Cat Found Treading Water In Rocky Bayou Rescued By Fisherman

CatA Florida fisherman found something else in the water besides fish on his weekend trip. He found a cat treading water in the middle of the Rocky Bayou.

He said he saw the tabby cat bobbing up and down among swimmers and jet skiers. At first, he thought it was an otter bobbing up and down because he has seen otters in the water before. But then he realized it was a cat.

The cat was at least 200 yards from land. The fisherman said the cat would try to tread in the water to get closer to land, but then a wave would go over his head.

The fisherman and a state park ranger hauled the cat in with a landing net. The cat rode on a cushion in the front of the boat. The state park ranger said the cat seems to have been on a boat before because of how comfortable he was.

The state park ranger also said the cat didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. He was just in a rush to get out of the water.

The cat was brought to an animal clinic and was fine and in good health except for just being wet.

No one has claimed the cat as of yet.

Source: NWFDailyNews

2 Responses to “Cat Found Treading Water In Rocky Bayou Rescued By Fisherman”

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks to all involved in the rescue of this innocent life. It is good to know, there are a few kind people left in this world.

  2. nora says:

    I hope that someone takes this beautiful cat and makes sure he is cared for forever! Thank you to the guys who rescued him! The kitty must be a great swimmer!

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