Cat And Dog Picture: Having A Bad Hair Day?

Cat and Dog

Uh, I think you got ripped off at the groomers. Did they give you “this is the new style” bit again? Yeah, because it looks weird. That 80’s frizzy look is so out.

Luckily, us cats, look gorgeous all the time regardless and have beautiful hair. Dogs, not so much…

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2 Responses to “Cat And Dog Picture: Having A Bad Hair Day?”

  1. MaineMom says:

    “Would you like me to groom you? You’ll look great and it will save mom a lot of money.”

  2. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Is that Nemo? (I’m always on the lookout for pics of him!)

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Oh, Pit Bull Lover, you made me laugh. Your comment was funny. No, it’s not Nemo. Although the dog in the picture looks a bit like our dog. I think that’s why I personally found the picture so funny, and Nemo’s hair can get a bit crazy like that. Actually, Nemo has not gotten his 15 minutes of fame on our site yet. I don’t think he likes the limelight and we don’t want to be accused of playing favorites. :)

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