Cat Picture: Well, Since You Ask, Can I Have My Dignity Back?

Cat and Santa

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4 Responses to “Cat Picture: Well, Since You Ask, Can I Have My Dignity Back?”

  1. Bridgett says:

    That is what a cat looks like just before it unsheathes its claws and rips someone’s face off.

  2. Dennis says:

    Dear Santa and Elf,

    I just read about your recent collision and we hope you are okay. I just know they will find you. At least I THINK MANY OF THEM WILL FIND YOU AGAIN. Even if some of them are banning your trees.

    Dennis, Family, and Blanchita

    Enjoy the link folks!! A Must Read GRIN.

    …and if the recently passed 2 feet thick, 3,500 page Omnibus energy bill hadn’t mandated replacement energy efficient bulbs, the Reindeer’s nose bulb would not have been replaced by a Chinese made red LED that was so bright that it blinded the Chinese pilot causing the incident. The Chinese foreign ministry reminds that Santa refused to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty and thus has no legitimate claims of access over international waters. Santa advised he didn’t sign LOST because of his Constitution and a concern over the loss of sovereignty over the Claus Homestead and Elf workshops.

    As a final note, the accident cause is being investigated by the FDA Labs who will determine the cause which falls under the recently signed US-Sino FDA agreement…

    Merry Christmas all! Happy Chanuka too.

  3. dog collar addict says:

    that one pissed off kittie!!

  4. Marjorie says:

    How precious!

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