Cat Killer Indicted Again

Joseph Petcka is really jealous of cats. In April, he allegedly killed his girlfriend’s cat in a jealous rage (he said that she loved the cat more than she loved him) and was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and could face up to 2 years in prison. Now Petcka has done it again. He allegedly entered his girlfriend’s apartment when she was not there and killed her 7-pound cat, Norman. His girlfriend came home to find her cat dead and he had “a broken leg, three broken ribs, broken teeth, and a lacerated tongue, and blood was found in his stomach and chest.” Petcka said that he simply “pushed” Norman away when the cat randomly bit him. Sure, we all believe that story. Petcka was charged with harassment in the second degree.

13 Responses to “Cat Killer Indicted Again”

  1. amys says:

    Just harassment, huh? I hope any other girls he dates decide to Google him first…

    Terri Gross (of NPR’s Fresh Air) interviewed a forensic vet yesterday whose job it is to investigate crimes involving animal cruelty. Apparently, it’s now a felony in Georgia (which was welcome news to me.) Anybody interested can listen to the interview at Please be advised that it contains some disturbing content regarding some of the cases the vet has investigated.

  2. Kathy Thompson says:

    This is a very dangerous man! He should be locked up, and made to go for treatment for his mental problems.

  3. debbie T says:

    I think perhaps this guy should have his legs, ribs, teeth broken as a punishment.

    People can be so cruel, it just boggles my mind!

  4. Elderta says:

    I think it’s only one incident. He killed Norman in April and was indicted on some other count a few days ago for the same incident.

    He really should go away for the maximum that NYS law allows… 2 years in this case.

  5. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Does this girl think he will stop with her animals? If they have kids together after he gets out of jail, don’t you think he would do the same thing to them? If you are brutal to animals, you will be brutal to human beings. It’s a fact! Animals are precious life forms just like human beings (excluding Petcha of course!)

  6. mittens says:

    severe cruelty to animals is one of the tell tale signs of the budding pathology of the most vile, cruel and destructive criminals of all-serial killers. eventually they work their way up to humans. these crimes need to be felonies in all states. crimes against the helpless and innocent are the very worst crimes of all. what a repulsive thug.

  7. RobinT says:

    What a sick ****!!!! There needs to be harsher punishments for freaking sickos like that. And I agree, the animal abuse is probably just the beginning.

  8. Jacqueline Marcia Anderson says:

    Good Day All!

    It has been researched that serial killers do often begin their “murderous career” by torturing and killing helpless beings such as animals! Next, they go on to torture and murder women and children.

    Here, in Minnesota there was a murderer of puppies. This criminal did not want his girlfriend/mother of his child to have a puppy for her child. So, he grabbed all 12 of the baby dogs and broke their necks— in front of the girlfriend and their child!!! All the killer got as far as punishment was a short time on probation(not to get any more dogs for awhile) !!!

  9. pam says:

    give him what he gave the cat…

  10. Brandyn DeLynne says:

    Scott Allen, the sicko who left a blood trail for his girlfriend to find her cat and Petcka, will not receive enough incarceration to change their sadistic behavior. The monster who beat a puppy as he fled across the border into Mexico, however, is known to the Mexican police and he will be caught soon. At least $6,700. reward is waiting for the person who turns in that creep, the latter who will be prosecuted and convicted. He was caught on videotape. Still, we need stronger punishment for animal abusers. The Animal Protection and Rescue League can be reached through (619)236-8991.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I bet this makes you feel like a real man! you piece of S*IT…..

  12. Ray says:

    I hope this piece of shit gets beaten to an inch of his life in jail and left to suffer without sedation.

  13. Ellen says:

    Put him in a cage with a ferocious lion!!

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