Cat And Dog Video: Cat Fends Dog Off While Eating

Do not mess with this kitty and her food!

6 Responses to “Cat And Dog Video: Cat Fends Dog Off While Eating”

  1. axel says:

    Translation of video - feeding kitty with spinach, shows first of results . LOL

  2. cardinarky says:

    It would be a funny video if the cat were declawed. At one point, the claws hook into the dogs muzzle. all the poor dog is getting is some pain.
    I guess you would have to be there to appreciate it.

  3. suze says:

    “It would be a funny video if the cat were declawed”

    Cats should never be declawed. The dog seemed perfectly fine.

  4. Stan says:

    suze says: “Cats should never be declawed”. “Thumbs Up”!

    And for sure if you raise them from tiny kittens, I cut my cats claws about ever 3 weeks and they don’t mind at all! Start early, And give lots of love and other things that they can claw and play with! Unless there is a serious medical or health Issue? Not sure what that would be? Please don’t declaw your babies!

  5. A.C. says:

    Declawing cats is mutilation and is illegal in many countries (not, unfortunately, the US). It involves removal of bones, not just claws, and is both cruel and unnecessary. The pain can cause litter box avoidance issues and, later on, the lack of claws can trigger behavioral issues. There are plenty of alternatives, including “soft claws”, nail clipping, and gentle training. There is NO NEED to declaw, ever!

  6. Julina says:

    That is a really cute video……the dog was not harmed in making it.:lol:

    ha, ha, ha………………

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