Cat Picture: Why Do I Always Have To Go First?


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8 Responses to “Cat Picture: Why Do I Always Have To Go First?”

  1. MaineMom says:

    “You want this funny looking one?”

  2. lisamin says:

    don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…

  3. MaineMom says:

    “We give you two for the price of one!”

  4. BHawkins says:

    No, no! Look up! See it now?

  5. The Lioness says:

    The prototype: We haz perfected it!

  6. 3FURS says:

    Right kitten says ” With that beautiful smile, we’ll get anything we want.” Left kitten says ” Here I’ll pull her cheeks back to make a bigger smile.”

  7. Unhinged says:

    I can has facelift?

  8. Unhinged says:

    “I can has facelift?”

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