Cat Rescued From Tree With Hose Blast

Rescued Cat

Gone are the days when cats would come out of trees with simply a ladder and a tall person or with the lure of food. Now, high pressure water hoses are being used.

A cat was stuck 60-feet high in a willow tree for a week. Residents had attempted to get the cat down by banging cans of cat food at the cat, but the cat wouldn’t budge. People also tried climbing ladders to reach the stubborn cat, but they were just out of reach.

The Yonkers Fire Department came to rescue the cat, and they brought along their high pressure water hose. The first shot they took with the water hose missed the cat, but the second time, they were successful.

The brown, orange and white cat was blasted out of the tree with the water pressure hose and landed perfectly onto an outstretched sheet that volunteers were holding to catch the cat. The cat was soaked but unharmed.

50 people were crowded around the rescue and once the cat came out of the tree, everyone was cheering and excited for the cat.

But as soon as the cat landed on the sheet, it jumped out and ran into the woods. A group of children helped to bring the cat back, and a man said he wanted to adopt the cat.

The main thing the cat seemed to be focused on was eating. He chowed down on handfuls of cat food after his exciting adventure.

One resident and witness of the rescue said: “You can’t come up with a nicer ending than that.”

The cat has been named Treetop.

Source: The Journal News

Photo: The Journal News

3 Responses to “Cat Rescued From Tree With Hose Blast”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Poor Kitty! How unceremonious! Glad she is out of the tree though.

  2. Merlin Marshall says:

    And what if the cat had missed the sheet and hit the ground hard? Oh well? Somehow this method seems to leave a lot to be desired.

  3. Donna says:

    I think the method was too harsh. Would they do this to a child ?

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