Cat Rescued After Being Stuck In Lobster Pot For Three Weeks

ChesterFor the Arel family, they received their holiday miracle a little early this year.

Chester, the family cat, went missing on Thanksgiving Day and couldn’t be found for three weeks. The Arels searched everywhere in their Rhode Island neighborhood for their mixed breed Maine Coon, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

After three weeks, Chester was finally found. He was rescued from the center of a large pile of lobster traps stored outside the Dyer Boats building. He was cold, tired, hungry and in need of some love, but overall, he was doing well.

John Arel said, “You don’t think you’re that attached to an animal until it goes missing, and then the littlest things remind you of it every day. Getting Chester back was the best holiday gift ever.”

The story of how Chester was rescued included a group of employees at Dyer Boats who worked together to free the trapped cat. A worker at the company had heard a cat crying outside on numerous occasions. Except they couldn’t figure out where the crying was coming from.

One day when Chester cried extra long and extra loud, the employees at Dyer Boats were finally able to locate Chester. He was trapped inside a lobster pot and wasn’t able to get out on his own.

One employee said, “People were standing on pots, lifting them or lifting from down below. We were working it like a jigsaw puzzle because he was in the middle. We had to pull the trap out and then pull him out. I’ve never seen a cat so happy to be rescued in my life.”

After being rescued, an employee took Chester into the office and gave him food and water. But Chester wasn’t sure if he wanted to eat or get some affection first. He would eat and then climb on people’s legs to get attention and some cuddling in.

An animal control officer was contacted to try and figure out who were Chester’s owners. The officer knew exactly who Chester was when the employee described the rescued cat because the Arels had placed a call into the town animal shelter to report Chester’s disappearance.

It’s uncertain how Chester survived for so long trapped in a lobster pot, but the Axel family is simply ecstatic that their holiday wish came true and Chester is back home again.

Source: East Bay RI

7 Responses to “Cat Rescued After Being Stuck In Lobster Pot For Three Weeks”

  1. NH says:

    Cats get into the most strange places. My brothers cat was lost for about 1 week. One night, they could hear faint meowing. They looked all over their bedroom. They finally opened up their drawer under the bed, and lo and behold…there was their cat.

    I’m glad the lobster cat is okay.

  2. dog collar addict says:

    glad that the kittie is okay!

  3. Pam says:

    He must have been eating lobsters to survive for 3 weeks. It’s a great story with a happy ending. And, really nice to hear about people being good to an animal for a change.

  4. Tanya says:

    I LOVE the part of “he didn’t know if he wanted food or affection most”. i just lost my maine coone in July. She would have done the same. “eat a bite, hop in a lap”

    poor dear !

    And i loved the comment from the owner “john”. often, the men in my life haven’t realized how attached they were to our pets, till one had to be put down, or one escaped, etc. What a great story.

  5. Merlin Marshall says:

    Fortunately they had filed a missing pet report with the authorities, that way Chester could be rescued AND go home.

  6. The Lioness says:

    I’m so glad he’s home safe! I’d be devastated if I lost one of mine!

    ~The Lioness

  7. Furbabies says:

    So happy that the family got their kitty back safe and sound. Perhaps they should keep him inside now. Just a thought.

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