Cat Is 24-Years-Old And Still Kicking

NinjaNinja is at the young age of 24-years-old. That makes her more than 100 in human years.

This small black and white cat is quite a treasure especially to her owner, Andy Meeko. He is amazed at her longevity and comments that he has known Ninja longer than his wife.

Meeko is not quite sure how she has lived such a healthy life for so long. He inherited Ninja from his mother. She adopted this cat in 1983 when she retired to Maui, Hawaii.

In 1993, Ninja disappeared and the family feared that she had died. Instead, she showed up in the local newspaper as the Maui Humane Society’s Pet of the Week. Apparently Ninja had ended up in a trap and wound up at the animal shelter.

While living in Maui, Ninja captured and consumed a gecko a day, possibly a factor in her long life, Meeko says.

Ninja and Meeko’s mother then moved to Oregon to live with Meeko and his family. After his mother passed away in 2003, he became Ninja’s owner and parent.

To keep her warm during the wintertime, he places a heating pad in the porch basket that she sleeps in. Meeko says that his 24-year-old cat may be frail and a bit skinny (she weighs 5 pounds when soaking wet) , but she’s never been sick and is still feisty. Two weeks ago, she caught a bird. Nothing can keep this old cat down.

Read about Baby, a 37-year-old cat. He could possibly be the world’s oldest cat.

From Gresham Outlook:

According to various Web sites, the average indoor cat lives 14 to 15 years, while the average age of an outdoor cat ranges from 5 to 8.

Outdoor cats are considered more vulnerable to disease, accidents and predators. Then again, sedentary indoor cats can become too plump for their own good, leading to diabetes and heart disease.

According to Guinness World Records, a cat in Austin, Texas, named Creme Puff was still living at the age of 37 in 2004. Also, a couple in Deluth, Minn., claimed this year to have a 37-year-old cat named Baby.

Such claims fill Web sites, but few are considered verified, as cat owners can rarely provide proof of their pet’s age. As a result, pedigree cats have a leg up.

The oldest cat on record was a 34-year-old tabby named Ma in England. After having a paw caught in a steel-jawed trap as a small kitten, Ma’s owners took special care of her, providing a diet of meat from a butcher and a low-stress lifestyle thanks to her owners being classical musicians. All of which were considered secrets to her longevity.

There also was an unverified claim of a 43-year-old cat in Scotland in 1972, but when a cat club inquired for more details, the cat’s owner replied that a train killed the cat that morning.

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