Cat Found After 25 Days Lost In NYC Subway

GeorgiaGeorgia has survived New York City’s subway system.

This black seven-month-old kitten escaped into the subway and was found 25 days later by two track workers. And now she has been returned to her happy owner.

The cat was a bit thinner and had a scratch on her nose from her subway ordeal.

After hearing about the story of missing Georgia, track flagman Mark Dalessio and track inspector Efrain LaPorte had been diligently checking the area where Georgia had been spotted by a Con Ed worker on Wednesday.

Dalessio said, “As I was walking down the track, I was making cat sounds, meowing. I heard a ‘meow’ back and I thought it was LaPorte. I thought, ‘Wow, LaPorte is inspired.’ Then I heard it again. I looked down, and said, ‘It’s Georgia!’ ”

Georgia had been taking shelter in a foot-deep metal drain between two tracks when she was spotted.

The little kitten gave Dalessio a lick as he reached for her.

They called the police and in minutes, NYPD transit cops Sgt. Daniel Green and Police Officer Ilker Ozuk climbed down and rescued the cat.

Georgia went missing after she escaped from her travel carrier when her owner set the carrier on the subway platform.

After a checkup by the veterinarian, it was discovered that Georgia suffered a fractured back leg during her subway adventure. She went through surgery earlier this week and is recovering.

Source: Daily News

Photo: Gothamist

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8 Responses to “Cat Found After 25 Days Lost In NYC Subway”

  1. Kaffe says:

    I love these happy-ending stories! And kudos to those subway workmen for their compassion and humanity.

  2. 2CatMom says:

    Its a miracle!! Thank goodness she was found.

    Everyone make sure those carriers are shut tight!! I bought a soft one with a zipper and it took one of my cats about a minute to slide the zipper open from the inside. I see people carrying their cats into the vet in their arms and all I can think is “One loud noise, and you have a cat running around a busy street.”

  3. Mikken says:

    What lovely subway workers! New York has some fantastic people. And transit cops coming right away to help out, too - wonderful!

  4. Velvet's Dad says:

    2CatMom makes some very good points. The most effective pet carriers are made not of fabric but sturdy plastic with plastic bolts. They also open from the top and front. You can lower the pet in from the top and, later, the pet exists via the front. Re carrying a pet to the vet, my (cats exclusively) vet requires you to bring the cat in a carrier. He does not even permit a collar and leash.

  5. The Lioness says:

    Yay! I’m so glad for Georgia’s happy ending!

    That’s one lucky kitty!

    ~The Lioness

  6. says:

    Now that’s what I call a Survivor!. What a great ending.

  7. tomatogal says:

    As a longtime “cat mother” I can really get behind this story of the lost kitty being found once more and reunited with her owners. And thanks, and a big purrrrr to the wonderful city workers who were so diligent and sensitive!

  8. April says:

    That is truly amazing. As a cat owner myself I love hearing happy stories like this. My 5 year old Maine Coon “Mr Kittens” took off running when we moved 3 years ago. I was horrified and scared. I absolutely love Mr kittens like a child so you can imagine the ordeal I went through. He was gone 2 weeks, and every day felt like an eternity. Finally after the 2 weeks of going to shelter to shelter and not finding him and scouring the streets around our home, he finally showed up meowing ever so lightly at my door. Barely heard his little voice but when I opened the door all I could do was cry and laugh and hug him all at once. Sadly he somehow got caught in something and was badly dehydrated. He lost all his body fat and had fractured his tibia bone and dislocated his foot from the fracture. He was poorly looking and didnt look like his old happy self. Sadly his tibia bone was fractured too small so it was not repairable so I had to have his leg amputated:( All in all it was worth having him back. This was 3 years ago and hes still my best friend. Its so heart warming to hear about stories like this…only when they work out in the end:)

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