Cat Becomes Aggressive Towards Owner After Hearing Phone Ring

A man is claiming that his calico cat jumped on him, clawed him and tried to bite the back of his head when he was trying to answer a ringing telephone.

The man was treated for scratches on the arms and face. Family members say that Callie is affectionate and sits in people’s laps until the telephone rings including cellphones. When she hears the phone ring, she becomes aggressive.

Time to enable the vibrate option on your phone.

8 Responses to “Cat Becomes Aggressive Towards Owner After Hearing Phone Ring”

  1. KimS says:

    I hate it when my husband answers the phone, looks at me, sticks it in my face and says ‘it’s for you’. I may try reacting more like that cat next time.

  2. The Catnip Baron says:

    It’s interesting how individual cats get their own quirks. I had a cat that used to get very possessive, and even aggressive, about hair bands. When she had hold of a hair band no-one could get near her for growls and swipes, but at all other times was as placid as could be.

    I wonder with the phone ringing thing, if the cat has suffered some kind of stress or trauma while a phone was ringing and that has made her associate the two events?

  3. Linda says:

    My Bichon does not become agressive, but barks frantically and runs in circles. She even does it when outside and the phone is ringing inside!

  4. Barb says:

    Heaven help ME if the phone rings and my Senegal parrot is on my shoulder. He viciously bites my neck or ear! I hand raised him from a baby, so I know he hasn’t had any traumatic experiences. It must be the radio frequency of the ring tone that irritates them.

  5. Jessica, leo's mom says:

    I have scars from my aby mix who will attack me if I raise my voice or if something makes a loud noise in the house. He keeps me from yelling when I argue with my husband :)

  6. mittens says:

    my torties climb the wall when a siren goes by and my calicos chatter and yowl when i talk on the phone-they’re often accompanied by my cockatiels who will screech through a phone call. they will also immitate any random noises coming from outside or the tv.

  7. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    I wonder if the cat in this article would still do that if the people switched phones or ring tones? Maybe there is something about the sound of that phone that hurts her ears or just annoys her a lot?

  8. Mary says:

    My cat does not have a problem with the phone ringing, but he gets in his agressive mood if I sing. Everytime I start singing when a good song come on, he has to try to do that cat biting dominance thing. I don’t know what it means. I either sing really bad or I sing so good he gets jealous ofmy beautiful voice . LOL

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