We don’t know what your problem is with Texas, but give it a rest, please.

    And if that school needs a mascot , they could do worse than a Stone cat.

  6. Trudy Jackson says:

    Thank Goodness for people like Vinson. Another hero. Poor little kitten, i’m so glad you have a forever home.

  7. Jenny Bark says:

    What a man, what a man, what a great big wonderful man. Kitty is blessed & will enjoy returning the love for a long time to come.

  8. Jeri says:

    This may be a newsflash to some, but there are many animal lovers in Texas also! Good grief!!!

  9. Kira says:

    Now this is an MV that I like! Anyone who would go to such lengths to help an animal in need is a hero in my book!

  10. Kevin says:

    Due to the culture of Michael Vick, that cat would not have survived.

    My hats off to Michael Vinson for a job well done!

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