Cat And Bird Video: Bird Riding On Cat

This is what the person who made this video said about it:
This is one of my cockatiels, Fabian, sitting and riding on the back of my cat, Annabella. Fabian often sits, climbs, lands and rides on her, maybe because she is warm and furry, but then they do seem to like each other quite well, so it’s hard to say. Fabian’s brother, Elvis, isn’t as cozy with Annabella, but he does preen her ears once in a while. Bella is an incredibly good kitty and apparently doesn’t mind being used as a perch, at least she has yet to complain and is very gentle with both birds, but I get the impression that she is a bit bothered by the claws in her back. I don’t leave them together without close supervision, but she really seems to like the birds a lot.

2 Responses to “Cat And Bird Video: Bird Riding On Cat”

  1. Bridgett says:

    that is taking “packing you lunch” to a new extreme.

  2. mittens says:

    she looks just like my cat Sylvia- who was a sort of tortie snowshoe.ironically her mother, a persian tortie, was named Fabian. sylvia was the most gentle, sweetest cat i have ever known.

    i have always had birds and cats and never had a problem . my experience has been it’s as if the cats knew the birds were another member of the family. plus those beaks hurt like hell- cats aren’t stupid. until recently i had 2 cockatiels with 6 indoor cats however when i adopted 2 feral cats and noticed one of them becoming way too interested-fixated really- in the birds i decided to give them away. i simply couldn’t take the chance- the birds were never afraid of cats and i can’t fault a near wild animal for following it’s natural instincts.

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