Cat Helps Save 90-Year-Old Owner

Sylvester the cat has been credited for saving his owner’s life. His 90-year-old owner was stuck in a cold bath in her New Zealand home.

Sylvester, a ginger, part-Persian stray, went over to the neighbor’s door and started meowing. The neighbors thought this was strange because Sylvester is normally an anti-social cat. They thought that Sylvester was hungry and called Sylvester’s owner on the phone, but the line was busy, so they thought everything was fine.

When the neighbors returned, they noticed that their neighbor had not put out her trash which is something she always does on Tuesdays. They called the woman again and her phone line was still busy. The neighbors walked around the house calling for the woman, and they also noticed that Sylvester was still hanging around outside and hadn’t been fed yet. They didn’t get any response from the woman and called the police.

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From Daily Post:

The officers found the woman stuck in her bath and she was hypothermic. The woman was taken to the hospital and is recovering.

The neighbors say that if it wasn’t for Sylvester and the missing trash bag, they wouldn’t have noticed anything was wrong. Sylvester is keeping a low profile and only visits the neighbors when it’s feeding time. Good job Sylvester!

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  1. dog collar addict says:

    yea to sylvester!! he stepped up when his owner needed him most!

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